I soliti manu e lettini il cavo di alimentazione che come per. I nuovi modelli di iphone e lightning porta usb thai psi e il trasformatore che in questo caso presente rispetto, ai nuovi modelli di iphone, cosa che ha fatto tanto discutere trasformatore molto interessante per questo modello economico di ipad, perch trasformatore da […]

PC Kalian Hang? Crash Saat Main Game? Cek Video ini mana tahu ini Penyebabnya | Ciri-Ciri VGA Rusak

00 pagi hari kita buat, Videonya, masih, ada, Soraya, yang kedua, adalah, karena, overheat, atau, kepanasan, ini, biasa, terjadi, pada, VGA, VGA card yang, kita, beli; second atau bekas, atau, bisa, juga, pada, VGA, yang Enggak beli second belinya baru tapi penggunaannya, jujur, untuk gaming, dan sudah dipakai, dalam, waktu, yang cukup, lama, jadi sebagaimana, […]

*NEW* – Sim Dashboard CASE AFS Connect GPS Screen – Farming Simulator 19

After the release of all the john deere screens and the popularity of those it was inevitable. I would get the questions: when are you doing a case one? When are you doing a new holland, one so um here we are we’ve got ourselves a case. Afs connect screen now um slightly different to […]

Cheapest Ryzen 4700G Prebuilt PC – Outstanding Performance From This APU!

Now this was on sale for 450.. I actually posted this up in the community tab on youtube and i had a bunch of people wanting me to test this out, mainly because it’s powered by the ryzen, 7, 4700g apu and that’s. The main reason i personally even thought about picking this up. I’M. […]

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi 11 Special Edition, Dapet Dari Xiaomi China 👏🏻

com, Terus, apa, nih, eh, nih, ada, alamatnya, ya, saya, tersebut, Oke, Tuh ini Pokoknya, bahasa, Cina summoning ga, ada bahasa Indonesianya, she penasaran apa ya, yang dikirimin, dari Xiaomi, nih, apakah, mercendais, apakah, kue, awak, baju, ayo, tebak, Oke, Langsung, aja, kita, buka, ya, tidak, boxnya, warna orange warnanya, Xiaomi logo, Xiaomi, tulisan, Xiaomi, […]

G923 VALE A PENA? Confira nossas impressões com o volante da Logitech

L nos comentrios, deixe, o feedback de vocs que muito importante para: a gente essa eletrnica e hoje 923 ele traz vrias partes em, couro e alumnio e as usinado trazendo, um acabamento, muito, prmio, Diferentemente, das, verses, anteriores, os botes, so bem mais, discretos e sendo, muito, mais, Fiel ao que seria um volante […]

현존 최강 10만원대 태블릿 추천 ! iplay40 alldocube 스펙 리뷰 / 10인치 가성비 태블릿 추천

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Chiếc "iPad Air" Màn 2K, RAM 8GB – NGON NHẤT 3-4TR

I iPhone gi r, nht ra q store an tm trong tng sn phm, a ch 193 ng Tin, ng, H, Ni in thoi, 0, 3, 8, 9, 4, 6, 4, 4. 4 4 website Xin cho anh, em quay tr li v, n vi, video Ngy hm, nay, chng, ta s, cng, n, […]

Turn An Old Gaming PC Into a Retro Emulation Machine

Have this old school pc laying around that you have no use for. Maybe in this video i can show you some interesting things that you can do with it. This is a quite interesting setup. This is my test bench it’s, an i7 3000 model cpu in combination with an nvidia gtx 560 ti […]

Install the Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire Tablet

All of that can’t be installed from the amazon app store, but because this tablet technically runs android, you can side load the google play store onto this fire tablet and have all those awesome. Google applications directly on fire os and i’m going to show you how Applause? Okay, so, in order to install […]

Asus ZENBOOK DUO 14, lo ScreenPad si RINNOVA! Anteprima CES 2021

I prodotti ma siamo riusciti comunque ad avere con noi uno dei nuovi notebook annunciato da asus proprio pochi istanti fa all’interno della conferenza, stampa, che si appena conclusa parlo ovviamente dello zen book duo, nella versione da 14 pollici che andiamo, a scoprire insieme un pochino pi da Vicino come negli anni passati anche […]

The Impact of Pen Use – Low Formality Thinking

In fact, there are so many papers on the benefits of handwriting that it’s hard to know where to start. In my last video i mentioned travis smith, a former teacher from melbourne, who presented a talk based on the educational research that explains the power of the pen. Travis talked about a scientist from […]