I have it in the magic keyboard 12.9 inch with the sofa guard scan apple pencil, and I was asked a question: do I think this could be a laptop replacement? Now I will say, since Apple has given an iPad OS 16.1. This thing has been great and I use it probably 90 percent – of what I do. The other 10 is split between my MacBook Pro and my 2018 iPad Pro that I use occasionally, okay, but the majority of stuff that I do, whether its social media emails, editing, videos come directly from this iPad. Okay, the battery has been great uh, since they added Center State Im. Sorry uh stage manager keep one, they call it Center Stage since they added stage manager. I have enjoyed using this iPad even more okay, but to answer that question for me I cant speak for anybody else, but for me it is close, but no it cannot totally replace a lab cup top because there are certain things that you can do on a Laptop much easier, and sometimes you can find a workaround on the iPad uh, but not every time. So I would just say it depends on the person and what theyre doing so, Im retired Im not doing a lot of the heavy lifting that I had to do before. Where this thing is like perfect for what I do, except on occasions where I had a situation earlier this morning, for example, I needed to send a fax online okay, because I dont have a fax machine, so I did figure out a way to do it on.

Here but I could do it much easier on the laptop by just simply clicking, dropping and dragging what I needed and boom Im done were on here. It took like 30 40 minutes for me to figure out how to actually do it and thats the thing its. Like I can pull up things to make, this appear like a computer, for example. This is the desktop version on the iPad of what you see on your computer, where all your stuff here is on the left nothings at the bottom, like it is on the app – and this is the desktop version of YouTube versus the mobile version, which is the Same thing you see on your phone is when you use the app well whats the difference. Well, when youre uploading videos, you have to upload them through the app and the app, depending on what you render the video is for, for example, most of my videos, including this video, is going to be in 4k, either 60 frames per second or 30 frames per Second, but when I upload through the app which is way faster. Okay, if I uploaded this video to the app its only going to show in 1080P, but it will upload in five to six minutes, maybe even less thats, how quick it will upload, but its only in 1080P. So what I normally have to do is I have to upload the video or render the video excuse me.

Air drop into my laptop with my laptop will then uploaded it in an hour and a half or unless I got it scheduled for a specific time to come out. The way to do it on here. If I do it and when Im on the road – and I upload videos is to do it through my video editing, app, which is little more Fusion – which it has to render the video and upload it to YouTube and what would take an hour and a half On the laptop would normally take three and a half to four hours to do on this thats the difference: okay, uh. There are just things that are much simpler on the laptop than it is currently on the iPad that are just easier to do, but stage manager which is using it like this. You can either take and drop stuff like this. You can change the size of it or you can add another window like this. Bring this on change the side. Now I have three different Windows going and I can use all three whenever I want to use them. Okay, thats whats great about this. I can have this rendering a video and then I can pull up you YouTube. I didnt mean to do that. Then I can pull up YouTube and watch YouTube, while the video in the background is rendering I can even add one more because you can do four and if I wanted to besides that, to show you all four you can move these around and any four you Want to bring up so if I want to bring this one back this one back this one back or this one, you could do it easily.

There is no issue doing it all thats how great stage manager is okay or you can just swipe and get rid of all of them, or I could have just closed out the window on all of them, but thats. Another reason why I really like the iPad. You can take it off by hand, use the apple pencil move stuff around change, whatever you want to do be precise, with your cuts and your editing, or you can do it on here with The Mouse and the cursor okay, its its just that easy. Using this thing, its just fun to use, because you could do everything just by touching the screen, if you want to by the pencil or by the cursor okay, these keyboards are smooth in this magic keyboard. I did add this skin, which is a Sophie hard skin to it, okay and thats, because anyone whos had this magic keyboard and they dont have a skin on it. It looks all oily. It looks dirty this way. I can wipe it down and it still looks great for the most part. I dont know where the spot is right there, but itll look great right. These cameras are great, Ive, never used them, but you can record 10. 10. 4K. 60 frames per second on the rear. It only does 1080p in the front, and you do have center stage on this thing in the front wheel will follow you very wide. I think Ive used that, maybe once all right, but the bottom line to it is this.

As of right now, today, what is today the 13th? No the 14th. This cannot completely replace my laptop at this point. There are a lot of things that I can do on this that I dont need a laptop where I can travel, I can upload videos. I can do all my social media, I can answer and respond to any email, but there are certain situations when attaching certain things to emails, for whatever reason, maybe the um its not in jpeg or whatever theyre asking for it to be in whatever configuration this cant. Always do Ill have to go to the laptop for it. So bottom line is if youre, not a really heavy user, youre doing a lot of light stuff on the web youre just using apps. Most of the things that you do on your phone. This is just a much bigger version to do it on and its fun to do it over a laptop. So that would be my answer to the question depends on the person what youre doing, but for me personally, this will not replace my laptop, but all right, guys thats going to do it for this video uh. Hopefully, this helps some of you guys out with making a decision whether or not you want to go on an iPad or a laptop, or you may decide to get both. You may decide to go with the basic iPad and get you a decent laptop and there you go, but for me, Im cool with my current setup of having the laptop and the iPad Pro.