I go out and try to find weird products like this, and this is going to be a short video, because you can only do so much on a mouse like i’ve done a few now. The reason this is actually intriguing to me and i got one of the cheaper ones, and this is actually i’ll – have all the description. All the information – although this does say designed in usa so probably made in china but designed in usa, but this is actually an optical vertical mouse and i’ll have all the information down here. So you guys can see who makes it and where you can get it link in the description, but the reason this was intriguing to me is because i use them and mice a lot. Obviously i’m doing a lot of computers. I’M doing you know. I have computers all around my room. My wrist actually gets. You know from carpal or something i don’t have that, but my wrist actually hurts me. You know sometimes just just by having it down on. You know on the mouse pad and stuff. You know too much of that can cause problems with your wrist. So i actually read some articles – and i said this optical mouse here, which i’ll show you close ups just stay tuned i’m, going to show you close ups, how i’m using it and all that stuff. But this optical mouse is is a different way of actually holding the mouse it’s a vertical mouse, so instead of holding like this you’re holding it like this, and what it’s supposed to do is it’s supposed to free up the tension in your wrist.

So i wanted to give it a shot. Now i went out and bought one of the cheapest ones. I think this was like again. Don’T quote me: i’ll think it’s like in the 20s there’s ones that are made way better than this and they’re actually made for people that have real problems. So but i wanted to just try because i’m – probably not going to use it full time, it’s, not the best mouse. I just want to go ahead and just see if this this orientation really makes a difference. So stay tuned i’m going to show you the mouse up close and i’m going to show you over time i’m going to use it and see. Does it really actually help my wrist? Do i feel a little bit less tension in it and we’ll go from there? I think you know i’m excited to see if it does anything, if it’s just a kind, i mean there’s a lot of good reviews on it. A lot of people talk about it, but is it something that will help you if you have a wrist problem and even if you use it like once once every other time or once a week or something will free up your wrist? Obviously so you don’t develop carpal don’t know about that. I probably won’t be able to tell you that either, but i will tell you how it goes and if it does, you know help a little bit so let’s get into it all right.

So the mouse i picked up again was just kind of to do a test, so it was a 17 dollar mouse it’s, nothing, nothing spectacular! It does work on a mac though, and it does work on a pc. It works perfectly on both. So i tested that out no problems there. So if you want to try this it’s, not a bad option, just to give it a shot, then maybe i recommend buying a better one. The orientation from the top looks like it’s a mouse that’s kind of tipped over that side. You can see it here from the front. It looks obviously the most unusual kind of looks uh. You know like it’s, just a you know a mouse on its side. You can see it there, but you can see how your orientation of your hand is going to go on one side of this mouse. It has basically three different buttons that are, you can program that, are you know three different buttons that would normally be in a mouse, and it also has two on the top here’s a better look at the three buttons. You know that are usually not on a mouse. So if you like that that’s a good feature, there’s a scroll wheel and then here it is compared to a normal mouse. You can see how it looks so, obviously it’s a lot larger too on the bottom. It does have a place for the usb connection it’s a usb mouse.

This particular model is i’m sure you can get bluetooth and everything and that pops out um. Overall, though you can see the orientation here, it is it’s just an unusual. You know way to hold them out, so let’s just go ahead and see if it really did help me. So what i did is, i actually ended up using it now i’m doing this review afterwards, but i just wanted to show people. You know when you hold a normal mouse like this. You know your hand is obviously straight down, so your wrist kind of hits the desk in a certain spot. You know it’s flat and a lot over time that can develop the carpal tunnel syndrome, especially about moving your fingers that way it’s just the repetitive action of the mouse. So what i found with this one is, you know, it’s, just a refreshing change is the way i can put it. So the orientation is completely different. It just felt more comfortable using this mouse than the other mouse now granted i’m, not saying it’s, better but i’m. Saying if you mix it up every once in a while, it just kept my my wrist fresh holding it. You know it’s, just you just have to do it at first. I thought it was gon na be very difficult to hold it this way, but over time it actually worked really well, and i got really used to it. Um, the buttons over here are pretty useless, but the ones on the top and the scroll wheel work perfectly fine.

So what would i say i would say overall give it a shot. It definitely helped me out helped my wrist out and it made it feel. You know just refreshed after using it. I would recommend i’m going to show you here a better one. Just maybe you might want to get after this so check it out all right so really quickly, here’s the mouse i bought now. I don’t recommend buying this one. Probably but i’ll have a link in the description. If, if you buy this just as a test that’s, maybe what i would do test it see if you like it for 17, then i would go ahead and buy something like this, which is a logitech mx vertical wireless mouse it’s in you’re in it about 90 Bucks, but if it does help your wrist, this is, you know, got all the features and chargeable and everything else um. This is actually out of stock right now. It looks like for a little while at least long story short, though it’s got awesome ratings, and everything like that. So i would pick up something like this: if it really helps because it could save your wrist long term, so that’s just my two cents, i mean check it out and there’s a bunch of other ones in between these costs, but check one out and then get A better one, so using this over time, just every once in a while i mean i have so many mice, because i do reviews, but i leave you know if you just use the usb connection every once in a while and you use it maybe for a Week and then go back to your other one, it does seem to help a little bit.

It does seem. You know, like i said. The fatigue on your wrist may not be as big. It actually is pretty nice to use mean. I never thought i would use a mouse like this. It takes a like a day or two to get used to, but once you get used to it, it’s actually pretty free and it actually works really well so um, you know again: i bought the cheaper one. I’M gon na have a link in the description i i don’t, you know build quality and everything else i’m. Not going to recommend this. I mean i don’t know how long it’s going to last it works. It works fine and it’s worked for me perfectly fine. If you want to try it out, maybe try it out with one of these things and you can go spend 100 on a really good one. You know to save your wrist, but at the end of the day i do like it. I mean i got ta say that it’s it’s some technology like this – that a lot of people just don’t want to try just because it looks so crazy, but it did help. I mean i mean i’m gon na have to do it long term, but it did. You know i did have some wrist pain because i’ve been doing it so for so long you know just using a normal mouse every day for hours. This did help a little bit.

I you know i can’t tell if it’s helping overall, but i can just tell you it did help a little bit. So at the end of the day, give it a shot. You know it’s something that’s. You know in the 20s very inexpensive, maybe get a better one after you try it. I recommend it. I mean, i think, it’s kind of an innovative way to you know, protect your wrist and to help people that have problems. So you know go ahead and you know buy it if you think it’s worth it, um go ahead and check out my channel and subscribe. If you can, i make videos all different types of videos and it definitely helps me grow the channel um. My name is craig vidal. You guys see my channel name up there so subscribe.