Se mueve tambin tiene para google, existente buscar, mediante por dos tambin tenemos las teclas, direccionales van, a elegir ir al men, el botn, home y tiene, mltiples funciones en la parte de atrs, tenemos el el sector, inalmbrico esto, no funciona con la altiva y ahora si lo Conectamos esto se ve en cualquiera […]

Toshiba Canvio Gaming & Canvio Flex Hard Drives Review

These are both portable hard drives. Now. Full disclosure toshiba sent these in free of charge for this video. No man has exchanged hands. They haven’t asked to pre, approve the content i’m just going to share with you my sort of first look and opinion. Now when you watch the video i do want […]

Amazon Fire HD 8 10th Gen Unboxing and Review – Still a Good Tablet in 2021?

Oh now, i recently reviewed the amazon fire hd 10 and i got a lot of comments on that video asking me if i would review the amazon fire hd8, so i picked one up and i’ve been using. It for a couple weeks – and i just want to give you guys my thoughts […]

Cyberpunk on a Ryzen Handheld? – AYA NEO Triple-A Showcase

The io neo can go much higher than this, and you do get added benefit from doing so, but you’re obviously going to take a huge hit to battery life when i’m benchmarking. These games for myself i’m trying to reach 30 fps, while also maintaining at least 2 hours of battery life. This is […]


Os batimentos cardacos e muito mais, o problema que eles geralmente, so muito caros e por isso as pessoas acabam, indo buscar, algo com, uma, mi Band, um, smartwatch, importado com, software e recursos, mais limitados, a pulseira Galaxy, Fit 2 vem com, uma, proposta de tomar, ainda mais Espao nesse mercado, a e tentar […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano: Unboxing & First Look Review

99 pounds or 907 grams yep it’s, a featherweight that packs a punch, hey everybody it’s andrew – and this is my unboxing and first Look at the thinkpad x1 nano coming up now before we begin in the interest of transparency in full disclosure – i’m not being paid by lenovo i’m, not being […]

CHUWI HiPad X – Premium Tablet na Abot Kaya!

A previous video in the class m40 review, meropath review number budget friendly tablet society guys. I need to start in chewie ipad x number and current price now 199.99 on us around 9600 pesos, so shout out to Music subscribe to this channel v octa core processor. I don’t cheap setting in […]

Top 5 Best Android Tablet for Review 2021 [Epic Deals]

So that you can make better buy in decisions just make sure to check the product links in the description, let’s get started if you are looking for best android tablet. Here is a collection you have got to see. Let’S get started Music number one. Fire hd10 tablet. Amazon has come a long way […]

Photo Editing with the Wacom Intuos Pro & Wacom Cintiq Pro 24

You know Little patience with you have. Therefore, the world of work to do is be treated as easy and drawing a picture of you that have about your address resolution to remove within the brother Of The Dragon. How are you talk about Yoona, gutterball cities Today, because it was found in print and […]

Precision 5750 Mobile Workstation Unboxing

What i’d like to do today is quickly go through an um out of box experience with the precision 5750. I have one of the units right here in front of me, as you can see the 5750 ships in a brown cardboard box, just like almost every other system. We have quickly open it […]

Is a Cheap Webcam Really Worth it?

This solution involves plugging in your phone tablet or other mobile device into your pc in order to use that device as a webcam. If you’re interested in that video here’s a card in the upper right hand corner personally, that solution only got me so far as after some online classes. I realized that […]

Viewsonic TD1655 – 16" Touchscreen Portable Monitor – MrAlexTech Reviews

A business focused portable monitor, featuring a 16 inch 1080p ips display with a 10 input, capacitive touchscreen, a metal stainless, build a built in multi angle, stand and usb type c connectivity. It can be yours for 240 us dollars or 265 british pounds, but is it actually any good well in this video, […]