Now. What i have here is the galaxy tab. S6. I picked this up refurbished on ebay for 309 dollars shipped to the door and, in my opinion, it’s totally worth it. If you’re looking for a powerful android tablet – and you don’t – want to spend 700 bucks, this is powered by the snapdragon 855 and backed by six gigabytes of ram. Now, if you do want to spend 700 right now as making this video, the best tablet you can pick up is the galaxy tab, s7 plus, but they are quite expensive and personally, i would rather pick this up refurbished for 300 bucks versus spending 600 to a Thousand dollars on an android tablet and the snapdragon 855 is still relevant in 2021. It has enough power to play any android game and it does an amazing job at emulation. We can even do gamecube and wii on this unit. We’Ll, take a look at that in a second, but in order to turn this into a handheld we’re going to need some type of controller and my personal go to controller, for these larger tablets is the ipega 98 e3. This is actually the 9083b with bluetooth 5.0 built in. I wish we had a usb type c controller that would fit these larger tablets, but until a company releases one we’re kind of stuck with bluetooth, but the 9083 can be bought anywhere from 35 to 45, depending on where you get it, i will leave an amazon Link in the description in case you’re interested in picking one up, but before we get into testing, i just wanted to show you some benchmarks using android 11 on the tab: s6 here’s, geekbench, 5 single core 744 multi 2552, not bad at all.

Moving over to 3dmark wildlife, 3011 and finally antutu with a total score of 544 453, comparing this to other tablets in this price range. Basically, nothing compares. I know we’re working with a refurbished tablet here, but this offers way better performance than any other tablet in this price range right now, so the benchmark scores look really good for an android tablet, but how does it really perform in real world gaming and emulation? So, first up we have gentian impact and since i’m, using this ipega controller, you can download their shooting plus app, i believe, that’s what it’s called and we can map the buttons to on screen touches that’s. Why i’m able to use the controller with this game here? We’Ve got the resolution set to high and a few of the settings down to medium, but this is running at 60fps. I mean performance here is great on the snapdragon 855 and if you’ve ever tried to run this game on a lower end tablet, you know how hard it can be to run next up call of duty mobile and i just swapped over to the on screen controls, Because i’m kind of used to playing this game like this on phones but uh, we’re at high settings – and this is running at 60fps – i do have the samsung on screen fps counter up and i haven’t seen a dip at all. This is just a very well optimized game and, as you can see on the tab s6, it runs it perfectly fine and the final game i wanted to test here for native android gaming was a battle for bikini bottom.

This was recently ported over to android and it runs amazingly on this. You can go into the settings we’re at high at 60fps, but if you’re on a lower end device, you can turn it to 30, but it’s running fine, so we’re. Definitely getting some really good. Native android game support and this thing also puts out some really good emulation performance. I got a few to run through here. First up we have dreamcast i’m using the redream emulator i’m upscaled to 1920 by 1440, but i think i could have taken a little bit higher here as long as the game is compatible with the redream emulator or the flycast emulator it’s, going to run that dreamcast Game at full speed, the snapdragon 855 has always been a great performer when it comes to dreamcast, no matter which emulator you choose to use Music moving over to psp using the standalone version of ppsspp 3x resolution, no hacks no frame skip using the vulcan back in Here, with chains of olympus and we’re at full speed now this is a harder one to run so that’s why we had to take it down to 3x, but for a majority of the psp games that are compatible with this emulator, you can take it up to 5 and even 6x, it also offers really great 3ds performance using the mmj build of citra. I was able to upscale this to 2x, but some easier to run games can go to 3 and when it comes to pokemon, yes, it will run x and y at full speed.

Next, on the list we have gamecube using the dolphin emulator. This is automotive listed with the vulcan back in this is a harder one to run and every once in a while. I do notice it dipped down to around 57 and 58, but keep in mind the game that we’re running here is a harder one to emulate. On arm devices, but i wanted to show this off because it will run it and, along with gamecube emulation using the same dolphin emulator and that falcon back in, we also have the ability to play wii games. This is one of my favorite fighting games here and we are running at 60 fps. This is a really good performer. Now you didn’t see any of the lower end emulators like n64 snes pc engine neo geo fba, because it’s gon na run it just fine on this device. If we have enough power to run wii, 3ds and gamecube it’s gon na run those easier to emulate systems. Just fine, so what we’ve seen so far is basically handheld mode for this tablet, but the tab s6 does have a few extra tricks up its sleeve, like hdmi over usb type c and samsung dax, if you’re not familiar with samsung dex. Basically, what this does is turn your phone or tablet into kind of a desktop pc, and this is actually included with the samsung galaxy s8 phone up to the s21 and it also works with the tab.

S4, s5, s6 and s7. So we’re mirroring the screen now. But once i enabled samsung dex here, you can see on the big monitor i have this plugged into. We have a desktop style, android operating system and what i’m using here is just a cheaper, usb type c to hdmi. Adapter dex will work wirelessly to a windows, pc and certain monitors and tvs that support it, but you will experience latency. So personally, i prefer using a wired connection here and they also have this built in trackpad on the tablet. So you can control the operating system on the bigger screen or you could just plug in a mouse and keyboard or use a controller and i’ll admit that using samsung decks, isn’t much like a console, but like we saw we can always just mirror the screen. Personally, what i like doing with this is installing a third party launcher that way. I can kind of organize all of my games and emulators together and i use the android tv launcher from google play and once this is set up correctly, you can navigate it with a controller and, as you can see, i’ve got everything organized here. So when it’s on the big screen, i can just scroll through here with my controller and start the game or emulator that i want to play at the moment and i’ll just go with fortnite here, but keep in mind when you’re in the mirrored mode. Like this, you won’t get a full screen.

If you want to go full screen with everything use, samsung dex, it just scales it up a lot better and by the way on the snapdragon 855. This game will run at 60fps, but you have to be at medium settings 75 resolution scale, and the last thing i want to show you here is the emulator launcher i use on this tablet, be it handheld mode or in samsung dex. This is dig. I’Ve got a custom theme installed. I can scroll through all of my systems, it’ll automatically download the box art for me. I’Ve done a video on this. I think last year, it’s a really nice launcher, but we do need more updates. So yeah this on the big screen or the built in screen on the tablet looks really good and we can launch our games directly from here. So we’ll go with uh sonic colors for wii, and it automatically detected that i had the dolphin emulator installed. It’S going to start the game up right here for me, so i completely understand that 300 is a lot for a tablet, but when it comes to android tablets, this is definitely one of the best you can get. If it’s, not this one it’s going to be the samsung galaxy s7, which has the snapdragon 865 but i’ve, taken a look at those refurbished and they’re still around 450 to 550, depending on the storage variant. But if you’re looking for a good android tablet.

Right now that has a lot to offer the tab. Six is really hard to beat at 309 dollars refurbished, make sure you don’t get tripped up and by the s6 light on accident it’s. Nowhere near the performance of the s6 but yeah. The s6 offers phenomenal native android game support great cloud gaming performance here. As long as you’ve got a good connection, awesome emulation performance, it’s, not going to run every single gamecube and wii game at full speed, but there’s a ton of the library that will be fully playable on this device when it comes to dreamcast, psp n64 pc engine Fba neo geo it’s going to run it all just fine when you pair this up with a controller like the ipega 9083, you got an awesome big screen, handheld console for emulation, gaming and cloud gaming, and then, when you get to the house, you can plug this. In over hdmi, and have it all on the big screen for you, so you can just sit back and play your favorite games like that, but that’s gon na wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in picking something like this up. I will leave a link in the description. I’Ll also leave links for that controller i used and the hdmi adapter. If you have any questions about anything you saw in this video or if you want to see anything else running on the tab. S6.