This is their USB. A type C8 in one docking station with dual 4K HDMI outs and plenty more – were going to dig into this now and Ill, be right back Music, all right, okay. So this is what you get once you get everything out of the box. Of course, there are some uh notes on the box to kind of show you uh some of the connections that we have. We do have eight connections here, including two HDMI connections, an SD card, uh, full SD card, a Micro SD card and uh, several more, which Ill go over now. These are the specifications here and I will leave these up. So if I miss anything, you can come back to this point in the video and check it out for yourself. This will support Windows, Mac OS Linux, Android and a 4 0 and above so you can check that out now. This should also work on iOS devices that have a USB type c, like the iPad Pro taking a look at the main unit itself. This is all machined aluminum here, a very nice build quality overall, so you do get a nice metal, unibody frame there. It is a very small and pocketable uh, which makes this easy to put in the backpack or a book bag and take with you uh, depending on what you need to do, so it only weighs about 82.4 grams. On one side we have a full SD card slot and a Micro SD card slot.

On the end, we do have an HDMI out that supports 4K at 60 hertz, so you can extend whatever device youre using to another monitor, and then we have a second one out as well at 4K at 60 hertz. So you can do dual monitor setups. Here you do have two full USB 3.0 ports and then you have a USB type c Port which would be for input. And then you have a USB type c: a power delivery pack pass through Port, meaning that if you hook this up to your laptop and then hook your charger into this port youll be able to pass through up to 87 watts to recharge whatever device. You are using this with so youve got your Port set up there and, of course this is all going to be handled through a single, USB type c, cable. So using a single, USB type c cable, we can add all these ports to a device. So Im going to get some things set up and Ill be right back okay, so I have this now hooked up to my Samsung Galaxy S8 plus tablet, and a tablet is a great idea for this, because you usually dont get any ports other than the charging Port, so you can see that Im hooked uh up into the USB type c, and now I have access to all these ports now. The first thing that you probably would want to add to this is maybe a wired or wireless mouse through a dongle, and we do have our USB 3 Port here so were gon na hook.

This up, you can see, it instantly recognizes it, and I can now navigate my tablet with a mouse which makes things much easier to do and, of course, that second USB port is still open. So I can add a keyboard and turn this into almost a full workstation, especially with Samsung using Dex. Now another thing you might want to do is add some extra storage, so you can just plug in any USB a flash drive to the USB port as well. To add extra storage uh to your devices, which is actually always a good thing, maybe if you just want to offload stuff and do a backup or you just need extra space – you can do this as well. So now you can see that again. My mouse is instantly recognized here on Android and I can go in and I can uh you know, navigate through the OS so much easier than I I would be able to without a mouse, especially when working on office documents and things like that. So what we want to do now is go to my files and when I get to my files, you can see that the USB storage one is now there, and that is that USB drive that I hooked up and Ive got all my files here. Ive got some music files and other things that I can now access on on the tablet itself and again, this is all hooked up through a single USB type c cable.

So, overall, this is a great resource to have for devices with limited amounts of ports. Now another thing is, I can hook up my charger and use the far right, USB power delivery port for pass through charging, which means now I am charging through the Hub and into my device and, as you can see, I am USB charging here and I am Now charging my device through the Hub, so you dont have to worry about taking up that single USB type c port. So you can charge through it as well. It will support up to 87 watt charging. So, if youre using this on a laptop or something like that, you will get the higher speeds as well with your charger. So overall, this is a very nice solution to have. I also again have two HD DMI, full HDMI ports. That will be outputted that I can output this to dual monitors. If I wanted to as well so overall, just a well rounded setup here from kakite theyve done a really good job with this, its nice, its portable, and it adds a ton of ports with just using one single, USB type c port. So there you go thats. My review of the kakai 8 in one USB type c docking station again. I am impressed with this for the reason that I can use a single port to add all of this functionality. It comes in a nice machined aluminum case, its very pocketable, small and portable.

So its easy to carry in a book bag or a backpack, or something like that to carry with you, and you can hook this up to your laptop or your tablet and get all of these ports, so it really does have a lot of Plus to it. I also like the fact that you can do pass through charging as well, so that your device can stay charged while youre using it. This was Luke from Galaxy tuck review.