com and in this video Ill, be looking at the new C3 mini two in one wireless adapter from hair Hillary. This C3 mini two in one adapter features the ability to offer both Wireless carplay and Android auto to make carplay enabled factory system and because it is built on a custom, Android a closed platform. This adapter also allows you to play Back YouTube and Netflix content on your carplay display in the Box. You get a paper instruction manual, there is the C3 adapter itself and there is a single USB, a to USBC charging cable to power the adapter. So if you have a vehicle with a USBC carplay Port, you will require a separate USB C cable or an adapter. Just like this. Looking over the adapter, it has a fairly simple black case design with a rough stripe texture on the top of it. On one end of the dongle, there is a status light and a USBC input or to power the dongle, and on the other side, there is a single SD card. Slot thats used for updating the adapters system software and for playback of video and music files onto your carplay display on the back and sides of the adapter. There are some ventilation holes for Passive cooling of the chipset thats inside I plugged in this adapter into a number of carplay systems, including both of my Pioneer 93 dab and Alpine aftermarket carplay systems, and also the copyright and coral Vision.

Standalone carplay displays, and they all ran just fine with the adapter restarting first time transmit the optimal resolution for the display that its being plugged into firing up the dongle for the first time it gets you into its main menu in around 26 seconds. The main Landing screen has a more modern panel menu interface thats, built on top of a closed custom, Android 8 operating system on the left hand side. There are two panel. The top left panel features a simple media player for navigating content thats, currently playing on the adapter below. This is a larger panel that features four of the dongles key operations from watching Netflix and YouTube videos to launching Wireless car play and wireless Android auto to the right. There is a single panel of six icons, the first top two icons are for any Bluetooth connected devices to call and listen to Bluetooth music directly through the adapter. The next icon allows you to navigate and manage any locally stored files, plus any files that are stored on an inserted SD card. I was able to launch or install apps from here only copy cut and delete them. The next row of three icons allows you to view video and music files from an inserted SD card and play them back through the adapters own video and audio media player. Selecting the settings icon will show a custom settings menu to connect to to your local Wi Fi network or a Wi Fi hotspot from your phone to browse and play Back YouTube or Netflix online content.

You can also change the main menu background from a few select backgrounds and connect to or manage a Google account for accessing personalized YouTube content, as well as updating the apps below these six icons. There are two buttons to access some support information and also go back to the system menu of your vehicle or on the top of the main menu and in running apps. There is an Android based status bar that can be pulled down, whilst in any of the installed Android apps go back to the home screen, menu, navigate back within a running Android app and also, if youre, currently running apps and either close them individually or close. All of them to clear system memory and free up any resources connecting to either Wireless carplay or Android auto use the multiplay app pressing, either icon launch, which is the same app, so they really could have just used. One icon here pairing my iPhone 13 Pro to the adapters Bluetooth and launching carplay, took around 15 seconds and considering the adapters, mediocre, Wi, Fi specs touch, input and feedback were fairly responsive. The common one to two second audio lag over Wi Fi is still present here, but overall Wireless carplay behaved just fine on both my carplay display, as well as my Pioneer 93 dab system. I ran it for a few hours and the adapter didnt crash and its Wi Fi signal strength performed great over a 5 meter long distance.

The default microphone quality sounded a little bit Amplified from both the carplay display, as well as the Pioneer microphone hi, its Anthony from, and this is an audio test of the C3 two in one wireless carplay adapter, and this is an audio test using the Pioneer 93 dab with its built in microphone connecting to wireless Android, auto on this adapter took 16 seconds and, like Cloud play, everything ran just as expected, with a slightly less audio and input lag on this particular platform. Android auto was also responsive again, considering its low end. Wi Fi specs. I tried calling between mobiles whilst connected to Android auto, and there was roughly around a one second chord delay which, for me, wasnt really that much of a problem. Switching between the two Wi Fi required YouTube and Netflix apps, as well as carplay and Android, auto felt much better than most, if not all other AI boxes that Ive reviewed. This is likely thanks to its closed Android system and being able to toggle Wi, Fi and hotspot functions for either of these operations exclusively, which made swapping much more seamless being a closed system. However, there is no way to launch and browse the Google Play Store for newly installed apps core apps are hidden from view, whilst YouTube Netflix and a phone. Our browser app are the only ones that are easily accessible from the main menu once online. Both apps did detect that there were available updates for them, so I did try and update the YouTube app and it did install without any problems.

Both Netflix and YouTube ran surprisingly well, though, on this rather low end 8, core CPU running at 1.5 gigahertz, the menu UI of the particular YouTube app looks much better than some other AI Box YouTube apps with its side menu navigation instead of the full screen tablet. Interface thats on most other AI boxes. I did encounter some performance issues on YouTube, but I think this was mostly a data performance rather than its inability to play the video smoother going back to the same spot on the video didnt, really repeat, this issue and performing a few audio lag tests showed that The audio was definitely in sync: its low CPU and GPU does show itself when scrolling through Netflix menus, but once youve selected and loaded your content, this adapter plays it back relatively well. This C3, two in one adapter from her Hillary retails for 116.99, directly from their store, and you can get a further 30 off using the coupon code that Ill put down below and Ill leave direct links to the adapter down below. So you can learn more about it and buy one. The C3 adapter ticks many boxes in what most people want from a carplay wireless adapter that offers both Wireless carplay and Android, Auto, Plus the ability to watch videos from YouTube, Netflix and also from an inserted SD card. If this is the functionality you seek, then the C3 manages this reasonably well and all at a price that comes in much lower than most AI boxes that do offer more functionality, but in a more complex and janky way being built off a closed platform.

Thats running a version of Android from 2017. I do worry about how long these apps will be supported online. Currently, the Netflix app supports devices running from Android 7., so with the C3 built on Android 8 in time, the Netflix Android app may stop getting updates and connecting to their streaming service might end soon after the YouTube. App, however, currently supports Android 4.4. So this app has a much longer lifespan on this adapter. I would say if you want just Android auto on your carplay display a more basic two in one adapter might be all that youre after and if you really want to explore and download apps from the Google Play, Store and run other alternative video streaming apps on Your carplay display, then a more costly and open AI box might be a better option for you, too. This C3 is trying to position itself in both camps, and I do like this adapters Simplicity to offer what most people really want from a carplay adapter and bundling all this into a kind of high hybrid two in one AI box, adapter Im sure we will see More two in one hybrids like this released in the future and if youre really not that tech savvy the c3s closed system keeps you from being overwhelmed with features and opportunities, and just gives you all. You need on an adapter and does it relatively well? If you would like to watch another two in one carplay, adapter review, you can check out this video here and Ill see you there give us a thumbs up if you got to the end of this video comments are always welcome.