XP-Pen Artist 22 | 2nd Generation (2021) Pen Display Review

Now the promise of this device is an accurate and great pen experience at an affordable price we’re going to take that to the test in just a minute. Now the artist 22 is a pen display, which means you draw directly on the screen into your digital art program of choice. It also means […]

First Look at Rosalina! Gamon PD2200 Tablet Review.

They sent me a tablet a while ago, which i gave away. Congratulations to nico. I hope it’s serving you well, but let’s just get right into the good stuff. Once i opened the box, there was another box. I should have known go ahead. First thing i noticed about the tablet: is that it’s […]

Lenovo Yoga Duet 7 Review: Microsoft Should Watch Out!!

Today i have with me the lenovo yoga duet 7, a pretty unique machine. I got ta say unique in everything, from its material to color and form factor open, close put it in pull it out. Many different modes for you to play with, and the cool thing is even when the keyboard is […]


The reason i chose gamer’s gate to review. I have all the others up there, as you’ll probably see on top of my screen. No, not all the others, but i’ll show you some different ones and why this one is the best. So when you uh basically go to gamers get, i just found […]

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review – What Nobody Tells You (3 MONTHS later)

So before you move on check out this comment from a surface laptop go user on youtube, i tried the base model service laptop, go. It failed even my low expectations for a secondary typing stuff on the run device, and this is a really tough comment during this video. You will see why this […]

First Look: Lenovo's 2021 ThinkPads Include New X1 Titanium, X12 Detachable Models

Lenovo briefed us on its new thinkpad line of laptops. Now attrition almost every year at ces is that lenovo has a bunch of new thinkpads, sometimes they’re new models, sometimes actually more often they’re existing models that have been tweaked or updated with new components or new features. So this year, it’s a mix […]

Tablet Pro install guide 2021 – Onscreen Toolbar, Pen Tool and Stylus upgrade for Windows 10 tablets

Welcome to our install guide in this guide. We’Ve made it simpler than it has been in the past there’s a couple steps, but they’re not hard, so stay with me and you’ll, be using your tablet, like a pro very shortly, we’re going to go to the microsoft store and we’re going to type […]

Top 6 Best 5G Smart Tablets you can buy in 2021

Luckily, we have been able to try all the products you find below and rank them in terms of their features and how fast they are, the price, the display quality and much more now, let’s dig into the video, but before that, please subscribe and hit notification bell For exciting videos on new gadgets […]

Magedok 10.8 Inch Monitor Review – Feature Packed Budget Friendly Portable Display!

We’Ll go over what’s in the box, specs and, of course, try it out with some different devices to see how it works. Here we have the box little magnetic hinge, opening up. We have the monitor itself and we’ll go over that in just a moment, underneath we have warranty card manual, usb c […]

7" Touch Display (eDP) for LattePanda Alpha & Delta

I want to talk about a product, uh kind of a an addition to a product that i reviewed way back in 2019. um. At that time my channel had fewer than 8 000 subscribers uh, but i was feeling kind of gutsy, so i reached out to a company called df robot and asked […]


So fresh jeju, aloe eyes makeup cleansing balm again, a rich oil based cleansing formula that helps decongest, pores, melts dirt makeup and impurities from the skin surface, surface surface infused with aloe vera extract. This leaves your skin clean and hydrated excellent for double cleansing. Just wipe off with a damp cloth and wash […]

Digital Drawing Tablet, 10 X 6 Inches Large Digital Graphic Tablet, Affordable and great for the beg

This is what i got. I didn’t really do anything. I just connect the usb, a cable to the usb port in my computer. Here there are two apps or like software. The name is here. If you just um go to Music, let me show you so. First of all, you need to go […]