Intel i3-10100 vs 9100 vs 8100 – Does Hyperthreading Matter?

Does this give us over the older i3 9100 and i3 8100 CPUs in games and applications Lets find out and see how they compare. All three processors have 4 cores. However, only the newest 10th gen 10100 has hyperthreading the older 8100 and 9100 do not.. All three have the same amount of cache […]

Teclast X98 Pro K9C3 Android Rom And Gaming (Screen Cap Test)

Let me know if you like this kind of new format: I'm trying here I'm recording the screen via HDMI out and I've, kept it an aspect ratio, so the correct ratio 4 by 3, just like what the tablet has. So when you get the wrong. This is the stock version here that comes […]

My Galaxy Tab S7+ IS FAULTY! Serious Charge Rate Issues?

MSI GL65 2020 Review – Boosted RTX 2060 Worth It?

Lets check it out in this detailed review and find out if its something you should consider. Ive got the 10SEK configuration which has some decent specs for a gaming laptop. But there are a few different configurations available. You can find examples and check prices with the links in the description.. The lid is […]

Laptop vs Desktop – Nvidia RTX 2060 Comparison!

Lets start off by checking out the differences in specs between the desktop and laptop 2060. Theyre very similar, for the most part same amount of CUDA cores and memory.. The key difference is the power limit.. The desktop option has a higher TDP, which is possible due to cooling, being less of a restriction […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Emulation Test GameCube PS2 N64 PSP PSX

This does have the more potent revised snapdragon 865 plus slightly higher clocks, slightly improved performance. But how will the tab s7 plus here handle some demanding emulation so playstation, 2 gamecube, psp and psx, and a few others before i jump into the performance that you can expect here from emulation just a little […]

Elephone P5000 video sample shot in 1080p

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing & In-Depth First Look!

. I'Ve been waiting for this. I really do like my samsung galaxy tab s6, but i just always wanted a larger version. I felt that the 10.5 inches a little cramped, especially when it comes to the keyboard, but i've got now the new model. So this is the tab. S7 plus it's now […]

MSI GE66 Thermals Tested – Good Performance That Doesn’t Melt!

The 2070 models. Arent Max Q, though so the GPU would use a little more wattage. You can check out other options and updated prices linked in the description. Air, comes in through the vents underneath towards the back and is exhausted out of the back corners and on the left and right sides towards […]

MSI GE66 – A Beast In Games + Giveaway!

So just how well does it run in games? Ive tested 21 different games at all settings and compared it against some other laptops to find out and Ive also got a little give away more on that later in the video.. Ive got the highest end GE66 here, but it is available with different […]

Xiaomai 6A Review – N4100 + Nvidia MX150 Gaming Laptop

I thought this looks like it could be interesting and there's many things that are good about it. It'S got a very odd name: it's called their Mai Ben Ben Xiaomai. 6, yes, what a bad name! It is a shocker. So what we have here is a Celeron N4100 laptop that comes with eight […]

Vivo NEX S Battery Life, Size Comparison & Thoughts

If you've seen my unboxing that's, where I'd go into a lot of depth of the phone and show you all about that, I just wanted to give you this video as an update on battery life, because so many people commented where's the battery life you missed out On the better life yeah, I […]