You can see. I have everything i have the cpu hard drive, ram, motherboard, cpu cooler and the latest and greatest jtx 9000 graphic card. I got some screwdrivers and thermal paste screws and i have some other stuff, but i show la okay. This is an intel, zero. Five e6550 intel core two dual two cores that cannot find anymore two cores, so this is an opc. I bought it off carousel and it’s quite dusty, so we need to wash a bit okay. So we have some water here, wash it very well toothbrush, not enough water make sure to get into the socket. Sometimes the cpu is okay, so you go into it brush inside everything. I see all this dust, no good, more water, clean, okay cloud. What what what you can do is drip it down. I think we can do the ram first, so the ram you have to unlock the knot, make sure you aligned it correctly. Okay, we got two kinds of ram mix and match the rams ddr2 one gigabyte of ram what’s, the speed 800 megahertz super fast ram. Put it in do be careful, you see if you don’t put it in the notch it won’t read. I heard some people say you need to screw in with confidence. No, you have to hammer it with confidence done next thing we want to do is add the cpu, so you need to take out the arm. This one is the old one right, so you need to like that one.

I don’t know how to explain. We add the thermal paste. Put it nicely sweet make sure you align. The screws in the thermal place will help it stick together so that it won’t come up as easy. Then you want to put more thermal paste. No more, never mind. We’Ve got some a good alternative paste. It apparently whitens the cpu too see why turning and steam prevention yeah, i think we can just add the cpu cooler. We do the pre size method. Very nice, then we add the cpu cooler. You can screw it in make sure to criss cross, so you don’t want to unevenly put pressure on the cpu we’re done with the motherboard. But if you want to be more secure with your ram and your cpu cooler, you have some options, so i have here masking tape and cloth tip, so you can put first the masking tape on one side, so this one will be for the cpu cooler and Use the weight of the motherboard to keep the tip. Let me put all one side, one more round so it’s more stable. I do three. I like masking tape. It won’t be the the strength of the adhesive. The the string will come from cloth tip. Sometimes the cpu cooler will be a bit too high, so you can’t get the ram. You see the ram got get one round enough already so for ram. You just need to take a bit see, so you can just put it over the ramp like that.

Oh one more thing: yeah yeah forgot for it, so once you secure the masking tape like this right, you have to tear this part and you place it down. Why? Obviously, you want to put the pcie slot ma the graphic card? Okay, so now we’re gon na add it into the case. Okay, we add the case. Ah very nice, we need the psu, so the psu, you can put it up here. C31. Obviously, you don’t want to put tape with the psu like you must put proper screws. This is where you want to screw in with the confidence. Sorry, i did something wrong i’m going to put the motherboard in the wrong way. Yeah it’s supposed to be this way. Ah, the more rugged you are, the better the pc will run because the pc will work up is ideal, i’ll, secure it with a few screws. Now and now we need to put in the power cable, motherboard power in gpu power for your hard drive, setup, cable. Okay setup, the next thing you need to do: the jtx 9000 sweela. There you go that’s how you build a pc. So before we do other testing, we obviously need to see if the pc actually runs. Give me a few seconds to plug in all the cables and then you will see it run. So we are back connected everything press. The button to turn on press ah see turn on ready, um just make sure that it goes to the other screen, because this screen doesn’t mean it works.

Just wait. Ah see you can already kind of ready, it’s free now on to the benchmark, as you can see from this graph, the rtx 3090 has a lower model number 3090, whereas the jtx 9000 has 9000 that’s almost three times better than the rtx 3090. So do expect three times more model number than the rtx 3090, so you can see that the jtx 9000 is clearly better than the rtx 3090. we’re gon na go outside to do some music tests and durability tests. Let’S go okay, we’re outside we’re gon na. Do the durability test let’s see whether it runs okay, we press the button there we go, wait, wait! Ah it works. Now we do the music test passing time, where’s the on button here, Music, it works. So the review for this is pretty durable, definitely better than the rtx 3090, as you can see from the benchmark. I recommend you don’t do this, but i recommend you can buy this right off carousel.