Today, Im working with Asus on this video, they are launching a bunch of chromebooks soon and they wanted a video on how chromebooks work so thats. The association part. The views here are mine and mine alone and is in no way tampered with by any brand. With that outta the way what are chromebooks, can they replace a windows laptop? What are the pros and cons that come along with it lets find out in todays video When we talk buying a laptop? What should we look at What’s? Usually important. First, of course, is the performance Next Id say is portability? U know the the size, the weight and all that? U want it to be as portable as possible, but then again you wan na make sure thats not coming at the cost of battery life. That’S a fine line to walk Now. Another very important criteria is the ecosystem itself. The number of apps you get access to and also if these apps are easy to use Back. When google initially came up with chrome os, it was pretty much a chrome browser. U wan na browse good, but you couldn’t do much else today, though it’s a whole different ball game. So what can you do with chromebooks? First up you get access to the google play store, so pretty much. Every android app can be run on chromebooks, so ya. You can even play games if you wanna. Additionally, theres google classroom if that’s something you need from a productivity standpoint.

You get microsoft office, google docs, even some adobe products are available here Now, if you are a student looking for a laptop for online classes Or u wan na say pick one up for your parents who might not be technically savvy. The chromebook actually makes quite a good case for itself. While I spoke about the productivity aspect of things, it’s, not just productivity, that you can use it for, say you wanna.. have a zoom or skype call that’s available. Cuz, google playstore the entire interface for the playstore is very familiar its pretty much. What youd see on an android tablet so just hit download and were done. Like I mentioned earlier, this also means you can get some casual gaming done on this Chromebook. Here I am running god of war chains of olympus on ppsspp i’m, actually running it at 2x, the native psp resolution with anti aliasing and, as you can see, it runs fine, so theres enough horsepower underneath ppsspp is running better than it does on a lotta phones. Now, If you are a more serious user, then chrome extensions and google play arent, just gon na cut it for you chromebooks these days, let you run pretty much any piece of linux software, so that opens up a entire new world of possibilities on what you can Do with chromebooks Now windows lets you do all this as well. So why chromebooks? Why should I go for that? Instead, if this is your question it’s a good question cuz? That was also my first question.

Heres the deal guys chrome os is much lighter than windows. … windows gives you good performance when you have a certain level of hardware, if you are say looking at the sub 300 or the 20000 rupee ish price point it’s quite difficult to find a windows laptop that matches a chromebook in terms performance, the price to performance Ratio is quite high with this. Of course, we do reach a point of diminishing returns, so windows still rules when it comes to the mid and high end laptops, But on low end hardware. Now this here is an processor with 4 gigs of ram, and u saw how psp was running now, see how it boots up in mere seconds, not just even that the ease of use the smoothness with the apps themselves, switching between multiple things for this hardware Id Say the experience is better than what windows would offer Chromebooks also do another thing better than windows manage battery, given how chrome os is targeted at lower end hardware, the battery it fares better in comparison to windows …. This means you get almost twice the battery life than if you say, ran windows on the same hardware, So for a student on a budget chromebooks do seem to be an excellent option. They are portable. They offer excellent performance both while not compromising on battery Now. Even for someone not too technically savvy the familiarity, the learning curve. Now that comes into the play, heres, where chrome, os resembling android helps right from the universal search to the app drawer or app icons themselves, or even the fact that you start up by signing in with your gmail address.

Just like you would on an android phone it’s, all very familiar and very simple. Anyone whos ever used an android phone can get up and running in mere seconds. In other words, The learning curve here is very short, No matter what your level of technical expertise is. Now, like I said, I am working with Asus on this video, so heres, the part where that kicks in Asus are currently launching 6 chromebooks. And u can see that on screen now. The first 5 share the same proce ssor, the intel celeron N3350 and 4 Gigs of RAM c223 is the 11.6 inch. Sku is the 14inch and the c523. The 15 inch, the last 2 have both touch and non touch. Skus available, the c214. On the other hand, it sports a n4020 celeron 11.6 inch hd display, but it flips 360 degrees gets 64 gigs base storage. I mean Ill leave all the specs on screen. You can pause and read through it. If you want more information, All I can say for now is that the pricing seems very competitive. Asus says this is introductory pricing btw, so at least for now the prices appear compelling of course, Ill have alot more to say in my full review. Talking about that guys, which one of these would you wan na, see me review, Let me know in the comments and Ill definitely review, one of them at least personally, Im leaning towards covering the base c223, but whatever your thoughts are leave em in the comments below So with that, we get to the end of todays video thumbs up thumbs down, based on what you felt about it subscribe turn on notifications by hitting that bell icon, if you haven’t yet, and thanks a lot for your time, thanks a lot for watching until next Time my names ash you’ve been watching c4etech and Im signing off.

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