Uh Applause Applause – oh wow, mark that one down. He just refuses to lose that set point, but he takes the third one Applause. He gave it everything in that first set julia zeppied, but in the still the game is up. Yeti, try to scurry back and get it Music. Couldnt have placed that backhand down the line, amy better yeah Music, the return pushing him back, hes leading devastating with those forehands just too good after that serve you felt was going Music. He gets the break Music, oh just splendid, as was the chase to get there. Applause, Music. There is finally some breathing sprays for carlos alcaraz in this semi final in umag Applause. Oh, he was given another opportunity you felt like he was going to take it that petty he is just not let up in this match, zapier a determining factor and it looks like it just might be glove 30., but he cannot look at us Music. It is a tour leading sixth final on the way this season for carlos alcaraz hes back into the final in umac as well, but what a contest a match that had everything Music. It was well adjusted just to keep the point going, but it was cute, but it went long went with it again. The drop, oh, its, a brilliant backhand. Oh that time he just lets his racket do the talking that is sensational. That was the perfect time to play it and perfect, oh that first forehand they just stayed in Applause.

A stunning return, yeah just put it over this game did get a little bit. Tighter was 30 love, backed him up so very high in the first set from yannick center. He wasnt that far away from the ball like a menon, but they were kept pounding away and with success. Oh tip of the cap toyama. Oh i just skimmed over which made the task harder for i got mononeh, oh just when it seemed like he was really growing into this match. Yeah theyre quickly adjust. He did so. It is a first final.