Let’S benchmark it and we’ll see how well it can emulate some games. This is steve from nostalgia and let’s get started. Music, alright. So a big shout out to simbans for sending me this unit for review, and one thing i would like to say right out of the gate: is that i’m actually a fairly big fan of how simbans operates and as we open up the box, you’re gon na See that there is actually a special thank you card in the package that lets. You know that your purchase has been sponsoring some life saving surgeries for children in much less privileged families and areas of the world, and i think this is actually really cool that they do something like this and just felt. It was important to mention it now on with the actual unboxing. Besides the thank you card, we have a nice full color instruction manual and quick start guide. We have a document outlining all of the items that you’re going to receive in the box, and it does mention that we actually do get some microsoft office mobile, apps pre installed on the device which does make sense, considering how this device is being marketed now, we’re Going to go ahead and move the tablet over first and take a look at some of the other items we get in the package. Now we get two different types of usb cords. One is a standard micro, usb charging and data cord, and the other is a usb to dc power, cord used for charging and, along with the power cords, we also get the international power adapters and a small power brick.

Now this is actually nice and since many devices nowadays only provide the usb cord for charging, i really like to see that they do include this in the box. Second, to last, we have one of the biggest selling features of the tablet itself, which is a plug and play keyboard, and this is actually really really cool because it doesn’t have any batteries and it runs directly off of the battery on the tablet itself and it Actually does feel fairly sturdy and nice and has a rubberized texture all around the device. Now this is a double edged sword in my opinion, because it does give the device a really nice grippy feel to it. But things like fingerprints and scratches really do show up on it quite a bit now we’re gon na go ahead and see how well it functions in a little bit as well. Now the tablet itself is a very standard. Looking budget tablet, we do have that really large bezel surrounding the screen, which nobody’s really a big fan of, and at the same time you can’t really expect a low profile bezel on a budget device like this, just like with the keyboard. The tablet itself has a rubbery texture surrounding the entire device, which is really good for gripping, but again, scratches are super noticeable and fingerprints are difficult to wipe off as well. Now this tablet is actually marketed as a two in one device. Now, obviously, the tablet as a standalone device is one way to use it, but by connecting a tablet to the keyboard, you can actually use this as an android based netbook or chromebook type of device, and that makes the device fairly desirable for people looking for a Good portable device at a budget price point and because the keyboard can indefinitely stay connected, you can fold it down and you also don’t really need to worry about scratching the screen very much now in terms of the internal specs of the device, the device comes with A quad core mtk 8168 cpu clocked in at 2 gigahertz per core.

It has a nice bright, 10.1 inch, ips touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280×800 4 gigs of ddr3 ram, a 2 megapixel front camera and a 5 megapixel back camera 64 gigs of internal storage. Expandable up to 128 gigs with a micro, sd card, dual band, wi, fi bluetooth, and it even has a gps receiver. Now quickly, going over the i o of the device on the top. We do have our power button and a volume rocker on the left hand, side of the device we have all of our inputs, including the headphone jack micro, usb port mini hdmi, port, a full size, usb 2.0 port dc charging port. And, of course, we have our sd card slot, we have one speaker on each side of the device and on the bottom we have our magnetic connectors specifically for connecting into that keyboard. Now a couple things i do want to mention about this tablet. I do really like that they include a full size, usb port for things like accessibility, you can plug in a mouse or additional peripherals controllers whatever it is, you want you’ve got the ability to do that now. Keep in mind that this does add to the overall thickness of the device, though, and additionally i’ve noticed that if i do leave the keyboard physically connected to the tablet, then the device tends to drain the battery. Even when it’s in sleep mode, which is kind of not good, considering that’s how this device is marketed to be used, and i would hope that this is something that can be fixed down the road with a software update or some sort of a firmware update.

And i think that that’s going to be an important thing that they need to focus on here now. Simbenz does also include some microsoft office apps, as i mentioned earlier, things like microsoft, word or excel and that’s actually pretty handy, especially if you plan on using this device as more than just for watching netflix or playing games. Now let’s go ahead and move on to some gaming testing and we will start off actually looking at the benchmarking scores now for this tablet. It does score a 159 on single core score and a 495 for a multi core score, which is marginally better than many of the other budget devices. In this price point, when looking at other more expensive devices, though we can certainly see that these budget devices are mainly designed for very casual use and certainly not for heavy gaming. Now let’s shift over into some actual gameplay and we’re, going to start off with some standard apps that you can go ahead and download on the google play store now. Overall, most games i played tested and played quite well, but some of the games that did require you know really. Quick movement and a more powerful cpu or gpu like call of duty. Mobile are probably going to leave you with a less than great experience. Music Laughter, Music, foreign next we’re gon na get into a little bit of super nintendo, as i tend to like to do when i start console games on any of my devices now.

Overall, there were no issues at all with any of the titles that i tested, including the fx, enabled games Music Music. Next, we can get into a little bit of arcade emulation and again i didn’t really have any issues here at all Music. Now we’re gon na move on to some of the more advanced gaming and we’re gon na go ahead and jump into n64, which was for the most part, a complete miss. There were some highly optimized games, things like mario kart that were kind of playable, but overall, i would probably avoid this console at all costs on this device. Next, i spent some time with the nintendo ds emulator and i was actually pretty happy with the overall experience. Although it’s not entirely perfect, most games ran at near full speed and i didn’t have any major issues at all. Music foreign dreamcast also performed substantially better than i expected on this device. Now there was definitely some slowdowns some audio issues. Some graphical display issues on you know most of the games, but a ton of the really fun games ran really well and they could definitely be enjoyed. And the final console that i tested on this device was the playstation one and it ran those games actually. Quite well now, overall, ps1 emulation is playable, but you will have some frame rate drops with some of the more difficult games to emulate like bloody, roar, 2.. So, overall, this device is a fairly decent value for what it is.

It works as expected for things like web browsing, video streaming and light office work. The device is also fairly good for lighter gaming and entry level emulation, and i personally really like the flexibility of the device in terms of having that external usb port that i can connect whatever kind of external peripherals that i want to it. And another good thing that simbanz has done with their devices is just an overall good quality, build feeling and as always, they’re built really well, and you can definitely tell that just by putting these things in your hands now, as always, i will leave the links to Purchase these or for more information in the description down below, if you want to check that out, but that’s all i’ve got for you guys in this video leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts about this device or, if there’s another product on The market you’d like me to review, be sure to subscribe to the channel for more content and give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and a thumbs down if you didn’t.