Thank you. What is he up to now? Yes, my game on tablet has finally arrived. I can finally make a review about it and how to modic boundy upload the video for me on his channel. This is gon na, be so good time to start recording. Is this thing even working? Yes, it is hey guys, welcome to Tomato bounty in todays video. I will be reviewing a product which was sent to me by Guyana and its none other than the m10k pro model lets have a look at it. Shall we this right here is the box. I think it looks really pretty and professional now lets open this bad boy up the game on in 10k, Pro which I received came with a tablet. Of course, a pen, a cable, a glove, some extra nibs, a bookmark two on the go adapters, a case and the manual books Music. My initial thoughts on this product are that this is totally worth its price of eighty dollars and it looks pretty darn good if youre hesitant about ordering this online due to shipping and handling dont, be it was packaged really well theres, zero damage on the tablet and Everything else please keep in mind that, since this product was sent to me to Showcase some of the stuff, such as the glove and tablet cover, may not be in your package. Of course, you will still have the essentials, those being the tablet itself. The pin the cable and the extra nibs Im not completely sure about this, but anyways.

The first thing you need to do is to download the m10k Pro driver from one of the links in the description after youve done that you can connect your tablet to your computers. Usb port, using the cable, make sure that the cable is also connected to your tablet. From the other side, if the gray game on icon in the system tray area becomes orange, that means that your PC has recognized your tablet and youre good to go. I really like how theres buttons, which toggle a keyboard shortcut such as the undo and redo, features the erase tool and so on Id suggest playing around with these settings yourself. However, if youd like to you can always edit the shortcuts, through the driver weve downloaded earlier, you can also adjust the pressure sensitivity to your liking and test it out. So, as you can see, the lighter eye go on the tablet. Using the pin the thinner, the line will be the harder I press, the thicker. The line remember to be gentle, of course. Now that weve seen all of these features. Im gon na draw a portrait of Dora and I and Ill let you know my final thoughts about the m10k pro lets do this and there you have it. This is a drawing I made in a couple of minutes Im sure it could be improved if I spent more time on it, but hey its, not bad. What I like about this tablet is that the pin is battery free.

It can automatically ingest itself to your devices display mode, its got 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and an active area of 255 by 160 millimeters. So, as for my final thoughts, I think that geomons m10k Pro is pretty easy to use its really user friendly. Now, to be honest, Im more familiar with using a display tablet, so looking at the computer screen was confusing at times. However, itll get better as I get used to it. I do own the Wacom Cindy 16 Pro and I can say that considering the price of the m10k pro, this comes pretty close to it, excluding the fact that its not a display, tablet Kayla whats going on in here. Oh, I was just recording a review video for gayamans and 10K Pro drawing tablet. Do you like this drawing I made using it? Oh my God, thats amazing. You know what, since youve, actually done something useful for once in your life Im ungrounding you, oh, my god, seriously see guys thats what you get for using gamans products. The links are down in the description.