Here. Im going to search a website in real time and find some deals. First of all, though, I just want to talk about this kind of decision that you want to make. So a lot of people are deciding. Should I get a really cheap lets say you have a three to four hundred, maybe 425 dollar budget? Should you get a new Windows laptop in that range and what will you get for it, or should you kind of look for a used kind of MacBook or use Mac of any type like an iMac or something? Of course, it depends if you need it for travel if you need it for home, but Im just going to kind of concentrate in that price range one of the problems and lets just get into it. Im going to share my screen here, but one of the problems I wanted to show you right away is when youre looking at the new kind of Windows laptops in that three to four hundred and something dollar range youre going to find stuff like this look over Here now, theres going to be some good deals, theres going to be deals to be had like you can see here. This is on clearance, but its going to be going away soon. Its 165 bucks off usually 549, but this is not even its unavailable right now, but its the surface go to you know you get a eight gigs of RAM 100, 128 gig SSD, so thats not a bad price, but then you got to buy the keyboard, which Is like another 100 and something if you look at the one below it.

This is 3.99 thats kind of in that price. Im talking about – and this is the surface go 3 so newer. It looks. It says its the latest model but youre getting four gigs of RAM here and youre, getting 64 gigabytes of storage. So what are you going to do with that? I mean its going to be dirt slow and, as you kind of scroll down you can see here. Theres going to be some good deals like this is a good deal, but its its right. Now only on Black Friday, it looks like, and its 3.99 only and its usually 529. So you can get some good deals. This is a 17 and a half inch or whatever. So a lot of people dont want that those go down in price, but you do get an I3 11 gen 8 gigs of RAM and 256 gigabyte SSD. The problem is those youre going to get a lot of that cheap plastic type. You know Windows, PCS and stuff in this price range so lets. Let me show you what I kind of want you to do and kind of think about Im going to go through this Max that I know about all right. So lets look at my screen over here now. I want to show you a couple things here. So if you go to a Google like this and you type in, I sell Im Max just like that – click enter youre, going to scroll down and youre.

Looking for this here, its an eBay, its going to say its going to say I sell iMac. I said I sell IMAX, but its just its singular. You click on this eBay storage right here. This is one of the better eBay stores Im not affiliated with them. I should be Ive tried to. They wont help me, even though I probably sold a million things for them, but once you get to the eBay store, you can see in here theyre going to be listing a lot of different MacBooks and a lot of different Macs. You can buy in that price range, so lets just kind of go down and see what we can find. The reason I like this site is: it shows you the exact book. You know MacBook or computer youre. Getting it shows you the blemishes. It shows you everything and what can you get for that cost so lets talk about it for a second, so, as were kind of scrolling down you can see here I mean this already is a 2017 2.9 gigahertz i7 with a 512 SSD and its going to Be 16, you know gigs of RAM 16 gigs of RAM thats, actually really good for 457.. So were already talking 457.. And if we take a look at this, its going to say grade C, so youre going to definitely get some blemishes on this type of thing. But its not going to be terrible, you can look at this.

I mean look at my screen here: Im not going to zoom in too much theres going to be a couple of dents in the corners and stuff and youre going to fall into that kind of. Is this the year of the bad keyboard, the butterfly keyboard? You got to be careful with that as well, but thats not a bad price, and this is all in real time again when you go to this website, I just want to say they have a lot of stuff. Sometimes sometimes they have nothing. You got to just keep, checking back, they get big shipments in and they can get rid of them. So, as we kind of scroll down here, we can just keep going um lets see what else we can find in here lets see. If we can. This kind of catches, my eye right away. I dont know why Im just going to click on this, so this is going to be lets. Look at this. This is going to be a 2019, so its fairly new, its going to have an i5 256 gigabyte, SSD and 8 gigs of RAM for 3.99, its a grade C. This is the MacBook Air, its not the fastest, MacBook Air. This is not the M1, but again for the cost youre going to see its going to be perfectly on the front. Maybe you know some scratches in the back. You can see them in there. Let me just click on this, but you can see the scratches right.

There and its going to have like a stickers. You know sticker that was on here. You can see it right there that they tore off so youre gon na have to clean it up, maybe a little bit but for 3.99. This is what youre going to get so youre going to get something like this. That can still run modern Mac OS, and I just want to kind of make sure people understand that so lets just say were looking now for a desktop right. So Im just kind of looking here: what can we get for a desktop? These? Are you know? Obviously you can get a lot of these things. Like you know this is I mean, lets take a look at this, for example, this is an incredible deal. You know because its got the fusion drive, so I always tell people do not buy any system. Thats a Mac with a spinning Drive HDD, make sure its because theyre going to be 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM, but the fusion drive. I have a system over there where I boot off of a external. The fusion Drive is actually pretty good, give or take its going to be fast for short, bursts and stuff, its not nearly as good as an SSD, but you can get by with it. So lets look at this deal. The reason I like this deal is this is a grade A first of all. If you look at a grade A you, can I mean if they show the system up close this one was probably Worth showing you its not going to have a blemish on it.

Look at this look at the back of thing: its perfect right, its in beautiful shape, not even a scratch on on any of the ports, so that the product here is perfect Force I mean, but this has got the 5K screen right. This is the same screen. Generally – and this is 27 inch, this is the same screen theyre selling for like 1600 bucks right now. So this is not exactly. I know people are going to complain its not exactly its not going to be exactly as good, but its very similar, its 5K. Its got very good contrast ratios its got everything going for it and youre getting a whole computer on it, 2015 mind you, but it can still, I think, run the the newest OS its getting right on the edge there, but still its got a two terabyte drive There, the fusion drive right, thats, huge and again the fusion drive is not the spinning hard drive, the spinning hard drive will be dirt, slow, do not get them only get SSD or Fusion. If you have to and then its got eight gigs of RAM the beauty about this 27 inch, though that Im showing you here is, you can actually then take that and install all your own Ram in there and it works perfectly. So you can add 64 gigabytes in here 128. I think gigabytes and you can have a super fast system and is still going to be able to do video, editing and everything like that.

So just kind of want to go through all this stuff and as we kind of go you can see here. Let me see if I can go back on this list here. If this is going to, let me go back. I think. Let me just go back into here, ISO IMAX, so let me just check if theres anything else in here that would even be of interest. I mean theres theres pages and pages and pages of stuff. I mean people, you know you can go in here. Lets just say you want to dabble in just you know, getting a Mac really cheap or something you can go for something like a 2 2012 or even like a 2014 Mac Mini for 224. Again, these are all going to be hit or miss. So you got to keep checking they change daily and you know heres a. Let me just see this is a 2014 iMac its a little bit more expensive, but I think it comes with 32 gigs of RAM and a 256 SSD on this one. So for 5′ youre getting that 5K screen and youre getting 32 gigabytes of RAM already installed, which would cost you more just to do that yourself. So if youre gon na in you know add the ram you may as well buy that one and you know theres a whole bunch of things now you got again, you got to look at stuff. You got to kind of take a step back, I mean when you click on something like this.

You got to weigh the difference. You know heres 681 for a MacBook Pro, while its fast its got 512 gigabyte, SSD 32 gigabytes of RAM on this thing, its a great C, though so its going to have some blemishes, but the problem is: is youre going to get that bad keyboard? You know you dont know if its going to last forever, but youre going to be paying about 200 bucks less than like the M1 MacBook Air, which I have right here. That was great. I almost Rock dropped it, but I have right here so you can see it right there um so long story short. Is you got to kind of figure all this stuff out, but I just wanted to show people what is this trade off? So I would actually, if youre, if youre, trying to think about Max and or youre buying a cheap Windows laptop youre not going to get a lot youre going to get plastic feel on those Windows. Laptops youre, going to get um, just not the best build quality. Youre going to get a lot of crap, but you might find some good deals like on Black Friday or over Christmas, which theyre showing up on Best Buy the pick. Those up pick the ones that have good reviews. But if youre going to buy like a Celeron or youre going to buy um something with four gigs of RAM or something thats, a Windows laptop dont, do it youre going to be super? Not happy were the number one the screen and the systems Im showing you here are 10 times better than any of those screens.

Those screens are probably going to be 1080p at best, sometimes worst 720., so youre gon na have to play that off. None of those are going to be, none of those are going to be even close to four and a half K or whatever you know, 5K for the for the other one or even the laptops which are theyre, not theyre, going to be less but theyre going To be retina displays so theyre going to still will be better, so think about it, and let me know what you think in the comments I just wanted to share this video with people its. You know theres a lot of topics to go through, but I just did this in real time. I mean I didnt even know I didnt pick any of these out, so I just want to show people these change all the time. But this is not the only seller either you can get find a whole bunch of different sellers out there and that just ISO IMX you can find tons of them. This is just one Ive used a couple times. They dont pay me anything. I wish they would Ive sent so much traffic. In fact, I think Ive sent so much traffic to them thats. Why theres nothing on here, because I think people keep. I have a video that has like a hundred thousand views and, and I talked about them and I know people are buying these things so anyways but dont blame me if its not good, because Im not affiliated with them, and you know they may make a mistake.

Every once in a while, but they do have you know they do – have good support and stuff. So all right just want to wrap this up. At the end of the day, I dont want it to go too long. Let me know what you guys think in the comments and stuff I would go with the the MacBook or the the more expensive type equipment with the you know, just make sure you find one thats not too bad a condition versus going with those cheap Windows laptops, But I know other people might have a different opinion.