Un 33% más rápida esta Alldocube iPlay 30

Parece que es su continuacin su heredera la ip hay 30 veamos que ofrece este nuevo equipo Msica, este vdeo. Lo ha patrocinado la tienda de claves baratas cdk offers puntocom en esta tienda online podremos encontrar claves para muchos productos y juegos pero. Lo que realmente me interesa, a m son, las claves de […]

XIAOMI SE ACABO , La administración Trump agrega a Xiaomi a la lista de entidades . EXCLUSIVA.

Muy peligroso el crecimiento que estaba experimentando jaom y al ser una empresa china y ser en cierta forma muy, similar al trabajo que ha realizado huawei cuidado, a todas aquellas empresas chinas que tengan los a da de trabajar bien y crecer exponencialmente me refiero actualmente a vivo, A one plus guau pop porque […]

Tandems / Drift Trains / Car pack server release day one review!!!!

Thank you to all you guys for making this drop of the server and this new car pack as a great success, that’s, something we want to do for a very long time. So, throughout the past couple days the server has been full of amazing driving and amazing people, and so much talent and […]

USB Retro Controllers For Emulation Vilros Review

The best all around controller for emulation is the xbox one controller. Well, because it’s windows and it works for every emulator out there with no extra software needed but emulating something like the n64 – can be a bit complicated because of the button layout now to get the best experience, you want to […]

PENGUMUMAN GIVEAWAY #3 6 HP & GADGET GRATIS Special 1 Juta Subscribers ft @arrinish

000 jadi ini, udah di scan, totalnya Rp22.000 komentar Ya, pemenang, pertama, dapat, Hai, HP, ini, cuya, ada, HP, sama, sini, nih, HP, sama, The Real Me batz wireless ya, terjadi ini, yang pertama, Hai, sama, realme, buds Wireless satu orang, dapat dua hadiah ini, Coy satu orang, berdua dia ini, Jadi, untuk, 3 orang […]

JCH Tablet! 😍 (Unboxing + Review)

What gitu, touchscreen pen, hapus, kenopo, Irving, Nay main sama online Klaten, ring light, color, pink, perfect screenshot, anak, anak qoyyum memori winai screen. Then i Hai Matoa penutup keyboard, earphone, Chairul, manualnya, uh, senat, ini, tuh, Om tiketnya, bigad, patenin, cecak, Android theme, song, free info and The One Piece from our Indonesia Fight, […]

Unboxing stuff from noon/ATOUCH at your heart/Tablet PC /Cheapest tablet

Para la toya. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIhXCsNgKY4

Garimpei um tablet de 80 reais. Valeu a pena?

Se, eu pegar aqui que tem uma declarao de contedo ento a descrio aqui eu contei o tablet: LG v480 Preto falou 80 mil ris que eu paguei aqui ento t a o aparelho e aqui dentro da caixa Vamos ver que tem aqui ainda um manualzinho fone de Ouvido original dele bacana t que […]

My Bachelor Party Had It's Own APP!?!

I got a really funny thing. I want to show you here um and that hence the old android tablet, uh long story, short we’re, gon na look at something that wouldn’t look or wouldn’t work on a modern tablet, uh or or android device uh. I tried because it’s from way back in 2013 […]

Google PIXEL vs ONEPLUS | La Comparativa DEFINITIVA

A la adaptacin del software de android, o silln, o s es decir la personalizacin del sistema que ellos hacen la han bautizado de ese modo one plus tiene bastantes dispositivos lanzados al mercado y yo entre todos ellos. He escogido al one plus north para: realizar la comparativa que vais a ver aqu y […]

IMASTUDENT website review. 100% Non sponsored Honest Review and shopping experience!

Let me set up the camera on the tripod. This is actually a review about ima student.com. You have just read the thumbnail and that’s why you are here right and so today, i’ll share my experience and i will tell you whether i am a student.com is reliable or is it a scam? Yes, […]

A Powerful Gaming/Emulation Tablet – MediaPad M6 Turbo

This is known as the huawei mediapad m6 turbo, and this is definitely geared towards gaming. It actually puts out some really good performance, and one of the big reasons i picked this up was for emulation and on the go android gaming in a smaller form factor than the tab, s6 or the tab […]