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The game is running at in the lower left hand corner. You will also see a little icon indicating whether that shot belongs to horizons or whether it belongs to odyssey in terms of hardware. I will be running this on my main pc, which has a ryzen 9 ’50x 32gb of ram running at 3200, megahertz a 2080 ti and the game is running off an nvme ssd, and i know that these specs may not be comparable to what you’re running. But the main thing here is we’re looking at the relative fps, so how big of a percentage drop do we see between the two different game modes? So you can kind of use that to get an indication of whether you’re going to expect to see a small drop, a big drop or you’re only going to see like a quarter of the frame which you have now in terms of game settings. I really want to push the graphics card so i’m running the game at 4k, i’m running it unlocked so there’s no fps limiter on it, and you can see all my settings here on screen right now now there’s one important thing. I want to tell you before we dive into the statistics, and that is that these measurements are taken doing an alpha test. Massive improvements can still be made and most likely will still be made. So don’t take this as being the performance you’re going to expect when the game comes out.

This is just where we are now and we can use these measurements to do them later on again to see if we got any improvements down the road so for the first test, i’m, just taking a static shot inside a docking bay. This is a place that we visit almost never game session, so i feel like that, was a good place to start there’s a lot like things moving around, but still it’s this place that you spend quite a bit of time. The two shots you’re taking at the exact same station but as you can see, there’s quite a bit of a visual difference in odyssey and horizons. Now, if we pull up these statistics for this, we can see that it is not looking very pretty for odyssey, as it is right now. In horizon, i managed to average 137 fps in the docking bay, but when swapping over to odyssey, i only got 72 and in a similar fashion. We can also see that the um, the low one percent is also significantly lower than um than we have in horizons. Actually, the average fps in odyssey is not even close to the low one percent in horizon, so there’s. Definitely a very significant performance hit here, as it is right now, but again remember it’s alpha and a lot of things can change before this goes live. The next test here is just flying through a planet ring again very common situation, at least for me, flying through the planet ring if you’re out mining or whatever you’re, maybe you’re running in uh doing some hashburst sites.

Something like that. We spent quite a bit of time in planet rings, so i thought this would also be a good place to test again. We can see some some visual differences between the two and again same planet, same ring and try to drop in approximately the same spot. So here, it’s it’s not as bad as um as it was with the station. We can see still over 130 on average in in horizon, but in odyssey we’re, now dropping down to around 98 still very respectable, a significant drop, but far from as bad as we saw in in the station. So next i wanted to test just flying over a planet i’ve been doing clips where i just been flying two kilometers approximately over the surface, nothing fancy just flying over the surface and obviously there are planets. We can access in odyssey that we cannot access in horizon. So i both checked on non atmospheric planets, and i checked in odyssey on atmospheric planets. We can see if that atmosphere causes any kind of fps drops, and here you can see the little h and o indicates whether they are from horizon or in odyssey. And if we look at the non atmospheric planet, we can see once again quite a significant drop here. I dropped from 173 just flying over the planet down to 93, but also the visual difference here is massive. If you look at the coordinates here, i’m. Very very close to the same location on the planet and flying approximately the same direction, such a huge difference in the look of these two planets it, i must admit, odyssey, looks good, but, as you can also see here, we lose about half the frames, and here You have a shot from same kind of test about two kilometers above the surface, but now just flying on a planet with an atmosphere and as you can see here, it looks really good and looking again at the graph and we pull in the atmospheric in odyssey.

We can see here that yeah we do lose a little bit of frames compared to a non atmospheric planet, so we can definitely measure the effects of having the atmosphere but it’s, not too severe. So next i want to get a little closer to the ground, so it’s, just an srv driving across the surface, similar kind of tests same planet, approximately the same location on the planet and just yeah driving across the surface, to see how it performs. First of all, i did notice quite a bit of popping in odyssey, even though, of course, both games are running with the same graphics settings, and if we pull up the statistics, we can see oof. This is bad, it is, i mean it’s, not the average fps in odyssey is not even close to the low what percent in horizon. This is a probably the biggest fps drop that i saw so far as soon as we get close to those new um textured surfaces. We just take a massive massive hit: it’s okay, when you’re flying up there, two kilometers, but as soon as we get down to ground level, it really does take a massive massive hit. And again i really must stress here. This is measured in an alpha and changes. Can definitely still be made now. I also wanted to test the underfoot part of odyssey, but obviously i can’t really compare that to horizon since we can’t go on foot in horizons.

So what i’ve done here is i’ve just taken fps measurements by running around inside the station and also when running across a planet surface with a lot of plants and there’s an atmosphere there’s a lot going on here now you can see the results here quite low Fps uh wasn’t even able to hit 50 fps despite a rather powerful graphic card. I think, and just to put this into perspective, how that compares to uh to horizon. If we take similar situations with the with the driving across the planet surface the data we look at before and also pull up the data for flying over a planet kind of situations, you should be familiar with if we pull up those data from horizons and compare Them we can see this is. This is quite uh, quite a significant drop um, i would say we’re down to about the quarter the frame rate of what we would get from flying a ship over a planet compared to um. To now, when we’re running across the surface, so i think it’s clear that if frontier is going to live up to what they promised, that odyssey is not going to cause any significant decrease in terms of frame rate or performance. Then they definitely have their work cut out for them. There is a lot of optimization still needed before odyssey is going to be running anywhere close to what horizon is today, but now that i have all these measurements i’m going to be able to in the future.

As odyssey progresses, and especially after it launches to go back, do these tests again and then we can compare it to what the framers were at in horizons and frontier has promised us that odyssey will be running on last gen consoles. So i am expecting that we’re gon na see these numbers increase significantly before odyssey launches. Now, if you found this kind of video useful, i would really appreciate if you would go down and like the video and subscribe to the channel, thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it and also next time.