True wireless earbuds stick around to hear more about them and a special offer they’re making available through my channel. Ladies and gentlemen, hello and welcome to this week in video games, the show that talks exclusively about video games. We don’t care about boring news stories about boats getting stuck in canals that doesn’t affect us. Gamers, wait, computer enhance god, damn it alright, whatever let’s just do the news call of duty’s next release has been revealed and it’s world war. Two two publication: modern war zone was the first to report the news which was then verified in part by eurogamer. The next call of duty is being made by sledgehammer games and it’s titled call of duty, vanguard, warzone reported that it was set in an alternate timeline where 1945 wasn’t the end of world war ii and is set in the 1950s, but eurogamer disputes. This claim and believes that vanguard will have a traditional world war ii setting other than that no more details other than you know. This is like the 18th card or something – and we all know the draw by now speaking of activision, they had some bold plans for drm on crash bandicoot that didn’t play out so well. Crash 4 was recently released on pc and, for some reason, it’s an always online game, meaning you can’t play it without an internet connection, despite the fact that there’s no online content in the game at all, you know how it usually takes like five or ten years To make a vaccine for a deadly disease but because the corona pandemic was such a big deal, big pharma was like don’t worry, we got this and they did it in like a year.

Well, when you put always online into your offline single player, game pirates are gon na, be like challenge accepted. The game was cracked in a day and the streisand effect ensured. The pirated version of crash 4 was one of the most widely advertised pirated games of the year. For the record, i am anti piracy, but when publishers do this, they make piracy inevitable, and i have no sympathy for them whatsoever at this point. Something else that encourages piracy is a lack of game, availability and game preservation, and these are hot topics this week. Owing to the fact that sony are shutting down the ps3, psp and vita storefronts. The announcement came this week and confirms that you won’t be able to buy any of these games digitally, but you’ll still be able to download your existing purchases. Who knows how long that will? Last though, this decision has been roundly criticized because a huge number of games on that storefront just aren’t available anywhere else and sony hasn’t addressed these availability or preservation issues. They were just like. Well guess you shouldn’t have bought a veda. I mean no one really bought a vita anyway, so i guess we’re all ahead of the curve on that one. The issue of preservation is so unique to video games since games very often only exist, digitally and can’t easily be transferred to new platforms anyway, this sucks, but not much more, to say about it now. Hopefully, i can update you with some more good news.

If sony responds to all the backlash, how about some microsoft news did you know that microsoft are currently in talks with discord to acquire it for some 10 billion dollars? The wall street journal broke the news that microsoft and discord were in exclusive talks and skype was all like wait. Does this mean i’m dead? The price tag seems large, but you have to remember that discord is the number one communication tool used by gamers and if microsoft could get their hands on that that’s a lot of conversations, they could be eavesdropping on to harvest data i’m. Joking by the way. I’M. Joking, please phil spencer, don’t sue me for real discord is one of the central pillars of gaming community right now and if microsoft could get their mitts on it, it would be a very clever play when it comes to their online presence. Xbox seems restless this week. It was revealed that xbox live would be rebranded to xbox network. Microsoft said in a statement quote. The update from xbox live to xbox network is intended to distinguish the underlying service from xbox live gold memberships. That doesn’t make sense, though, because now you have the gold version of xbox live, even though it’s not called xbox live anymore, it’s called xbox network, so you actually have xbox network gold. That just sounds terrible anyway. This is purely a rebranding, and no services subscriptions or costs will change. Unlike that time, a few months ago, when microsoft tried to double the cost of xbox live overnight, only to then immediately about face on that those were good times.

Let’S cap off the console news with an update on the nintendo switch pro bloomberg recently all but confirmed its existence and now they’re back with new details. Many wondered how the switch would achieve the room at 4k resolution with its modest hardware, and the answer appears to be nvidia’s dlss, which is a technology used on pcs to simulate higher resolutions using far less processing power. Bloomberg is also tipping a potential price point of ‘9 us dollars, which is a lot, but at the same time the switch is a pretty special piece of hardware and i don’t think nintendo will struggle to sell it at that price i mean if they can sell You know, twilight princess sixty dollars, i mean you know they can get away with anything. The switch pro is still rumored to come out before the end of the year. So have your wallet ready, here’s, something cool our writers releases this week on the first of april and developer people can fly, have outlined how they plan to tackle cheaters. If you cheat in outriders, you can expect to not be match made with non cheaters and you will get a large permanent watermark on your screen branding you a cheater that way. If you upload gameplay clips doing all sorts of crazy stuff, everyone will know you cheated. Many wonder why this game needs these sorts of measures, if it’s a pve, only game, i mean i personally don’t want to match, make with someone who’s cheating, because they’ll, probably just like one shot everything and that wouldn’t be fun.

There may also be leaderboards in the future, so you want to protect the integrity of those either way. I think this approach sounds fair. You cheat, you get separated from the community and you’re branded a cheetah. I wouldn’t mind seeing this in other games where it’s appropriate to do so. Gentian impact is still a very big deal. The gacha game launched strongly last year and has since then only picked up steam this week. It was revealed that their mobile port alone raked in over one billion dollars, that’s excluding pc and playstation by the way, just mobile one billion dollars. For what it’s worth i’ve heard. The developer has done a great job in producing new content, that’s worth playing and they haven’t been too greedy with the way they’ve been charging for it, so that’s encouraging i’m still yet to get stuck into gen chen, but i’ll get around to it. At some point. One game i have played and that i very very strongly recommend that you play is hunt showdown hunt is a pve evp battle, royale hybrid it’s, sort of like escape from tarkov. If we’re a creepy western this week, hunt held there as the crow flies event which culminated in the reveal of a new boss called scrapbeak. The new content paid off and hunt absolutely smashed. Its concurrent player record hunt is honestly genius it’s one of the best multiplayer shooters on the market today and while it isn’t for everyone, if it gets its hooks into you, it gets them in deep i’ll leave a link to my review of it in the description Below and finally, good news for the kojima stands out there.

It won’t be too long until kojima announces his next game. The news comes from art, director and guy who drew all the metal gear art. You love yoji shinkawa. He says he can’t share any details on the project, but that it will be announced soon. Speculation has been rife that kojima’s next project could be silent. Hill related, but those rumors seem to have died down some personally i’m pulling for death. Stranding too, though, i recognize i’m pretty much the only person asking for that, so what got announced or delayed this week well, this week, xbox held their id at xbox showcase, which shot a light on a lot of indie games a lot a lot. I don’t know how many a lot it’s impossible to talk about them all here, so i’ll leave a link to the vod into a good summary article below one thing i do want to shout out, though, is nobody saves the world the next game, from the people Who made guacamelee, which i absolutely loved the new game, is an rpg where you can transform into a rat or a ranger or a turtle or a strong man or a turtle that fires arrows. It has a brilliant art style, the classic drink box, sense of humor and i’m very pumped for this no release date yet, but it will likely be out sometime this year, shadow man, remaster the remaster. Absolutely no one was asking for it’s out on april 15th.

I don’t understand why this exists. I actually like shadow man. I played it on the dreamcast back in the day, but who asked for this anyway april 15th. Surprise: rome, total war, is getting a remaster and it’s arriving on april 15th as well. If this was foreshadowed earlier, i certainly hadn’t heard about it. Rome was one of the defining games of the total war series, so fans are pretty pumped about this one asterix and obelisk slap them all was announced this week. It looks like a simple but charming 2d side, scrolling brawler no date yet, but it will probably be out this year. Pokemon go fans get ready for the next big thing. This week, niantic announced a new partnership with nintendo to make a pikmin inspired, augmented reality mobile game, no details on this yet other than it’s currently in development, so don’t expect a release date anytime soon. As for delays, we had two of them this week. The first was back for blood the left for dead spiritual successor. It was originally slated for a june release but has been pushed back to october 12th, so that’s quite a chunky delay there. The other one was for humankind, the upcoming civilization esque game. It has been pushed back from april to august 17th. Finally, something got cancelled this week and that something was the final fantasy 11 reboot. Now i didn’t even know this existed, but apparently nexon was working on this with square and it was announced back in 2015 with a 2016 planned release date that sure didn’t happen.

Then we heard like nothing about this for five years and then all of a sudden it was cancelled. This feels like daft punks, break up all over again rest in peace, stuff punk. You will be missed. Let’S take a look back at what came out last week and see how it landed that black legend tactic, style, rpg, didn’t land super well sitting at a mixed 60 positive on steam and a 56 critic score on metacritic. This one looks like a safe skip. Ballon wonderland did that dodgy thing where they don’t release review code for the game until the day it releases, which isn’t always a red flag, but it’s, often a red flag, that the game is a bit of a dud and the publisher knew it. For this reason, balan has very few reviews up right now, but none of them are great and it’s also sitting at mixed on steam. Genesis noir arrived for switch pc and game pass and it’s done very well for itself. The stylish detective theme adventure game is sitting at an 81 on metacritic. The ever hard to please edge magazine gave it an 80 saying quote: here’s to more games that dare to shoot for the stars and to those that, like genesis noir set their sights even higher. It takes two man. I am playing this game right now holy this game is extraordinary, like i don’t want to talk about it too much, because i want to do a review, but oh what a game i’m, not the only one who thinks this by the way.

The game is actually one of the highest rated releases of the year sitting at around 90 on metacritic. It deserves every point of that it’s. Just spectacular, can’t wait to talk about this more lead this week. Something else i played this week. That was, awesome was narita boy, damn also really loved. This it’s combat isn’t anywhere near as impressive as its visuals or its soundtrack, but the whole package just clicks together so well. I really recommend this to you. It’S out on game pass. Actually so you can get it really easily. I’Ll leave a link to my review in the description below and finally capping off an excellent week. Monster hunter ryze got a release and to the shock of absolutely no one it’s excellent it’s sitting in an 87 on metacritic and it’s, already sold 4 million units, because people are nuts about this franchise. Gamespot scored at a 90 saying quote the moment to moment. Combat is as impeccable as it’s ever been and puts ryze on a pedestal as one of the feathers in nintendo switches cap. You love to see it so what’s coming out this week. Well, the biggest release is outriders from bulletstorm developer. People can fly. This. One has been on a real journey during its preview cycle, with people being very skeptical of yet another lunar shooter hitting the market since the track record. For that genre isn’t, the best still outriders, is bucking. Some of the more odious trends that underpin that genre and, as a result, outriders has won more than a few people.

Over i mean some people have put hundreds of hours into the demo alone, so you know there’s got to be something there. I did a preview video on it, which i’ll leave a link to in the description below i enjoyed it i’m. Looking forward to releasing april 1st on pc, playstation and xbox, where it will be on game pass on day, one thank you uncle phil playstation fans you’re getting your own day. One free ish game this week with the release of odd world soul storm on the 6th of april it’s, coming as part of your ps plus subscription. The odd world franchise is so weird. It goes back to the very first playstation, as sort of one of their flagship games, setting the tone for a more adult swing at video games. Despite this, oddworld always existed as a sort of niche offering, and i was a little surprised to see the franchise resurrected for this generation. Anyway, the game continues to be a 2d puzzle, platformer with a unique aesthetic and an irreverent sense of humor i’ll be checking this one out when i’m done with outriders star wars. Republic commando for the nintendo switch arrives on the 6th, so that’s nice and lost words beyond the page arrives the same day on playstation xbox switch and steam it’s a narrative adventure that got ok reviews when it arrived as a stadium exclusive last year, so check that Out if it’s your jam put this on your radar Music, i know i said i wouldn’t talk about any more games from the id at xbox showcase, but for this one i have to make an exception.

Loot river is a top down 2d slasher from striker studio. I think this is their first game in addition to a stylish aesthetic, loot. River’S neat gimmick is that you are controlling the platforms you’re fighting on while you’re fighting on them. It seems like such a clever mix of puzzle, solving and action, and i just love any game that has a character wearing one of those creepy bird masks no release date on this one. Yet but as always, if you like, the look of it, don’t forget to wishlist it on steam, as that helps the developers out in a big way. It will also be making its way to at least xbox when it releases sort of free stuff time. Okay, so at the time that this was being scripted and recorded, both sony and xbox have not yet announced the april ps, plus games or games with gold. With the exception of odd world soul, stone which we know is coming to ps, plus sony and microsoft, will make these announcements over the next few hours so keep an eye out for this i’ll leave a link to their blog pages below. So you can check for yourself when this video is live for epic, we get the weekly refresh as per usual right now, it’s creature in the well that action pinball hybrid game, but on the second you’re, going to get your hands on tales of the neon sea. It’S, a 2d adventure game set in a cyberpunk landscape, but, unlike cyberpunk, the game is actually finished on steam, it’s sitting in a 90, very positive rating grab it on epic for free this week, twitch prime, usually doesn’t have a whole lot worth talking about, but just Briefly, today’s the last day, you’ll be able to get your hands on the excellent blasphemous.

So do that if you haven’t the only other one, there is the dark crystal age of resistance tactics, a game based on the dark, crystal netflix show that i didn’t even know existed until my editor austin told me about it. I thought this creepy franchise died with the original movie, which, for some reason, was marketed to kids, even though it gave us all nightmares for like five years, the hell’s, the matter with you, jim henson. I don’t really talk about free to play or mobile games. Much in this section, but i think these weren’t a mention last week, magic legends was released, available, direct from their website or through epic it’s, an arpg set in the magic universe. I’Ve only heard bad things about this game, as it’s meant to be not that great and the monetization is meant to be daylight robbery. I haven’t played it for myself, so i can’t say yet, but it’s out there feel free to check it out if you’re a magic fan or whatever. So you can make up your own mind. It is free to play rocket league, got a mobile game this week. It’S called rocket league sideswiped and it’s a 2d take on rocket league it’s only available in select territories right now, including australia, i’ve played it. It was fun not going to release me from my crippling crash royale addiction, but there you go probably the best free game. You’Ll be able to get your hands on this week is wild rift which has just launched today in the americas after being available in a whole bunch of other territories.

This is league of legends mobile and with so few compromises i really can’t get over just how authentic a league experience. This is it’s crazy in some ways, it’s like better than league, because the games can’t turtle out to like 40 minutes anyway, if you’re a current or lapsed league fan, i recommend checking this out on android or apple. And finally, our feel good story for the week comes courtesy of japan where one workplace is leading the way with its new employee engagement initiative. Titled give people a day off, so they can play new release. Video games, a japanese technology company called mark on limited, noticed that quite a few people were booking leave for the 26th of march and after some digging around they realized. It was because everyone wanted the day off to play monster, hunt to rise. There were so many requests for lead that the company said day off for everyone in a statement to the staff the company said quote: it is assumed that you will not be able to concentrate on your work, so it is called monster hunter holiday. End quote: can you imagine how scared amazon is seeing this stuff? I mean they don’t, even let their employees take bathroom breaks, and here the japanese are giving their staff days off to play. Video games that creepy amazon news, twitter account will not be happy, and that, ladies and gentlemen, was the week in video games. If you enjoyed yourself, please subscribe to the channel for more boat, related metaphors and humor hit the notification bell, so you’ll never miss a video click, the thumbs up button, because you know it’s like giving a busker a tip or tossing a coin to your witcher.

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