Well, I found it interesting because I didnt know they existed and Pauls Land Cruiser were going to install a head unit that isnt a head unit because in the Land Cruiser you the display and the screen and all the buttons are all integrated with the air conditioning And all the heater controls, so you cant take the screen out and put in like a double Diner like that. But this is a thing I didnt even know existed. It is like a head unit, but without a hedge in it it is basically a screen with all the head during head unit head unit doings in it, but doesnt actually have a head unit. You just put it on the windscreen or uh, attach your dashboard. So it is a black rectangle, like all the other black rectangles, but as I say it connects to the uh, you can stick it on your windscreen with the sucky pad suck it on your windscreen, and that goes on the back of a tablet and tablets. Heater head unit and attaches to your windscreen, oh Im, sure theres, a dashboard mounting here as well: yeah theres a dashboard mount. This one has a big 3M sticky pad in the back of it and screw holes. Thankfully, because as much as I like, 3M uh, I also prefer mechanical attachment to make sure it stays where you put it, so that is the uh two bets and hopefully theres some other uh bits in here lets see what is this? There is a ah its a suction Mount, so you can screw that on your dashboard and use the suction pads to suck onto that.

If you dont want to stick it to your windscreen and a line cable. If you have auxiliary input on your head unit, you can connect in that way, but this also has an FM transmitter. So you can transmit the audio to your head unit from this one via a FM transmitter. Yeah thats, pretty much all thats in the Box. Oh no Im! Sorry if you already see 12 volt adapter for the power double second alley, adapter plug any cigarette layer plug that in the head unit, and you now have active power of the thing me personally. I would use well one of the ones you can get where you can directly wire this in you know you get a power adapter, because I imagine this is probably five volt output could check. I would I would check I should check. Wait maybe well see on it. Thatll be much easier: oh no, its DC, 12 volt and okay heres 12 volt Ill. Give it that join the unit itself. All right can you see, can I see wait? Man lets turn the screen around a little bit. Youve got dc12n a USB uh Avo, a common, hopefully for the reverse, camera uh, a compact flash cards. You know little teeny, tiny micro, flash cards and a microphone and that hole there is either a reset hole or a microphone hole, or that might be the microphone hole that might be a reset hole to have its got.

What would have been a USB port on that side, but isnt? Oh and theres a power button on the top and uh? Well, I suppose we should set up and see the thing working, because we need to kind of make sure it all works before we go and start taking apart. The Land Cruiser not taking apart, but you know, making that video, which will be in Part B, will not be. This part were just going to bench test it today and then a later date once Pauls back is all these. I will I we we him. I will fit it into the said: Land Cruiser right: okay, uh yeah Lets uh plug in and see what lights up. I should probably show you attaching uh one of the uh bases. I suppose uh appears to just be. Ah click in Click click in hey. How was that, ah, a little bit more thats a collect rain Bliss all right. Can you see that from there you can roughly see that right, Ive got the cigarette lighter wired in my power supply 12 volts, whereas the power thats a microphone lets plug in that jumped in a life smashing right. So the main thing that I imagine everyones going to use this for is either Android, auto or Apple carplay AirPlay, whatever the Apple equivalent of Android auto is, which is, I mean, thats the main thing everyones going to use this? For what settings have we got? Uh? English we dont drop yeah Rehan drive because were in a s country thats about that.

What we got for uh Android, like Android, auto Wi Fi, is not. We dont need to worry about that. Wi Fi and the car settings uh rear camera one. I wish we had a rear camera to plug into and try thatd have been nice Ill need to see about getting a rear view camera for because one of the main things you want to add into the Land Cruiser is a rear view. Camera so Ill need to see what a rear view camera you can get this. I presume that is the automatic light function, theres a sensor in the back. So when it gets dark, where is the sensor there you go, the screen gets Dumber. You see that extreme dimmer take finger away and you can just lighten up again marvelous excellent right, so thats thats pretty much uh that I think do we want Android auto. It was Bluetooth. I was looking for Bluetooth, Bluetooth, device, w701 blah blah blah, something something. Pierre pairing connecting pixel 7 Pro thats me, okay, what now great right, Android auto, should be in the background. Oh there we go Android, auto, hey there. We go thats, stop playing music, so many copyright strikes. Ah all right. There we go and theres Android auto. If youve noticed in Android auto Maps, your Spotify everything else lives in there, where you can pop a boat with all of those things, obviously youre, probably going to be using maps in Spotify.

Like me, the most of and your phones in there as well, where you can phone all your friends or your family Ill, have to blow some of that Spotify s, no stop playing music uh, as you can hear. Well, hopefully, you may have heard its playing via the Beltline speaker, but there should be an option we can exit this just now wait wheres exit exit, its the one with the exit where eggs, Android, auto FM transparent thats about. I was looking for. Thank you for all who are showing that Im. Shooting your army and itll be transmitting on the street, which is not being a radio its to being a radio transmitter. It would be trans men on this frequency and you tune your car radio to this frequency, and then you get all the audio from this on your car in your car on its uh building head unit and well, you would probably set the volume to like. Well, not maximum, you would tune it, so it works on your car because all cars have got different levels of audio but yeah, so most folk are going to use it for, as I say, Android, auto or apple, but it can do other things you can play Files off the USB or if you had a memory card installed all those kind of things. This is actually fairly responsive. Its not the fastest head unit Ive ever had but Lets uh. It works. Android Im, not gon na lie.

Android, auto is one of my favorite things and I have it on my head unit in the Hilux and its probably the best thing, because you can go to Maps. Youve got your music, you can control it all in the one head unit. It just connects your phone, its easy youve got your assistant, you can make calls you can do all those things and that that, and that is from a head head, unitless, head unit. It appears to do a thing. Well see it better once its in the Land Cruiser, but it does the things that we youve got and have satellite navigation. Here with Google Maps the most up to date, maps you can have, but once we have it installed and said a Land Cruiser. I can give you a better review of it once its had a bit of uh time to get used notice. The clocks, not updating, very well kind of hope the clock would uh take it from the network from Android auto, but that doesnt appear to be a thing, but I dont even see a bit in there where you can change the clock. Okay. Well, there we have it the handled it head, unitless, head unit from copyright or putting in the cars, perhaps an older car that either doesnt have space or anything for a double DIN or like the Land Cruiser its got a head unit that you cant remove, and You would like to use Android, auto or apple uh, AirPlay, carplay thing and, as I say in Part B, well put it in the Land Cruiser connected to the FM radio thing and have it doing its thing and Ill.

Try and email copyright and see what I need to get for our reversion camera, or so we can put that in the language. Oh theres, the um light sensor, diode thing uh, shooting it off point off button. I think it just. I think it just turns the screen on and off, basically until you uh build the main power, but I should remember things once you take the power out lets just try it now, obviously its still gon na have to boot. Does it have a fastboot? How fast is fast, thats pretty fast? Oh so! Well, it is going to forget the time every time, but that doesnt matter, because once you put it in Android, auto thats, where you get your clock from so yes Ill leave a link to copyright and where you can buy this in the description, if you have Any comments, questions, Etc. Please leave them down below Ill, try my best to answer them and as always, thanks for watching Music.