Have you ever heard about these apps? | AYDKA1 – Regular Teenager

The idea of this section is for me to create not too long videos to show you apps related to productivity, customization of your device or any other fun stuff, and that you probably didn’t, know about to give you the possibility of winning one of these apps to Participate all you need to do […]

完全分解で限界突破!!メモリ増設&SSD換装・メンテナンス Let's NOTE CF-N9【ジャンク】

5 sata pc pc 2, pc pc, 1, 3, 3, 3, 2, 5, 3, 12, dvd 1 lp ddr 34, pc 310600, ddr 3, 2, bios, 8: ddr 3 surface 100, 4 ssd ssg, pos, sd, ssd, sidi ssd windows, 7, usb usb libreoffice cpu, 4, 244, 81. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-asoeTu-gr8

Linus was WRONG – GPD Win 3

Austin, have you ever hated the fact that you have to have a big bulky, PC and just wan na game on the go, but laptops are still too big and bulky., So instead you have to come up with alternative., But a Switch can’t, play., PS, Vita Vita’s been dead for years. Smartphone, Who […]

BEST TABLETS | Top 5 Best Tablets 2021 | Best Tech Zone

You already know that trying to figure out which one to buy can be daunting and even scary, hundreds of brands and options to choose from, but do not worry. You are in the best tech zone and we have done the homework for you and we’re sharing our top five best tablet picks on […]

JingOS O Linux para Tablets – iPad e iPhone – Conheça o Jing Os Linux

Do mundo e interessante porque kinguios vamos, falar, um, pouquinho, dela, voc, ganhou, J se inscreva Ative, o Sininho deixa, like Compartilha o jingle essa Olha que legal o primeiro n sistema operacional Linux, a distro Linux que baseada no iPad iOS Olha que interessante e Trinta e Um De Janeiro de 2021 ser o […]

Monitor Gaming Yang Bisa Untuk Hape, Tablet, Laptop, Semuanya lah ! Gigabyte M27F Review

First cvm monitor atau, monitor gaming, dengan fitur kvm pertama di dunia dan Perkenalkan ini, adalah, GB m27 essay dengan kode angkanya 27 berarti monitor ini, memiliki, dimensi 27 inch. Nah huruf di depannya, huruf M adalah kode dari, monitor GB yang sudah, memiliki, fitur, kvm, Apa itu, Cafe, mungkin buat, kalian pengguna Linux, akan, […]

Lebih Murah DIRAKITIN PC? – OMEN Desktop 25L

pc ada faktanya orang kaya gue, yang justru, agak mager buat riset dan rakit, PC sendiri, beda sama Rizki yang menikmati, kelihatannya dalam, hal merakit, PC nah, untungnya, SP, ngirimin, kami, sebuah, PC preview yang exclude bagus tanpa terlalu nguras Dompet singkat cerita visi visi pria, bermerk ini, cocok, buat, yang gak, mau repot, ditambah, […]

GOOD AND BAD 2 Months with the M1 Mac Mini!!!

So after about a month and a half of use, i wanted to share the good and the bad and also apply some much needed context, which i think could be helpful. What’S up siggy here and welcome to another tech gear talk. I chose to buy the entry level the cheapest model, the 699 […]

TWO MONTHS with the Chromecast with Google TV: The BEST Streaming Stick?

It provided the super simple, but super cool feature of taking whatever’s on your phone’s display and pushing it to your tv screen, and this is the next evolution of that. The chromecast with google tv takes that awesome feature and combines it with all the features that normally comes in a tv that has […]

"HẰNG NGA GIÁNG TRẦN" – Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Moon White | An Phat PC

I lm ny hoc l, khi cc bn mang. I gp khch hng c th ng lm vic hay, l, cn cho ngi, i din xem c th m chic bn, ny ra l, mt gc, 180, thay v, l, sai c chic, laptop ca, mnh li cc, sn phm, dng, yoga, ca, Lenovo, th, […]

ÓCULOS INTELIGENTE COM ALEXA – Echo Frames, sua Assistente de Voz sempre com você !!!

Eu no falar, o nome do assistente de voz da Amazon, sempre essa solicitao igual ao que interessa quer falar sobre esse dispositivo, o eco friendly o mais, novo lanamento da amazon, uma aposta dela para utilizao dos usurios, uma, interao diferente, a assistente de voz, Amazon, Alexa, a Inteno deles aqui voc, possa utilizar, […]

Schnitt und Montage – die Techniken der Profis | Vorstellung des Videotrainings

Techniken der profis ein zusammen werden wir die geheimnisse eines perfekten schnitt und einer gelungenen montage ergrnden, los geht es mit einem, erstaunlichen experiment, dass ihre einstellung zum leben, fr immer verndern kann das, glauben sie nicht, ich werde ihnen ein kleines, wunder prsentieren, aber auch die. Arbeit am stck selbst ist ein wunder vorgnge […]