The 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro baseline model on a magic keyboard connected via a thunderbolt cable directly to this benq monitor. And if you look really closely, you can see that were running windows 10 on here and theres, something crazy that were doing in order to get windows 10 on this ipad pro. So what i wanted to do is actually give you guys my one month review on windows 365, which is microsofts new cloud based pc service, which allows you to pretty much pull down. A windows 10 desktop situation as long as you have a display and then the necessary peripherals and then obviously an internet connection. So i have made a couple videos on this on how to get started, how much it cost my first impressions, but i wanted to give you guys kind of like month, long view as to how it works. You know, is it viable? Is it worth it, especially if youre an ipad pro user or, if youre a mac, os user and give you guys the ins and outs and then also talk about you know if its worth going with like a baseline model cloud, pc or shelling out almost 200? A month for a cloud pc, because the one that ive been testing is that lower tier model so without further ado, were gon na walk through very quickly how to set it up very quickly. How much it costs and then give you guys my one month, rundown on windows, 365 and if its worth it, if youre in the apple ecosystem on the ios, ipad, os or even mac os side so lets get into it Music.

So i wanted to bring everybody just a little bit closer to show you guys exactly whats going on, and i want to show you guys on this secondary monitor to show you that it is 100 possible. So the first thing that you do see is obviously you get letterboxed here right, so youre still dealing with that ipad os situation, that doesnt really support secondary, monitor, support, but well touch on that and how it looks like on mac os. But the first thing i do want to walk everybody through is actually how to get windows 365 installed and running on your ipad pro so im going to zoom everybody in a little bit and im going to get out of windows, 365 were going to quit. Out of the remote desktop client and were going to go right into ipad os, so you can see we got ipad os. We got the magic keyboard. I have my logitech mx anywhere s2 connected on here. So its good to go and the first thing im going to show you is: if we go into windows, 365 windows, 365 pricing, im going to show you guys exactly how much it really is. So if we go into here windows, 365 business plans, you can see that we have a wide array of different things to choose from different cloud. Pcs. And if you guys, arent aware of what a cloud pc is youre, basically borrowing hard drive and server space from some sort of data center and its being streamed to you directly to your display.

So all you need is a wi fi connection of at least 20 megabytes per second, ideally more im kind of dealing with about 500 gigabytes of wi, fi connection, download and upload, but then other than that. You need a display thats connected to the wi fi, and then you also need, like i said, some peripherals in order to control the actual windows 10 that youre using. So again, these are the pricing, so you have a basic, a standard and a premium and then, if you go so we go in and see all plans and pricing. You can see that you can start as low as 24 a month. It gives you one cpu core, so one processor, two gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, so somebody that would use this. I dont even know who you would be pretty much just need a windows based storage device, thats. What it looks like for here and then you can go all the way down to about 162 a month, so you have an 8 core cpu 32 gigs of ram and half a terabyte of storage, now keep in mind youre speccing these cloud computers. So you will never physically own this computer youre, literally just borrowing these specs from a data center that microsoft is running so now that we know what the pricing looks like, we can kind of go in and see that they did do a windows 365 free trial. When first launched august 2nd – and i was lucky enough to get on to there – it was a two month – free trial where now were in september, so ill still have another month to play with it.

But you can still sign up to get notifications as to when trials resume, which well see how many more trials come out, which i do expect more to come, especially after this two month period where people are going to wash down and kind of not continue on. With those payments, those free trials will come right back into the space and then again you can buy it today, so just go through the buying prompt and again so this solution was made, for you know small businesses, you know medium sized businesses to be able to Control their virtual pcs in a very easy and simplified manner, but if youre, a solo, dolo person, if youre just a regular consumer that wants to use windows on a mac on an ipad pro on any other device that doesnt run it natively, then all you have To do is turn your personal account into a business account, and it does that throughout the checkout process, very simple. It took me about 90 seconds to get done. I didnt have to put in any specific information. I didnt need like a tax id number for my business. They literally just converted my personal into a business account, and then i did have to put my credit card information for the payment, even though it was a free trial. So now that we have our windows, 365 account were ready to go. We want to try it out. I highly recommend going with one of the two options right, because you have two options into how to actually load it up.

The first one is through the browser right, i tried it through safari and it was god awful through ipad, os and safari. It works fine on mac os. It works fine on. You know, regular windows and things like that. But if you go and use any sort of actual internet explorer right, whether its edge chrome safari, even though safari is a desktop class browser on ipad os its not going to work well. So what i do recommend doing is jumping into the rd client so go to the app store, download the microsoft client, the rd client, its totally free to download and very easy to set up so to actually set it up through here. All you have to do is go to this plus button and you want to add a workspace now make sure you add a workspace and not an actual pc, because i went through that whole process. I added a pc and messed it up kind of completely, but all you want to do is add a workspace and the way you add a workspace, is you log into your microsoft account inside of the internet, explorer or safari you copy the link thats given to You you paste the link in here and then you let it do its thing. Let it load up, and then there it is so this is my cloud pc were going to open it up and youre, going to see that right away once i open it up after i log in you can see its configuring, the remote pc, its getting everything Ready and right away, youre greeted with not only windows but youre greeted with what i was doing before.

So this is something that i was doing earlier today. We got a canopy video up, so everything is as if you havent left at all, which is a beautiful thing to see, because its ideally youre supposed to be able to leave the cloud pc literally quit out of it automatically and then leave off exactly where you Were before and as you can see, it happened i had two different internet explorer tabs open or whatever you call them now, microsoft edge. I had a microsoft, powerpoint slide open, so everything is up and running as it should and now keep in mind. I have the cheapest version, so the cheapest two core version, so i have two cores. I believe its only four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage, so not much to work with, and i wouldnt consider this a powerhouse whatsoever. So this is a windows pc that you would use just to go on the internet really quickly or if you have some stored files in the windows, server that you need to get access to and you cant get access to it any other way. So that is what this situation is for, but you can see that we are still letterbox right, even though, were on a secondary display, its still just mirroring everything which, on the mac os side, if you actually even through the browser or through the remote desktop. If you have a secondary monitor it acts like a normal, secondary monitor, so its an extended display and youre using mac, os or windows 10 on both displays and theyre not mirrored versus on ipad.

It does look a little bit nicer, especially with this monitor, because its a little bit closer to the aspect ratio of the ipad. You can see that its still mirroring you know, im still kind of just using whatevers on the ipad. Theres no extended, monitor support. This is purely secondary, monitor, support with these letter boxes, right, which i guess is fine, because it still gives you it still gives you the feeling of using a windows computer, especially if you have a mouse right here and i have my trackpad on the actual ipad Pro which still works as you can see, and then i have my keyboard. So if i want to pull up lets, pull up another microsoft edge, you know your your different, hotkeys or shortcuts will work so ctrl t you can go to You can see that everything is working. I can scroll with the mouse itself or i can scroll with the trackpad up and down here. So its still very intuitive. It still works yeah its a little slow, a little bit laggy. So if i grab this and start to move around, you can see that theres a little bit of lag, but at the same time i think you get that same amount of lag working natively on windows, 10 computer anyway. So for the fact that im spending, i think 31 a month for a very basic level computer to be able to run through my ipad pro its outstanding.

So, if like, if youre somebody that needs this situation, then by all means it does work right and you have access to everything you have access to all the different windows applications. You know the entire microsoft suite of productivity apps, and i just think this is an awesome solution for somebody that needs windows 10 and not just the microsoft suite of products on their ipad pro so ive recommended microsoft, 365 office 365. You know the powerpoint excel word. Those applications have come a long way, natively on the ipad pro from the app store, but the only situation i kind of see where you would need a windows 365 or a windows. 10 portal is, if you get crazy, with excel documents, because at that point, youre doing pivot tables youre doing working with different data sets. Huge data sets right, youre doing uh youre dealing with different macros and things like that. All things which unfortunately dont work, especially from scratch on excel on the ipad pro, but again you can see its a regular windows. 10 computer. You can download any applications that you want right. So if you need to download you know photoshop or any of those applications on windows, itll download onto this computer, just keep in mind, you will not be able to access it unless you have internet connection. So the moment you lose internet connection, you lose connection to that cloud pc and whatever you store locally on that cloud pc the only way to get is, if you get back into that cloud pc so keep that in mind, but overall im happy with the solution.

Right, the only few things that they give you right here, you have a zoom in button which i dont know what its for. You have this button. So if you have multiple pcs to manage or youre dealing with, if youre, actually in a small business – and you have a lot of people using different pcs, you can manage them all from here press done. And then you have a little kind of shortcut keyboard on the bottom here that does pop up and now some other questions that i get asked is. Does it work with multitasking like if i want to use an ipad app with windows? What happens right so lets? Pull this up lets pull up a safari window. You can see that it doesnt, let me multitask, but i can kind of drop it on here and then it still works. But now my other question is: can you actually drop lets, say text and copy it from safari over to here on windows? So if i move this over to the right lets, go back to edge right here. Lets try to copy this so ctrl c. If i go over here and press this, it doesnt, let me so there isnt theres, no way to actually manipulate data from your ipad and bring it into this windows 365 dashboard, because it just doesnt work that way. Unfortunately, right but again you have a full fledged windows, pc running right here on your ipad pro and again, its just freaking awesome that it works as well, and i was right actually because in the very beginning, when i first got the baseline model of that cloud, Pc i logged in it was extremely laggy a lot of latency and i think its because the servers just werent ready for that influx, especially a free trial users going in and now obviously now that the user kind has probably gone down a decent amount.

The servers arent being overloaded with free trials, everything is working as it should, which is perfect to see. But overall windows 365 has been a great solution. You know who you are, if youre, in a situation where you need to be using windows 10 on your ipad. Pro its not for everybody, not everybody, has the money to be spending 60 to 100 to 160 a month on a cloud pc service. At that point, if youre spending 160 a month, you can buy a 2 000 computer in a year span, so its all a plus and minus it just depends on what you want to do and, like i said you know the person that you are. If you need the solution, but thats going to do for this video everybody, hopefully you enjoyed. Hopefully you learned something new like i said its super easy to set up. It takes about five minutes from beginning to end to set up make sure you use a remote desktop client if youre on the ipad pro otherwise on any other sort of os. Itll work perfectly fine, no matter what whether youre, using the remote desktop client or, if youre on the browser, but overall its a great solution, great little solution for our ipad pros, but thats gon na. Do this video dont forget to like comment subscribe. Let me know in the comments below is this something that you guys signed up for? Is it something that you can see yourself using long term or is it more so of a novelty and a gimmick to kind of prove that hey? It can be done right because thats kind of where im leading right now, just the fact that for me personally, i dont need this.