Andthis is the best and the cheapest tablet. Veikks640 Pen Tablet. A good, convenient tabletfor, drawing working or studying online., On my hand, is the full box of the tabletIve just got from purchasing online.. The link to buy is in thedescription of the video. VEIKK S640 Pen Tablet has a slim body, andultra thin design.. The working area is 6 x, 4 inches. Its easy to take outside or on the way.. This tablet is designed with an integrated USB cable., Along with the tablet, is a nice pen pocket witha, stylus pen, inside. Its battery free, no need to charge or battery. Its quite comfortable tohold in my hand., The pen has 2 function buttons., And there are some extra Pennibs available to replace. 2 USBs On The Go Type C and micro USB toconnect easily with many kinds of devices., And here is a nice artist, gloveits so fit with my hand.. Now read the start guide to connect to the PC., Go to the website. Veikk.Com to choose your OS version and download the driver. Install the driver easily in some minutes.. After installing connect the tablet to the PC, openthe driver interface and adjust some settings., You can customize the buttons with somekeyboard shortcuts or other functions., And you can adjust the level of sensitivity. During the normal working state. When the pressure pen is suspended in the active areaof. The tablet the indicator, light flashes. And when the pen touches the tabletthe indicator, light is always on.

With the high sensitivity of the penyou can do many things with this tablet. In MS Office. You can drawdirectly on the worksheet. Now Im trying to draw someauto shapes its working, so well. And you can write math equations quickly, ordraw some simple illustrations with some brushes right on MS Word., Its so easy convenient. For more. It could help you tohighlight or quickly choose the textin documents. Or you can changeyour hand writings into text.. With this tablet, your teaching orstudying with online lessons presentations could be more facilitative.. This tablet is compatible with most design drawing software, so you canimprove your skills in many ways you like.. First I try with Paint 3D of Windows. Its anexciting experience.. I really love to enjoy it.. This is a character I import fromthe library and repaint it. And certainly Photoshop is also quite goodworking. With this pen tablet. With the suitable, cheap price of this pen tablet, I think its a good graphic tablet for drawing working teaching or studying online.. What about you? What do you think about this tablet? Please leave comments below, And here is a short recording when Itry on PC tablet on mobile phone.