Every single year should I buy a laptop now or wait for the new ones that come out in 2023. Well, first, we got to discuss a timeline. Okay, the new laptops are not going to be announced until January at CES thats, when Nvidia AMD Intel will announce their new CPUs and gpus, and you probably wont be able to buy one until at least march, sometimes in February theres, one or two that you can Buy but most of the stuff thats coming out will be March and forward so thats. The time frame you kind of have to look at now. It depends on your situation if you need a tool now buy it if its affecting your life, the current laptop you own its its causing you to lose business, not get your work done on time and have sleepless nights just buy it, but if youre just like Using a laptop now its good but youre thinking of upgrading and you have some more time – it really depends on your situation like right now, theres a lot of good deals happening for laptops. So if you want to take advantage of that, I suggest you do, but if youre just buying like a thin and light notebook like Ultrabook like a Dell, XPS 13 or I dont, know a zed book or something then youre not going to see that much of A performance difference waiting until next year, like 12th gen Intel to 13th gen Intel, is built on the same architecture still using 10 nanometers.

Okay, its still going to cause the fans to go on its still going to get hot its going to be the same situation. Going from 12 to 13. so get the deal, buy. The laptop and dont look back. The only reason to truly wait for for thin and light. Notebooks is, if you want something different thats, not the CPU. So this year we saw a lot of OLED displays. I think thats going to be happening in 2023, more laptops with more OLED, but I also think were going to see laptops with midi LED displays, so theres gon na be more options to choose from now its going to be the same situation. If you want better battery life, you got to go with AMD, but based on the leaks of the processors that theyre releasing its going to be a mix again like youre, going to have a lot of 7000 series. U series CPUs being used with 6000 series! Architect, picture and cars so Im not expecting that massive of a performance jump now, if youre a gamer thats, where you should probably wait like these 13th gen Age series, processors are getting a nice performance bug like we saw a 25 performance increase going from 12th gen To 13th gen, now its still going to run hot, like I mentioned before, but you do get more cores so instead of 12, 10 or sorry, 10, 12 and 16 for 12 gen, I5, i7 I9 were going from 14 16 to 24 cores on an I9 13th Gen processor, so those multi core speeds are going to be a nice performance bump compared to the previous year.

These Champs are going to be required to be in a very thick chassis like theres, just nothing like the MacBook series of M chips coming to Windows. Right now, like thats another three to five years away, but the biggest upgrade is going to be when it comes to the GPU. These new RTX 40 series gpus are coming to laptops. Even the 4090 apparently is coming to laptops and thats. Where youre going to see the biggest jump in performance, like you, dont have this kind of jump in performance with Nvidia gpus every single year. It happens every three years and going from like a 30 series, GPU on a desktop to a 40 series, youre looking at. Like a 60 to 70 performance increase and thats, absolutely massive if youre a gamer. Now, if you are looking at an RTX 49 in a laptop expect it to be very expensive, like this is not going to be a cheap product, youre not getting it for 1500 bucks youre talking about a big clunker like an MSI ge76 or an Asus strix 17 inch SCAR or even the upcoming rumored Razer, Blade 18, like this, is going to need a lot of cooling and its gon na need a big chassis. The good news, though, is that they are releasing an RTX 4070, a 4080 TI, and even a 4060 TI and 4060. theyre saying that the 4080 TI and 4090 will run at 175 Watts. So big chassis, 40, 70 youll, probably see in laptops like the M16.

The g15, the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro and then, of course you have the 46 60 and 40 60 TI, which will probably run anywhere from like 100 to 120 watts AMD. On the other hand, we dont know how good their RX 7000 series gpus are going to be, but based on one Rover, weve seen that it could potentially be as fast or at least the top end 7000 series GPU could be as fast as a 6950 XT. In a desktop processor, now I take that with a grain of salt, I dont think its going to be that powerful, but if they can get it close to that, that could be a huge deal for gamers, so heres. The thing gaming laptops next year are going to be super exciting everything else, not so much okay. So if youre, someone whos buying a tool for work and youre losing time and money, because your current laptop is not performing well take advantage of one of the good deals out there and just buy it today, its a tool. After all, if youre someone whos in the market but doesnt need to upgrade right away, the main difference, youll see with fitted lights, is just going to be. Options like better displays, maybe different, keyboards different designs, but in terms of overall performance and battery life between Intel and AMD, its going to feel very similar. But if youre a gamer do not buy today, if you have to the 4000 series, GPU and laptops are going to be massive Im, actually really excited for it, because were gon na get some crazy performance for gaming on laptops starting next year.

So if you can hold out to see what happens, if you have any questions about this video or what laptop you should buy, let me know in the comment section down below like them.