Currently recording this on a tablet iPad to be more specific and anyways. Weve got a friend here and were going to be. Testing is iPad better at acceleration and handling on cars compared to PC uh now bear in mind, I am not a tablet, slash iPad player. I do not really play a lot so Im not gon na, be amazing, but lets just try this also. This setup isnt great, because Ive got my microphone kind of in front of my screen um, but lets lets give this a try. So were going to line up on the line here. Uh we can park. Can we write this thing? We can? No. I dont think that works right, Ill, just go and give the countdown okay uh all right. Three, two one go and first of all well, a bit of Discord lag there, but first of all were doing a drag race to the end of Riverside Drive. The main thing is keeping this straight. I dont know why, but I find this really hard. I think Im embarrassing all tablet players here. How is ollie on the PC catching up Im holding this cursor thing as far ahead as possible here hes in the bottom left of my screen? Is he catching up? Oh no were both just topping out, though Ollie is on PC and I am on tablet and due to desync uh. It actually shows on Ollies screen that hes ahead and my screen that Im ahead.

So when Im flipping between the two recordings, it may look like were switching positions but actually were just looking at it from different angles and because of desync, each of us think were in front no, no stay on the roads down the road stay on the road Stay on the road stay on the road. Okay, I would say thats pretty equal. Oh no, please not the water! Please! Please! Please! Yeah were stuck on me. Good stuff right were gon na have to go and respawn. Here I just left the game. I pressed leave. Instead of respawn, because I couldnt see the what I was pressing right so were back in the server after accidentally, leaving because I didnt realize there was a lead button, so the reset so were just going to go and repair. My car and, of course, were gon na put a lovely whats. This electric blue electricity is speed and uh well, speed is speed, is faster, so lets go all right round two, so this has Corners now. This isnt, just about acceleration, um, well Ill, try and show you on the iPad here, but okay well its not really working anyways. We go down this straight here. We turn right onto Highway 55 and then we go down essentially creating a uh, a or a d or an O. Something like that right. Are you ready? Here we go three two one go and off we go okay, A bit of lag due to Discord.

Voice Jam is never gon na be perfect, but lets just see were gon na try and stay in our line here. Okay were doing well. The real question is turning and breaking, I believe, thats, where the iPad or tablets in general are not as good a PC but well see. Okay, where are we gon na break, lets go and break here? Okay, can we break there? That is going to be working that is going to be working, and we made that actually very well. I underestimated my turning ability right. We are just behind ollie now come on pick up the acceleration a bit. Turning though turning help, I am pulling the cursor across the screen. There right take the tightest line possible. You want to travel the the least distance here we are catching up to him, so were maxing out currently at 128 miles an hour, no, no, no stay on the roads down the roads down the road, um, okay and lets break lets. Break lets. Break lets break lets. Break lets, break lets break no. No, no! No okay! Okay, come on come on, come on. No, I think Ive ruined my race that one Corner ruined my race, yeah and Im stuck. Basically, I tried to press this button here, but thats a drift button normally so hold on were gon na push my car right. I just want to test real quick, so as youre driving on tablet, youve got the buttons on your screen and because youve got no keyboards youre limited to the buttons, so I cant use the parking brake.

Essentially, if I press this down, I cant use the parking brake until Im at a like a stopped speed. As you can see now I can use the parking bracket. Only then will it turn on so Im kind of at a disadvantage here, because I cant use TCS and abs to break the car more suddenly. So I guess you could call that disadvantage, but um, not exactly a major flaw in driving an iPad, but would be something nice to have Im now attempting to line up for the start line of this race. Now I I instructed Ollie to draw a map of this race and I believe he forgot that I am driving on tablet because well there is no way Im making half those turns, but lets give it a try. So were starting here right, uh this line here. So um there we go well go and line up on this kind of gray. Um pavement thing there and well Ill put a picture of the map on the screen. Yeah lets lets go so three two one go right so were off um again, not too much of a difference. There lets turn lets turn no. It wasnt a good first hand come on, we can catch up, we can catch up, uh well, cut the corner, thats. Fine thats, fine, we go down past this building were gon na turn by the hospital um. All right well just go and make a nice turn here.

There we go see. We are redeeming myself. No, that did not work. No accelerate, accelerate, accelerate, okay! Go through here cut the corner a bit there we go um and then we try and turn here problem is Im trying to look up to see this map as well: okay, okay, full acceleration, full acceleration here, full acceleration. Where are we going? Oh gosh? We need to go like past here or something I think Ive gone the wrong way. I have gone the wrong way right. I yeah Ive gone the wrong way, so I managed to go the wrong way. Uh thats, a good start words. Well, personally, PC is a lot easier, mainly because uh just keyboard is a lot easier like you can do multiple keys at once as well, and I know on tablet. You technically can go any Direction with this uh cursor sort of thing here, but I just feel a PC is more responsive if youre going full throttle and you want to break, you can instantly press the down key, but thats just my opinion and as well on Pc youve got the TCS and abs options on PC and I think that may help a bit. Also. I just play on PC a lot more got like a thousand hours on erosion PC in the last year, so yeah, you can definitely see. I play more on PC than iPad or tablet or anything – oh Im, sorry, Im, sorry but anyway, its fun to do another video on tablet here and experience the game from a different perspective.

If you saw one of my recent videos as well, you may know that the developers are currently thinking about adding UFC to Mobile. So we may be able to see some videos on that in 2023 could be quite interesting to play. Youll see on mobile and I Id kind of like that feature because then you could play your C wherever anyways. Thank you very much for watching hope. You enjoyed a bit of a weird strange video here today.