Each one is less than two US Dollars. You can find the metal pen tips very easily on AliExpress Ill, have links for you in the video description below. So let me just put on this metal pen tip with the needle point to know whether metal can scratch glass. You must first understand the concept of hotness, which is measured using the most skill of mineral resistance on the most skill, the higher the number the harder it is. So glass has a more skill of 5.5 to 7, depending on how the glass is made and on the screen. Right now is a list of metals and they are respective hardness, so that has a remote skill of 1.5 goal is 2.5 to 3. Aluminum is also 2.5 to 3, which is why aluminum laptops can scratch easily bronze is three Nicole is four still is 4 to 4.5, which is still considered softer than glass theres iron 4×5 going up, we have titanium 6 and hot and steel is seven to eight. So hot and steel is likely to scratch glass. The metal used by this pen tips are made with copper, which has their hotness skill of three, and they are coated with nickel, which has a hardness skill of four. So in theory, they should not scratch glass, because glass is at least 5.5 to 7 Im going to start my scratching test with the needle point first followed by the round point and later I will show you the handwriting and drawing performance of the needlepoint versus the Round point so on this iPad there is a really one scratch here, so I will scratch this area beside Ill.

Try to scratch this area beside and I am trying to apply as much pressure as I can without cracking the glass and I dont see any scratches at all, and this is the pen tip with the round Point same thing. I dont see any scratches at all. One thing I dont like about the metal pen tip is the tapping sound and now lets look at the drum performance of the needle point. So those are the marks that I made earlier while trying to scratch the glass. I will be drawing slow diagonal lines. I can see slight wobble yep. There is definitely slight wobble lets switch over to the round point. I actually want to call this the ballpoint, but its not a ball, because a ball will rotate same thing, slow, diagonal lines. The lines are definitely straighter. So the round point is more accurate. Lets, look at the note taking performance with the needle point for note, taking the needle point performs quite well. The tablet and the apple pencil can capture my handwriting quite accurately, and the lines are quite straight when youre writing fast. The lines will appear straight when youre writing slower. There are maybe slight wobble, and this is the handwriting or not taking performance of the round point. The round point is more accurate than the needle point and for writing. I can see that my handwriting is also neater pressure, sensitivity for the needlepoint and the round point is similar, so I cant show you any differences.

What I want to show you is the difference with tilt sensitivity, starting with the needle point. So what I want to do here is to have the Thin Line transition into a thick and back to a thin as smooth as I can using this tilt brush. So, as you can see, the Thin Line will transition quite quickly to become broad. So the transition is not that smooth here it goes back to being thin quite smoothly, but here its quite Broad and here its very abrupt. So we have very obvious Thin and Thick lines and now Im using the round point, so the transition is smoother from thin to thick and packed with thin. I dont see the abrupt transition, so lets take a look at the needle point again. So you can see this is much thinner, much thicker, much thinner and for the round point its smoother. The transition is much smoother if you use tilt brushes. The difference is very obvious: there is no performance difference with the translucent tip versus the white tape, but there is a performance difference with needle point versus round point if you are using a matte screen protector on your iPad and you find that the plastic pen nib Is wearing down too quickly helps you may want to get a metal pen tip instead, foreign Im, not sure if you can hear the pen tip on the screen protector, but it makes a louder sound compared to metal on glass.

All right to conclude, if you want to get a metal pen tip, get a round Point. Dont get the needle point and for some reason, this round point metal tip does not work. For me, the white metal pen tips were purchased from seller a, and this is from cellular B Im, not sure whats wrong. With this, I have two of this and both did not work. When you do a search for apple pencil, metal tip on AliExpress, you will see many options, so I recommend you go with the round point and since the colored or the colorful metal pen tips did not work for me. I probably wont recommend this anyway. Do check out the reviews first before you buy them in the next video. I will show you where you can find plastic Apple pen tips with very good resistance on the glass so that you can get more control.