My name is Vince from my make friends and in this video today believe it or not, Im going to attempt to fix a Kingston SSD. This actually belongs to a viewer and patreon called Lee, and he sent over a few things in a box. But he would like to get the data off this now. Obviously, if it was super important data, you wouldnt be sending it to someone like me or attempting to fix it yourself before I start this video. This is the first time Ive ever attempted to fix a hard drive, so its just take it purely for entertainment and a bit of fun. Now, if theres something wrong with the main chips, then Im not going to be able to fix it, but if it was something like a shorted capacitor which is possible, then maybe I can fix this and then I can send it back to Lee and his wife Will be able to get the data back off this now, its not super important, otherwise, Im sure hed be happy to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds to send it to a proper firm to get the data back from it. But he would like the data pack but its not that that important, so thats, where we are now. Let me just show you whats happening basically its been recognized as a drive and also its coming up with the amount of gigabytes on it. But yet its no theres no partitions or anything in there.

So if I plug it into here, I havent plugged it into this one Im just doing it in here just purely for uh the video, but I plugged it into my PC Music, all right. So it makes the right noise if I go into here, start right. Click, Disk Management right, so its asking it to be initialized. Obviously, Im not going to do that, and if you have a look down here, it is coming up. Let me zoom in its coming up as unknown, but its just saying that its unallocated not initialized, so there is a problem there so lets see if we can fix it. Now, when you look up online theres all companies trying to sell you their package to get data from it, I mean maybe its possible. It can work if there was some sort of corruption or something, but if theres a shorter capacitor in it doesnt matter. What youre going to do with the software side of things its not going to work? Is it as far as I know anyway, so lets take it apart, see if we can find anything wrong with it as far as whether theres a component thats, shorted and uh lets take it lets, take it from there, so weve got Little Talks bits up here And it looks like they are Torx six now this is a Kingston Drive and theres a warranty little sticker here now. I believe I dont have to worry too much about it being in a clean environment, because its not a mechanical hard drive theres just going to be a circuit board in here now.

The objective of this would be just to get the data back not to have it as a working drive, but saying that if there was a 40 capacitor in there, maybe it would continue to work just fine, its amazing how much empty space. There is. Look at that out there Im gon na have a quick, visual inspection to begin with see if we can find anything thats blown now annoyingly, they are thats, definitely BGA that must be BGA as well, but we can see its a bit confusing there because it looks Like the edges are legs, but I dont think they are well. Do you know what it must be designed for two types of chips? Would it be designed for a bigger chip as well, so those balls are just already on the board. That must be it, but yeah theyre, BGA chips so were not going to be fixing it if its a problem with the chips so lets have a quick look around a place that the caps right now Im just looking for some burnt components or things that dont Look very nice. Unfortunately, it all looks good that side and it all looks good outside. Maybe if there was a shorted capacitor, it wouldnt even be recognized by the PC. So maybe it is a problem with the actual uh one of these Main Kingston chips, which is a shame. Apparently it was being used and it just froze thats the uh thats the background.

Let me just check this: zero Ohm resistor yeah thats working right lets. Zoom out – and I suppose we just need to check for shorts annoyingly theres uh, I cant see anything thats, uh thats actually wrong with it see not all the Caps will be going to ground. You see theyre in line there, so even uh, even if it was 40, they werent short against the ground, so they will look at it in line, but not those ones so on these ones. Im just measuring with my meters on both of them right now that capacitor is testing short, hmm But yeah its next to the zero Ohm resistor thats. Weird right now is that a series with the zero Ohm resistor hmm Im slightly confused, because one of those legs are not going to ground. I would have thought that that would have been going to here, but its not so at this moment in time, thats. The only shot I can see on this side of the board, but its not shorter to the ground, its shorted across itself, which seems to me weird for a capacitor. But it is next to a zero Ohm resistor which of course, is shorted across itself, so Ill. Flip the board over and I check all the caps on that side of the board and I cant find any other shot on this board. It all looks perfect, theres, definitely no shorted capacitors on here. So I want to remove the capacitor that is measuring a short just, so I can measure it out of circuit and just to see, then, if the pads are short for all.

I know they might be connected straight to this zero ohm resistor, which would explain the shorter Crosshair its the only bit of info Ive got to go on at the moment, so thats. Why Im taking off the board Im using low melt solder with a solder iron, because I dont want to use hot air on this board, because Lees wife stator is on these chips and I dont want to risk ruining them so by using the soldering on Im. Going to heat, keep the heat very localized to that tiny little capacitor foreign Music, yeah, okay, Im going to take off this zero Ohm resistor just to it just doesnt, really make sense to me why the uh the cap is shorted, lets see if the pads themselves Are shorted no theyre? Not so is this link to here so thats linked to there and thats linked to there so thats the reason the cap was shorter, so its designed that way, thats quite confusing for me right so thats, not faulty uh. This is not going to be fixable, so Ill put the zero Ohm resistor and also the capacitor back on, because theyre not actually faulty and then what I decided to do is I decided to connect it back up to my computer and Im going to use the Flir cam to see if anything is getting warm because right now I have nothing to go on thats, a real shame, because the top two ranking videos on YouTube.

They both had capacitor faults right. Okay, so obviously its still coming up as disc unknown lets get the Fleur cam on this and see if we can see anything but lets see if anything is getting warm in this little feather. Oh look at that. Is it this chip here doesnt feel warm though, but uh yeah, this uh Filson chip, okay, so thats definitely got heat on it there on the Filson chip, because, if you have a look, can you see thats the little hot spot on that one? There? Well: okay! Thats useful to know, I wonder how warm it actually is, though, or is that just normal that might be just normal operation, because its not burning hot at all, its under 30 degrees, 36.. Hmm, okay, all right lets flip it over see. If we can see anything on this side right and if you look where its getting warm, it is the back of the Filson chip again isnt it so its uh chip. There see that might be completely normal for that heat there do you know what to be fair to it. It does look a little bit burnt in the middle doesnt it. If you have a look at this chip, you see its intact. Where was I doing the flight? I was at the flux up here, ignore that thats just a bit of paint now thats come off that zero and resistor. If you look at that one you can see, you can read it completely, but in the middle of that one I would say it is that chip thats failed.

Ga and thats. Does that denote the amount of balls there? So weve got 12 about 13 rows and a to n, so 196 balls, possibly, and even if it was just the amount that you see here, one two three: four: five: six: seven by seven, its still 49 balls more doable, though no its not that thats 196 Pulls see thats, why its not an uh its, not an option, its just so hard to do that amount. Look at them all. I think the chips failed. First of all, let me look up what this chip is. Okay, so Ive looked up that chip there and its sufficient. I thought it was Filson its feisin, its known as the feison f11. I think thats, how you pronounce it its basically an SSD controller, and if you go down here on this tweet town website, it says ps3111s11, and it tells you basically what it does. If you then go into Google and type in feison fs11 problems, it will come up with stuff like this beware of any SSD using the Faison S11 controller because of failures, but then again Im sure many of these things with other chips do fail as well. Basically, its not simple, theyve got firmware and everything involved in them. There is websites on YouTube showing that if you change the firmware on it, that you can get it working again, but you lose all your data Ive gone across all the resistors here, theyre showing something you know: theyre not open, Ive gone across the inductors theyre, showing Something Ive gone across the coils with the power supplies theyre, showing something and Ive gone across a little diode here, thats reading one way, not the other way, and earlier on.

As far as I know, I went across all the capacitors and theres no shorts there. Apart from the one up here, which isnt actually shorted its shorted because its matched to the zero and resistor also, we have various different power supplies on this which are working. So if I get my lead here now, wheres it gone yep. Let me just plug this. In Im, just going to show you a couple of voltages just to show you that there is definitely different voltages in here, so I dont think its a problem with one of the smaller chips that maybe Supply. You know that might be like voltage. Regulators so watch this now. If we were to go across this zero and resistor, I think this was 3.3 volts, yeah 3.3 down on this one. Here we have various different voltages, so we have a 1.1 volt. We have a 4.8 volts and I think also up here. We have 3.3 yeah 3.3, so you can see there thats already three different voltages again when I go across the big coils here which look like theyre part of a power supply. You know to like reduce the voltage down. A buck converter again were were having something on these chips. 3.3. Here you get the idea theres various different voltages, 4.8 different voltages around the place, so I dont think its a problem with that. I think the fights and Chip has failed because its got a looks like theres a burn mark on it, and but it might not necessarily be a failure of that software.

Cant get the data back from now. I was considering just ending the video there, but you know what I want to see whether it is possible to get these files using software. So Im going to plug it into my PC Im, going to try software program and see whether or not that can get the files off it so Ive plugged into my computer Ive downloaded something called disk drill. Havent got a clue about it whatsoever. It was the first thing that came up on Google, that doesnt mean its a good or bad its just the first thing that came up so Ive downloaded it, and you see here it has recognized the drives that Ive got so the one that Im going to Want is this SL1, and it also says here USB because Ive got it plugged in via USB, so Im going to click on this fella and then Im going to go to search for lost data and Im going to let it do its scan and lets see What it comes up with, will it find anything on here or not? Okay, what happens is it will only there you go its gone again, so it will only go so far before it says the device is offline and then I have to unplug it unplug it. In again, thatd be different. If you only had to do this for a while, but its only, I think it was. Is it three percent of the way through so its going to ask me now to confirm that I want to restart yes and now, if you have a look, I think Im three percent of the way through no four percent and Ive already had to unplug it About seven times – and you can see that Ive got all of this – to go through and Im only eight digits through at the moment and thats nine digits, so Im one out of a possible 46, so its gon na well Im 1.

6 out of a 46.8. So its going to take forever not forever, but it really will take Id say more than four hours, because I have to keep on plugging and plugging in again Im not sure if Im going to go through this, but its definitely counting up the blocks here. Okay, this is not working its just saying. Disk image cannot be created. I dont think the software is going to work but Im going to try one more lot of software all right. This is the next lot of software Im going to try, ease us or ease us, not too sure external hard drive, recovery software and the same things coming up on this drive disconnected okay on this one, I managed to get it to 1.4, but again it just Keeps hanging up and then after youve unplugged it and plugged it in maybe three times it will then grow by another 0.3 or four percent. So again, it will take hours, if not days, to get all the way through it and I dont think its going to be successful after it anyway. So Im going to try one more lot of software and thats recover it by wondershare. So now Im on wondershare recover it and its coming up with the same thing. So if you have a look down here, its reading the sectors and again its stopped now, you might think what has gone through loads, but this is only seven digits.

This is nine, so you see that eight there thats the same as the eight there, so that youve got to get through 468 and Im on eight and its already been going for 12 minutes and Ive disconnected and sorry Ive connected it up after its been disconnected About 10 times so realistically, Im gon na have to unplug it and plug it in 468 times before it will go all the way through and right now I am going to be what two percent of the way through roughly and its 12 minutes. So I dont know I mean how many well thats going to be two percent, so thats six minutes so its its going to be 600 minutes. Is that right and to be honest with you, Im, not prepared to assist here for 10 hours, plugging in and unplugging for probably at the very ends? I just dont know whether its going to come up with anything. But you know what maybe Lee would be willing to do it so uh yeah. I think Im gon na call it a day here, because I know in a minute now it will disconnect and then what I have to do is plug it back in again and rescan and then the first couple of goes. It wont do anything and then it will disconnect again and then, when I plug it in then it will start going up like crazy for about 10 or 15 seconds, and then it will disconnect again and youve got to keep doing it like that.

So uh yeah not really an option so out of the three programs that I tried, they all seem to be doing the same thing and theyre all struggling because of the obviously the hard drive has failed. So maybe these Services would work really well. If your hard drive was still working but maybe playing up a bit or maybe if you deleted a file and you wanted to get it back and it hadnt been overwritten, then maybe these Services would work well, but I think in this instance I think really this Disk needs to go off to a professional, or maybe Lee can sit here for hours and try to get the files out of it. That hes looking for well Im, not gon na lie. It would have been lovely if I could have got it working, and it also would have made a great video and it would have been nice to help me out, because you sent quite a lot into the channel over the years. Maybe if he sits there for 10 hours, unplugging Im plugging in unplugging and plugging in maybe it will come up with some of the files and he can preview them, and then I presume after that you will have to pay. But if you can preview them, then hopefully that means it is going to work Im pretty certain. The ficon chip is at fault here, but I would love to be proved wrong. Please put it down in the comments what you think Im sure a professional would be able to get the data from this, but I think using those online services I think youd be struggling, because maybe that fights and chip is not communicating with the other chips.

It would be so destroying for me to sit through 10 hours of plugin plugging in unplugging plugging in to find that it will just fail after that, so uh yeah there we have it not everything is fixable, but I do like showing the failures, because the failures Can often motivate people to uh not be so upset when what theyre trying to fix also fail, especially if this is their first, second or third time doing something so yeah. That is it for this video massive thanks to Lee for giving me the opportunity for trusting me enough to at least try to get the data back. I do feel I havent caused any damage, so this will be getting sent back to Lee and then he can choose to do with it as he pleases. I hope you still got some enjoyment from the video uh, maybe seeing the inside of this and seeing the process of trying to get the data back, and it just goes to show that not everything is always a shorted capacitor.