Cal digit! Has you covered? This is twit. This episode of hands on tech is brought to you by sandisk’s data storage solutions. Sandisk offers the best solutions for backing up and transferring your data and for a limited time you can get 15 off your first order of these sandisk products, but only when you go to hot folks, i am back with another product from caldigit. I am super pumped to say that cal digit is among the first to offer a thunderbolt 4 usb 4 device. This is the cal digit thunderbolt 4 usb 4 element hub and it is pretty doggone magical you’ve got four usb4 type ports, three thunderbolt ports with one on the side for plugging into your computer and cal digits customary powering for the unit. So that way, you can get power out from this device. Now, of course, to take advantage of the thunderbolt 4 usb 4 functionality. You need to have a thunderbolt 4 usb4 device. If you don’t, though, you can still use the magic that is, this dock, with a thunderbolt 3 usb 3 with usbc type connectors device like my macbook pro. So when i plug this in, i can still use the ports that are on it, just not at those thunderbolt, 4 usb4 type speeds. So what kind of speeds can you get? Can you expect from the cal digit element hub well with the usb type, a ports on the side? These are usba 3.

2 gen 2, which all that confusing naming basically means that you can expect 10 gigs a second from these ports and 1.5 amp, which is 7.5 watt charging out of each of these. The computer side, which is the one that you plug in the usb type c, that you plug into the computer that has upstream speeds of 40 gigs per second and will give you up to 60 watts of charging for the device that’s plugged into it. On the back side or the front side, depending on how you’re looking at it, you’ve got those three thunderbolt: 4 usb4 uh, downstream ports and whereas the front with usb a 3.2 gen 2, you got 10 gigs. Those ports will get you 40 gigs a second, and these offer 3m 15 watt charging out of every single one of these thunderbolt 4 ports. So you can really count on a lot of power pushing out of this tiny little device and here’s the thing as a person who does not have a thunderbolt 4 usb 4 device. You might think you know what is the purpose of having this cal digit element hub? Well, i can plug this into not only my macbook pro directly, but my cal digit ts3 plus, which is the docking station. I talked about in the past, plug this in there and make use of all of the ports on this hub. So i can expand the amount of ports i have of both thunderbolt and usb type, a connected uh, usba, 3.

2 gen2 ports that are available here. So i get so many more options for plugging in my devices for charging them and for taking advantage of them on my computer. As for what comes in the box, cal digit keeps it simple. You get everything that you need in there. Cal digits, thunderbolt, 4 element hub and also two little silicone legs that you can put on the bottom of the device, your power brick, so that you can actually make use of the charging and everything that’s there as well as – and this is my favorite thing – a Nice thunderbolt, 4 cable, that’s right, a thunderbolt 4 cable that is backward compatible with thunderbolt, 3 and, of course, also usb uh c in four and in three. So you’ve got kind of all of the options there backward compatible with all types of usbc and thunderbolt connectivity. Over the usb type c connector cal digit offers the thunderbolt 4 element hub for 180 dollars, which is actually less expensive than the ts3 plus that thunderbolt station 3, plus that i talked about before currently on back order. It is a very popular product, as people are getting excited about the thunderbolt 4 element hub and just thunderbolt 4 and usb4 in general, but with it you know, it’s, not a a docking station like you get with the ts3 plus. This is a uh, a way to expand your current device that you have, or to just have four usb type: a and three extra thunderbolt ports on your device, but one of the the main things one of the most interesting things about this, and the reason why I think that this product is a unique opportunity for anybody who’s after a way to expand upon what they already have or to you know, start with their first dock.

Is that with these eight ports, you can drive two 4k 60hz displays. You can drive. One 8k display, but it also is an excellent way to charge multiple devices. So if you want to charge a bunch of different devices over usb type c, with usb type c connectors and a bunch of devices over usb type, a then this is a great way to go about doing that. Um. In fact, cal digit has this excellent guide, showing that this is a. This is a charger that can charge uh one two: three: four: five watt devices uh three 18 watt devices and a 60 watt device all at once. So you can charge your apple watch, your air pods, your iphone se, your iphone uh! You can plug in a magsafe charger to charge a newer iphone. You can charge uh one of the latest iphones directly, some airpods max and an ipad pro or ipad air. Over 60 watts all of those at once plugged into this thing. So, if you’re looking for a way to kind of dock to charge your your whole family’s devices, this is a great thing that can do that. Another thing, that’s kind of unique is that most folks might not know that apple’s superdrive, that is the cd disc drive that you can plug into computers a lot of times. It has to be plugged directly into the computer because it needs enough power. Many docks won’t power it enough well, cal digit worked closely to make sure that this can work with apple’s superdrive, pretty cool and unique feature that’s available there, plus cal digit itself talks about how this is a great extension of the uh, the ts3 plus dock, that I talked about before so that even on non thunderbolt and usb 4 type hosts such as usb c computers, you can daisy chain usb c devices on it and then, of course, in order to daisy chain those thunderbolt devices, you do have to have a thunderbolt or A thunderbolt 4 or usb 4 connection to do that, but outside of that, this tiny little dock, this tiny little dock is so fantastic for providing so many extra ports for your computer.

So, if you’re looking for a way to charge a bunch of devices at once at top speeds or a way to connect uh, two 60 hertz displays at one time at 4k or a way to connect a an 8k display. All of those things are possible with this hub from cal digit cal digit makes some really incredible products and the cal digit thunderbolt 4, usb 4 element hub, is only the latest of what they have to offer. This episode of hands on tech is brought to you by sandisk. If you’re, like many people, you probably know the difficulty of backing up or transferring your data from one device to another. Thankfully you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Now you can get sandisk’s two in one flash drives they’re the perfect way to backup and transfer your files to other devices. The ultra dual drive lux is a two in one flash drive with a reversible usb type c and a traditional type, a connector. You can seamlessly move content between usb type c, smartphone tablets and macs, and usb type a computers enable the automatic backup to store files. Once you plug in the drive and high performance, usb 3.1 gen 1 will make sure you’re covered with 150 megabytes per second of read, speeds it’s compatible with most android devices, and it has an all metal dual purpose: swivel design, it’s available from 32 gigabytes up to One terabyte of storage plus there’s, the ixpand flash drive lux a two in one flash drive with lightning and usb type c, connectors, seamlessly move content between iphone ipad pro and usb type c devices, including android phones, once it’s plugged in it automatically starts backing up your Info you can password protect your files and it has a stylish all metal, dual purpose: swivel design, it’s available from 64 gigabytes, all the way up to 256 gigabytes of storage, no matter what device you have sandisk has something for you, both two and one flash drives Make it easy to transfer your files to all your devices and free up valuable space super easy to use? I just plug it in it automatically starts backing things up and that way i can move them seamlessly between all the different devices that i have it’s.

A great gift for someone who’s ever complained about storage on their ios device seriously. Sandisk offers the best solutions for backing up and transferring your data and for a limited time you can get 15 off your first order of these sandisk products, but only when you go to hot that’s s, a n d, i s k, dot com, slash h, O t thanks so much to sandisk for sponsoring this week’s episode of hands on tech thanks so much for checking out another episode of hands on tech. Of course, you can check out my shows here on twit, including ios today, smart tech today and tech news weekly until next time, i’ve been micah sargent and this has been hands on tech. Keep up with all the hottest tech news and gadgets visit there you’ll be able to find and subscribe to all.