This is bunny streams, a very international tv service from live tv movies, tv stories all in different languages, different countries and different culture, including live tv channels from the usa, usa, news, usa, entertainment, usa, kids, usa movies, usa, sports and tons of uk channels and canadian channels Stay tuned: okay, guys! This is bunny streams. Once you subscribe, they’re gon na, send you a username password. Your report also m3u link and they’re gon na. Have you install these applications, so you can use either mtu link or extreme code logins over here we’re gon na use extreme code logins, because we’re gon na get much more detailed subscription, so you’re gon na put in any name username, password and url port in that Box after you have all that handy, you’re, gon na start watching live tv channels from everywhere in the world, in different culture, different languages and also movies and tv series all in different language, different culture, different countries, a very international tv service. Now it is fetching all information from the internet and at the end, we’re gon na have a nice layout of the application and it’s gon na say, live tv movies, tv series, epg guide and also multi screen and catch up and now we’re going to fetch the Epg guide and you’re going to see that it has tons of live tv channels. More than 19 000 live tv channels all in different countries. Very international and now we’re gon na check out the live tv section and you’re gon na see that it has the same number of channels as the epg guide and it has tons of categories from the usa, usa, news, usa, sports, usa, music, usa, locals you say Everything pretty much and also terms of international channels in the movies, more than 47 000 movies, all in different genres and different categories and let’s check out the move.

Tv series in the tv series they have more than 5 800 tv shows and they all come by seasons and episodes, and you see the multi screen there’s a capability of watching up to four live tv channels in one single screen and catch up. It is not available at this time, hopefully in the future, and these are the categories you can see that they have tons of categories from the usa, usa, news, usa, entertainment, usa, family, usa, music, usa, documentaries and usa, local channels and tons of usa 24 7 categories. Just watch the display and also guys there are some other categories that are not listed in this review: almost 44 categories, but once you subscribe, you’re gon na see them all and, as you can see, my friends, they have usa sports from nhl, mlb, nfl and also Soccer and some other sports european sports and everything else, you’re looking for very, very rich tv service, they have everything that you’re looking for, if you’re looking for some international channels, they have it all. They have canada, sports, canada, french and also uk sports, uk general uk movies, uk kids and some other international channels, channels from france, germany, italy, spain, belgium and also channels from africa, and they have all african channels as well and when you scroll down further. There are some middle eastern channels, channels from egypt, saudi arabia, kuwait, tunisia everywhere else in the middle east, it’s a very, very rich iptv service.

So, if you’re looking for something very international, they have something for everyone. Either. You are in the usa, europe middle east africa. They have you covered so guys. If you want more details about this tv service, they have all informations listed on the website from there. You can make your own decisions and they have multiple packages, monthly packages, three months packages and six month packages, and also they offer multiple connections and there is no ip lag. No ipa restrictions, you can take the service anywhere. You want so and now we’re going to check out the epg guide, which is the program guide and we’re going to select the usa entertainment. They have more than 200 live tv channels, all entertainment from the usa, and that tells you what’s playing right now and what’s going to play next on every channel and we’re going to scroll down you’re going to see all the lineup and then you’re gon na see That every channel has an epg guide with a brief description and also a nice detailed explanation of what’s going on right now and what’s playing right now on every single channel. And this is the multi screen multi view. Since there is a possibility to subscribe for up to four connections, you’ll be able to watch up to four live tv in one single screen, simply select your live tv channels and you’re gon na see all those four channels you selected into one single screen, it’s a Great feature – and this feature is called multi screen multi view, and you can hear the channels by selecting one channel at a time and to find out what’s happening in your area.

In the usa, they have more than 800 local listings. Local live tv channels, all those national live tv channels, they all have local listings, so you can find out what’s going on what’s happening in your area simply by watching your local channels, so they have local news and local events and catch up is not available at This time, hopefully in the future – and now it is time to check out the movies and tv shows you’re gon na see that it’s a very rich movie section here they have more than 47 000 movies, all in different categories: different genres, from 2020 movies action movies, Mystery and also family drama and some international language, such as french movies, german movies, any kind of movies you’re looking for very international. They are all available here: english movies, german movies, french movies and some other languages it’s a very rich tv service. If you’re looking for some international movies – and this is the tv shows same thing as the movies – only different channels – different categories from family action, adventure, talk shows, reality shows and also tv shows in different languages. French, german, arabic, turkish, you name it. It is all available here all in different languages, very international tv series, and now my friends, we’re gon na go to the website and from here you can make your own decision. You can subscribe for monthly subscriptions depending on how many connection you’re looking for or how many months you’re looking for, and they also offer a trial, but they charge a small fee.

So just watch the display you’re gon na see everything yourself and make a decision from there and my friends. If you have any issues with this service, you must contact the provider they’re, the only one that can help you with your issues. I have nothing to do with the service. I only review it. I do not have access to the service at all, so any issues any problems, any issues with subscriptions or any issues with application download. You need to contact the provider they’re, the only one that can help you with your issues in no time so, okay, guys this is it we’re gon na wrap it up. I hope you enjoyed this video and please give me thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so that you can get notified every time. I upload a new video on youtube and share this video with your friends and ask them to subscribe to my channel.