I save from the bin, but also a surprisingly affordable, pc, still less about how i got this computer because we can touch more on that later and more about the frankly impressive specifications you can get with these all in one computers. This pc contains a haswell core i5 4460t, which, although is old, isnt, actually much worse than the latest releases. When you compare them clock for clock, eight gigabytes of 1600 megahertz ddr3 is included and about standard for the era, but most interestingly about this laptop laptop. All in one is the graphics card, an nvidia geforce 830a, which is a sort of cut down 940m or mx laptop chip, but then clocked higher to make up for the deficit of where theyve cut it down its a really strange card, meaning its sort of like A little powerhouse that only really uses 20 watts in real world scenarios other than that you get decent speakers at 1080p screen and its always gon na be a decent price, at least while these things are under the radar see. This unit, in particular, was overheating due to a common hp. Trait, not like. We didnt see last weeks, video where this also happened, where the thermal paste has become dried up and useless, as well as a buildup of dust, and it all just ends up leading to a pc that overheats once these were replaced and the dying one terabyte hard Disk drive was replaced with an ssd.

We were golden, the previous owner had been misdiagnosed with what the issues were, and actually some guy spent about two hours. Looking at it and just ran, see cleaner and let it overheat and said the problem was solved which allowed me to buy the machine for a tenner because he was sick of it and wanted to get rid of it. Given that virtually all all in one pcs. From this era have a service hatch, it actually made upgrades and maintenance a breeze. I think i spent 30 minutes cleaning it up and sorting out this machine before it was ready to go now on to the pc itself. A convenient aspect of the system is that it only needs to be plugged in leaving you with a frankly clean and cosy setup next to a beige pentium 4 pc. This is genuinely my second favorite type of setup. I could have no worry of wires or any nonsense like that, and you keep the rest of the setup quite practical. It lets you keep things as you need them, which, for me, as im, sat here on this very pc drinking, a cup of tea and typing up this script and then actually editing it all up together. Well, it gives you another perspective on what a pc can be, usually something i rarely touch on because most of the time im more focused on the budget. But i never thought id see the day where an all in one pc is all you can get a hold of.

That could possibly be good budget. You have to take the wins where they are. What this pc does lack any upgrade ability as it were. You do gain in form factor not that youd actually be able to get any parts to upgrade this thing if it was actually upgradable. Now, for one thing that i actually really liked about, this pc was the graphics card and you have the hd4600 integrated onto the intel chip and thats more for desktop use, video encoding with quick, sync and other various tasks, and it does leave that rather interesting. Nvidia geforce 830a to power its way through applications. Now from all the research ive done, this unit is very literally a cut down: geforce 940 m or mx one of the two i think, mx, because that was the most powerful version. So it makes sense that most of derivatives from there, its based on the maxwell architecture, it gets up to date, video drivers. It even gets optimizations for titles, which is a key thing to look for on these all in ones, because when youre stuck with a graphics card, you want it to be supported, which probably leads a lot of you to thinking. What is performance like well ive installed the latest release of windows 10 and the only real way to find out how this entire setup handles is in the benchmarks, starting us off with skyrim, which i thought would be something the machine wouldnt handle all too well.

Given that its essentially an oem version of a laptop graphics card, however, even this little power, sipping unit saw the game run really well. In 1080p, with a mixture of medium and high settings with some tweaks to the resolution, though, you could probably see a very fluent 60fps at all times. However, i wanted to make sure the game still looked kind of nice because it does have a really nice screen on this computer. Another surprisingly new, and rather intensive game, is civ 6, especially running in 1080p, with even lower settings. I made sure to get a good way into the game, to see just how well the late game would stress. The machine, and the machine did remarkably well turns – were loading with decent speed well into the mid game. Although the late game could prove a bit challenging on all the components of the machine, im really surprised. Siv6 runs really well on this little. All in one csgo proved to be another such distraction with how well it round the machine and how long i spent benchmarking. It, although this time 1080p, was just a little bit too much as that is how i originally benchmark this machine. However, with competitive settings and a hd resolution, still we saw frame rates well in excess of 100 fps, a lot of the time in competitive scenarios where youve got less people. This could even shoot well, past 200, fps, so very impressive, stuff, Music, ramping up the intensity.

Again with beam ng, it was the first game to prove equally as taxing on the cpu, as it was on our little 830a graphics chip, which has impressed me so far still with the right settings found which did turn most the environments into a sort of mush. Rather than you know, textured environments, the game remained really playable, with physics being deformed on even the most intensive of maps, some of the less intensive ones would even run even better. However youre, mostly not gon na, have the best time with those newer titles. Unless you turn down the settings now, where the machine really shines, is the classics see half life 2 is running here, maxed out leaving plenty of power in reserve. So if you want to leave a program rendering in the background which i mostly did while ive been editing, this video, the frame rate, never really went below 100 fps and i dont doubt the older builds of the game or maybe with a mixture of different settings. Rather than it maxed out, it would run even better and then finally, fable lost chapters which only ever dropped a frame when the prompt came up and thats got to do with the game running at 15. Hertz internally, which is a whole nother mess entirely and not up to this pc thats, something completely different. This was one of the smoothest and sleekest ways i have ever experienced the game with no graphical glitches and an extremely consistent frame rate all being displayed on an extremely nice ips screen at its native resolution.

So for the classic titles it generally doesnt get better than playing on this pc, mostly Music. General usage, was also fantastic on the machine. Video encoding decoding, you name it even editing. Ive edited this entire video on this machine. Ive typed the script up on this machine and i can safely say it was a major upgrade over having to use that awful amd a10. That was in last weeks, laptop video. I reckon this machine boots up in about three to five seconds. Applications launch almost immediately wireless speed and range is far superior to many phones and laptops have used, and even the speakers are pretty decent Applause now ive been multitasking on this machine. A lot and actually putting it through its pace is quite hard. Ive been treating this machine like, i usually treat my 3700x ryzen pc that i dont have access to so ive been playing rimworld. While i wait for files to process it never misses a beat, although its a few years out of date, ive had a brilliant week using this machine chatting with my community and generally just finding out the limits of what these all in ones can do something that 3D mark mostly allowed me to do which just showed that anything remotely new the gpu definitely is the weakest area, however, for older and more classic titles from 2013 and prior this gpu and cpu make for a surprisingly competent combination and equal pairing. Something id never expect from such a strange, laptop based graphics chip or a computer thats made by hp and was responsible for last weeks, horrible laptop either way ive been really impressed.

So in conclusion, i really really like this little all in one and will actually be keeping it not for my own use, but for some family members, prices for them seem to have stayed under the radar so genuinely. If youre looking for a system right now just to do some basic gaming and use a computer, you can find models like this hp selling for under 75 pounds in working condition or cheaper. If you buy them broken like, i did, because chances are theyre just overheating because of a common design flaw and one thats, not too much of an issue. Once youve repasted the system, its an absolute bargain with todays prices for less than the price of a graphics card, you get a really cozy system, thats perfect, to get work done on boot, up some classics or even more recent aaa games. While you get on with those tasks, all in all ive actually had a really good time using this little system, and thank you very much for watching and good night. If you enjoyed this video. Thank you very much for watching and do be sure to like and subscribe for more pc videos.