Can your machine actually run it? So today, we’re going to dive into the performance of the update we’re, going to look at the fps we’re going to compare it to horizon. We got to compare to the alpha test. Today’S video is brought to you by rich wallet which create modern compact wallets made from premium materials like titanium, carbon, fiber or aluminum. In fact, rich is so confident the product that they offer you a 45 day test drive with a full refund. If you don’t like it, but why would you like them? The wallets are easily half the size of a traditional wallet, but despite that, they can still hold up to 12 cards and has a body clip on the side. All the wallets also come with rfid blocking to prevent digital theft, so check out rich wallet on forward, slash d2ea and use offer code d2ea to get 10 off hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to elite dangerous with down truth astronomy. Today, we’re going to look at the performance of elix, dangerous odyssey and just as last time, i’m going to be using msi afterburner to do all my data collection where i’ll be recording the average fps as well as the low one percent on the screen. You will all clips be able to see gpu utilization and memory as well as cpu utilization system memory and the current fps in the lower right hand corner. You will see a little icon indicating whether this clip belongs to horizon or belongs to other sims specs.

For the machine is i’ll be running with a ryzen 9 ’50x 32 gigabytes of 3200 megahertz memory, a 2080 ti for graphics games, running of an nvme ssd. These specs may not be comparable to your machine. Maybe you have a better graphics card. Maybe you have a worse graphics card, but this is just to give you a relative comparison of fps, so you can see whether you should expect more or less in terms of game settings. I will of course be using all the same game settings as it is. Last time and also running the game in 4k, so let’s dive right into the first test, which is the docking bay test, static, camera inside a docking bay. Lots of things happening and lots of light and things going on here and, as you can see from the result here, i didn’t really see any difference between the alpha test and odyssey after it was live. It is significant decrease from the performance i saw in horizons compared to odyssey and yeah. No, i was not able to detect any differences – small minor things here and there, but this is what i would consider within measuring tolerances, maybe there’s a bit of an improvement on the low one percent which is going to make it feel a little bit less stuttery. But overall it was nowhere near what we had in horizons. Next up is the planetary very common place if you’re doing mining or hazardous sites stuff, like that i’m on the same planet in the same ring, but obviously the planets have moved a little bit and rotated.

So i’m not sure if i got the exact same spot, but i tried to mimic the lighting situation as much as possible, and here you can see the differences while the drop here is not as bad as it was for the station interior. That is still a significant decrease in the performance compared to the alpha test. The little 4 fps difference that i see between the alpha and the live game i’m, not sure that could just be measuring inconsistencies. I wouldn’t really contribute that too much. I still think that within tolerances, but still comparing it to horizon you’re, probably going to be expecting in the planet ring to lose about 24 percent of your um total fps. Next, we move down planetside. We want to test out the new textures and we’re going to be doing a test from two kilometers above the surface, just flying in a ship over the surface, and here you can see there was actually a little bit of an increase here from from the alpha Test, but still we are quite far off what we saw in rices. I will say: the game also does look a lot. Prettier we’re, not even close, so also here, we’re, going to see a very significant drop in fps just to see the effect of an atmosphere. I went to a planet with an atmosphere just to kind of give it a comparison, and we can see that i dropped from the around 100 fps.

I had before down to 86 fps it’s a little bit higher once again compared to what we had in the alpha test, so it’s, it seems to they’ve done something with the planet. Textures that’s a little bit more optimized than it was before again. The atmosphere is that still gon na give you a performance hit, and you remember when we were flying over a planet. I was getting 173 fps in horizons. Next, i want to move a little bit closer and really get up close and personal with the new textures. So we’re going to be driving over a planet, in this case we’re gon na start with a planet without an atmosphere. Again we saw a very sharp increase in the alpha test, but we actually seen a noticeable difference in the live game. So again highlighting that point i definitely think future has optimized something with the with the planetary textures compared to the alpha test, we’re still far off about half of what we got in horizons, but at least there is a small increase and similarly to get up close And personal with the textures i’ve also done a test where i am walking over a planet again, i wasn’t able to get the exact same spot. The one i got from the alpha test had a lot more plants, because now plants are a lot more scattered out than they were in the alpha test, and i couldn’t get the exact same spot because it was in the dark in the night of the planet.

So i tried to find something with a similar lighting condition, as i, as i had on on the alpha test, and here again we can see. There has been some improvement over um over the alpha test, where i was actually gaining like almost 20 fps up and even my low one percent was about where my average was so there’s definitely been some improvement planetside. I think that is safe to say and the final one is the worst of them all and that is walking around inside a station doing the alpha test. I wasn’t even able to pass 50 fps average running inside a station and looking at the numbers, it hasn’t really improved i’m losing a bit on the average i gained a bit on the low one percent. Overall, it felt pretty much the same, not even being able to pass 60 fps inside the station um with a relatively powerful system. I know i’m running 4k and i’m running with some relatively high graphics settings, but still i would still hope that i’ll be able to push a little bit more than 45 fps inside a station. So this leaves us with one burning question. Would i recommend you get odyssey and i would say if you have a powerful system go ahead, you most likely already have them. If you’re running on a lower end system, i would actually say wait because yeah you’re gon na be able to play, but you’re gon na be able to watch as a slide deck it’s going to be very choppy for you in some situations and some places it Would be damn near unplayable for you, frontier has a lot of work in front of them if they’re going to make this run on console by autumn – and i know the frontier is aware of this – they actually posted a hotfix yesterday and in the bottom of that Patch note they did mention that they are aware of these performance issues and it is something that they are working on to improve.

So there are improvements coming and hopefully we’re, going to see improvements even before the the console launched at the autumn, and i will of course keep you guys updated. If anything happens, so if you’re still on edge and whether you should get it do stay tuned to the channel because with frontier makes changes, i’ll post a new video like this we’ll be going over the statistics again. So we can once again compare and see if there’s any improvements, and you can then begin to make a decision on when you feel it’s good enough for you to get on board odyssey now. The few final things i just want to mention is: if you are considering getting odyssey and you haven’t gotten it yet, if you’re playing through the standalone launcher so not through steam, not through epic, you can use that will take you to the frontier store where You can can get the update and then i get a little kickback and finally i’m trying to hit a hundred thousand subscribers before the end of the year. So if you want to help me towards that goal, then do go down and hit the subscribe button.