But can a tablet actually replace a laptop? Well until now there were some tablets that could sort of be used in place of a laptop, but for any real multitasking. They always came into at least one problem, and for me, that problem is that they were just too small. An 11 or 12 inch. Tablet is is great, but its really hard to compare the functionality of that to a 15 inch laptop. But now samsung came out with the galaxy tab, s8 ultra, which has a 14.6 inch display, as you can see right there, which is absolutely massive and definitely fixes that problem, putting it more on the spectrum as a potential competitor to a lot of laptops. So i wanted to revisit the question of: can tablets replace laptops, but specifically this time, focusing on this beast of a tablet right here, which obviously has a lot thats different about it. So for the past couple days, ive actually replaced my laptop and exclusively used this. For most everyday items, so theres a lot to talk about here. Honestly, it did a really good job, but there are some things that it did better than a laptop and some things that it definitely fell short with Music. Before we get any further in this video. I want to mention that this is the first ultra tablet samsung released, and these were really hard to get. They sold out almost immediately on their website. So i want to give a shout out to best buy for sending this over and sponsoring this video, so that i have one – and i can actually make this video now.

You might be wondering why you would want to replace your laptop with the tablet, and one of the big reasons is that not only is this thing larger and more capable than a lot of other tablets out there, but its also tablets are getting more expensive. The original ipad was about 350. You can still buy it for that and its great as a secondary device, but once you start paying over a thousand dollars. Well, you better hope that its going to be capable of doing what your laptop does, and so, when youre, looking at that budget, a lot of people want to choose. Do i get a laptop or do i get a tablet, and so that was my reason for making this video, but before we talk about the pros and cons and which one i liked better. I want to talk about this device in general, just kind of a quick little rundown of what were dealing with here. Like i said on the front, we have a 14.6 inch display and being made by samsung. I mean you can bet its a fantastic display: 120 hertz, all the stack specs super amoled. It has hdr 10, plus its very bright, really vibrant, like all around just a really solid display. On the back of this, you can see we have our two cameras here. As well, which is one of the big benefits you dont, have on a laptop the rear cameras. I found incredibly useful for scanning documents or, if you want to maybe, if youre doing like real estate or something you can take a picture and like draw furniture in and show where you want different things to go for interior design, like theres, really endless options for What those cameras would do again, like i said, wide angle and ultra wide.

We have a flash on there. I dont ever use this as a flashlight. I dont use the flash for anything either below that we have our spot for the s pen, which is one of the biggest advantages of this tablet. Over really any laptop most laptops. You can get a pen with them like the hp spectre or something, but the pens are usually not good enough, like theyre, usually very laggy. They usually dont feel very good. This s, pen has almost no lag at all, so whether youre signing documents drawing things or just in general, using it for gestures to control the device or whatever it might be. I ended up using this way way way more than youd expect. You have quad speakers on here. The speakers compared to a laptop were definitely not as loud, but they do sound really good. I mean for a tablet great for a laptop, not so great, because i mean the mass of this is just so small youre not going to fit big speakers in there and getting into another subtle drawback with this specifically focused on the physical design. This is that there is only one port on the entire device, so a big tip. If youre going to get this and you want to get as much out of it as possible. I highly recommend getting a dongle so that when youre using this as a laptop, you can plug in maybe a mouse you could plug in headphones.

You can plug in something else. I mean it definitely takes away from the experience having a giant thing hanging out of the the side when youre using it as a laptop, but all things considered, i mean you kind of need a dongle if you want to get extra functionality as far as plugging Things in thats not going to be something youre doing, especially often unless it is the power which, like i said, having a cable coming out of the side, while youre working its a little bit distracting. So lets start off with some of the things i liked better about this tablet than most laptops. The first one, as you can see right here, is the webcam honestly. The camera quality in this is way better than most laptops out there, not only higher resolution, but also like i mean everything, looks really good. I dont look too washed out the background. Looks good. Samsung did a really good job with this. Secondly, this runs android, but it uses samsungs, one ui, which means you get some really interesting things on here. Like a native screen recorder, youve got home screen widgets, so you can see like ive, got a weather widget on here, spotify all types of things. When i open it up, you have a flashlight on here. Like i said, i dont really ever use that, and of course, if, if youre, not an apple user, then you might feel left out by not having uh airdrop airdrop is great between the macbook imac iphone whatever it is well on this being that it runs android.

You have nearby share and it works really well between this and any android device out there. So i mentioned best buy sent over this tablet here, special thanks to best buy for sponsoring this video. As many of you know, as a tech reviewer, i end up buying a lot of the stuff i review and best buy has been my go to for a lot of things from their deals page, which has tons of different deals for different sales. You can see for every day. Obviously, as time goes on, a lot of these products are still fantastic products, but they go down in price and best buy. Has some incredible deals. I always have a link to the deals page in all of my videos. You guys can check that out down in the description, but this right here, the galaxy tab s8 ultra, is on sale on best buys website, and so, if you go and if you go and order it right now, you actually get a hundred dollar best buy gift Card just for buying it, you can trade in another device. You can choose how much storage, how much ram you want on there and you can choose if you want to pick it up in store or have it shipped to you for free its one of the best ways, in my opinion to go about buying this, like. I said samsung has been really weird about ordering from their website. Lately a lot of things have been out of stock, so its easier to check with best, buy and see what stores around you have it.

If you want to go pick it up or if you want to order it and have it shipped to your door again ill have a link to that in the top of the description. If you want to go and buy that through best buy or if you just want to go check out that link and read more about this device in general, read about the specs of it, i didnt make this a full review. I really wanted to focus more on replacing my laptop with this device, but of course, there is so much more to talk about with the galaxy tab. S8 ultra. But you know what, if this device is a little bit too big best buy also has some of the other devices as well from samsung, including the s8 regular and the s8 plus. I will actually be making reviews of those and if you want to see those considering, dont consider going down and clicking that subscribe button, so you dont miss those videos, additionally, with samsung youre getting samsung dex on there. Well talk a lot more about that. A little bit later, youve got multiple bluetooth device connection, youve got access to mobile apps like snapchat tiktok, different android games, youve got device care, privacy permissions and a lot more that youre getting with android that you dont otherwise see on windows. But of course there are some limitations and ill mention those in just a second, but getting back to samsung decks.

Samsung dex is something that ive always really liked about their tablets, as well as their phones, and this essentially allows you to have two different interfaces on this tablet. So, rather than just using it as a tablet, which is really ideal when youre doing anything, handheld or anything in a vertical orientation, samsung dex allows you to switch into more of a desktop mode, and so you have all the same apps all the same files. But everything is laid out a little bit more differently and you can have a bunch of windows open. You can resize them, you can have them. Overlapping youve got a typical little bar on the bottom, like you would see on windows or even on apple, and so this is something that i think makes it really convenient when youre trying to replace a laptop, its really almost essential and its one of the big Things in my opinion that the ipad is lacking. Additionally, we have a fantastic pen on here, which is great for handwritten notes, if youre in a meeting, if youre just in class, whatever it might be, having a pen is such a such a convenient input method for any device and thats. Why im really happy that they have not only a good pen but its housed in a really logical place, thats protected on the back of this cover that, by the way, this is the samsung keyboard cover. I highly recommend getting it if youre going to spend the money on this tablet, you might as well get the cover and ill have both of them linked down below the software in this, of course, is perfect for gaming and media consumption and in mild to moderate Product productive work, so by that i mean youve got samsung pro youve got samsung apps youve got google apps, microsoft apps.

They all work pretty well on here, like youre able to get excel and word and things like that, although they do look a little bit different, and so this is kind of one of the first drawbacks. I want to point out with the software, even though you have a lot of the the main apps you would like to use. A lot of them are optimized for mobile versions, which means theyre going to be a little bit simpler, and even though this is a large display with a mouse and full capabilities of a keyboard, its still kind of tailored to more of a phone experience. One of the big benefits – and i think this is a huge one for anybody that has especially an older laptop this device does not have fans sounds like itd, be a negative, but the positive here is that it is incredibly quiet, obviously theres nothing to make sound. You dont have fans running and, of course, how can we forget? One of the biggest benefits here is that it actually does rotate really well, even though windows laptops can kind of rotate into a vertical orientation. This running android is obviously native to a vertical orientation. So everything runs incredibly smoothly in a vertical orientation and this is going to sound kind of funny, but two things. I really liked on this device that i really didnt expect to. One of them was that it has haptics on there, so it can vibrate for notifications or whatever it might be.

Laptops usually dont. Have that and the second one is actually gps, which makes google maps, in my opinion, like a really convenient app to have on here. Its really fantastic on a big display like this, and i mean for at home its great, but if youre traveling again it could be really useful, but of course not everything on this was great. That was a lot of things right there that i named that make this better than a laptop, but there are some limitations as well. The first one, as i mentioned before, was that there are very limited ports. Secondly, i like that theres a fingerprint sensor as a tablet, but when youre using this as a laptop, its kind of awkward to have to put your thumb like way up on the screen small complaint. So im really not going to focus on that too much. But it is the optical fingerprint sensor not on ultrasonic, which, in my opinion, is a little bit inferior. The chip on here is the snapdragon 8 gen 1, which is a very fast chip for a mobile chip, but its definitely not going to be nearly as fast as a full laptop chip. If youre trying to do any kind of heavy lifting. So it takes a beat, for example, to open uh. When you do the three finger swipe to show all of your apps. It takes a beat to do that in samsung dex, but but still you know its still a relatively fast chip.

You get up to 512 gigabytes of storage and 16 gigs of ram, which is more than enough for most people and really for this to replace a laptop, i think, thats perfectly fine. Would i like to see a little bit more? I mean ipad pro goes up to two gig two terabytes that could be nice, but not something you especially need kind of a subtle little drawback here, although i really like how samsung made this thin little laptop keyboard and they do have backlighting in here as well. It does have the drawback of being a little bit less sturdy, although it is you know, on most flat surfaces, it feels pretty nice, its not too mushy in my opinion, but if youre using this actually on your lap, its a little bit of a different story, Its a little bit of a kind of flexible keyboard moves around a bit and additionally, having this little flap on the back right there, its not the most convenient thing to use on your lap. So if youre sitting around just doing work on, you know on the couch, its not my favorite way to work, and that brings us into probably the biggest drawback im going to spend the next couple minutes talking about this. These are the software limitations software. Here being that it runs android, it is a little bit more limited for a tablet. Youre not going to get any kind of heavy lifting apps.

You might need for a laptop. For example, i edit my videos with adobe premiere pro. They dont even have that option. On android, you cant get it. You also have some basic little hiccups, like even normal everyday things like highlighting text. Do you think you can click and drag and highlight the text well, its android, so you have to double tap and it shows up with the two little markers and you drag them to the beginning in the end. Additionally, everything runs in mobile mode, although google, samsung and microsoft apps work really well and they translate well to dex. There are a lot of apps that just dont ever go into a horizontal mode, most apps that you would use for this are already optimized, but again, like i said some are just not. I know it sounds like im really ragging on this device and i really dont like it as a laptop but keep in mind im, covering as many drawbacks as possible in general im going to talk about this later on. I really do like this as a laptop replacement, but you have to be aware that there are going to be not only apps that dont work well, but also some apps that you just cant get at all. So if you use signal as a messenger, you can get on your phone, you can get on your laptop. You cannot get it on your tablet because it kind of has this weird hybrid of trying to be a laptop but using a mobile chip.

You get this interesting mix where not everythings going to work as you want, and one last example here and i promise ill move on from software. Is google chrome, google chrome its nice? It works, but by default not only does it show you the mobile version of every website, so quick little tip, i recommend going to settings and going down to desktop version of every site. That really makes it easier, but you also cannot get chrome extensions or at least not right now, so the device itself is amazing from a physical perspective, its very portable, its bright, fantastic display, great battery life. Great keyboard comes with a pen theres a lot to really like about it, and some tablets make sense to have as a secondary device, as i said before, for example, the original ipad now theyre on, like the ninth generation, but you know i mean the regular ipad. Its like 350, but this right here is selling for over a thousand dollars which its a beast of a tablet and – and i think its worth the price when youre really getting down to it. But its important, in my opinion, that its able to do some laptop stuff so really what im getting at is. There definitely are some software hiccups with this, and it would take a little bit time to get used to that. For example, you cant just click and drag the highlight text, but this is probably the closest device ive ever seen to fully replacing and even improving on a laptops experience.

Of course, if youre a power user, you could barely replace a desktop with a laptop. So, of course, this is not going to be a video editing, machine or or anything like that, but for almost anyone else. If youre just watching media browsing the web, editing photos planning vacations uh, you know making finding recipes for cooking, drawing working with documents spreadsheets whatever it might be. I think theres a decent chance that this could not only replace your laptop but also give you a better experience, and i want to end with an analogy that ive said before on this channel, and i really like it. Essentially, if you look at a phone as a small sedan, theyre, quick, theyre, lightweight, theyre, portable theyre, efficient theyre, easy for a lot of basic stuff like that, but theyre not good for heavy lifting and a laptop would be more like a pickup truck its great for Utility and doing work and more functional stuff tablets, then, are more like suvs, and this right here is like a yukon or suburban or an escalator whatever you want to call it its a big suv, and so this, although its capable of a lot of what you Can do with a pickup truck you can like tow things with that and stuff like that. I wouldnt expect it to be a full replacement for the more power users that would need that pickup truck. That is a laptop, but for a lot of people.

I think the answer is probably yes. I think the tablet could probably replace your laptop but leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on using a tablet, instead of a laptop, both the drawbacks and the positives.