So you could stay tuned to all my new videos dropping weekly, and so you can help the channel grow, alright, so i’m going to open it up for you guys. So this is what it looks like out of the package, and this is a rugged case. I found on amazon, so it is pretty easy to install just take your surface slide it in and then you kind of snap it and we’re all done all right. So now that the case is on, I do want to go over a couple different functions about it, so i do want to mention that this case does lift your screen off of any surface that it’s on by a little bit, because it does have a raised. Lip here across going across all around so that’s, definitely an advantage if you don’t have your type cover on your surface screen is not going to touch the surface it’s on, so that is great to reduce any possible scratching and show you guys all around it. So this is the top here we can see. There are little cutouts for um venting going to the side. There is an area for your pen and there’s additional vents. Here we have a cutout area for the kickstand, so it’s not impeded at all, and you can definitely use that while the case is on going around, we have cutouts for the um, the aux cord, the USB C and the power, and the bottom is right here.

So i do want to mention that it doesn’t have a like tight as a glove fit. There is a little bit of a loose area here and it’s also a little bit thin and the material is it’s decent it’s, not amazing, by any means, but i mean for a budget case it’s pretty good for the um the power like little slit here. It is a little bit tight when you try to connect your uh power supply, so i’ll try to show you guys that you do have to kind of push it in a little bit to make sure that it’s securely in there and coming around to this side. With the pen holder there, it does take a little bit of force to try and get that in there. They did make this part tight as well, so i definitely do have to kind of push to get it in there all right, so it doesn’t just slide in there’s. Definitely some force that is required um. That is not my favourite thing about the case, but i mean you’re able to get it in there, but it does require some substantial force, all right and it does have the holder here. You can just slide your hand in and carry it around so i’m going to go ahead and attach the type cover for you guys. So here is the type cover with this magnetic connection. There we go attaches super easy you’re, still able to use the type cover with this case on.

But one thing i do want to point out is that you’re not able to use the type cover in the upright position like this, because the case does not allow it. If you do want to use it in the upright position, you can’t do that with this case on because it just falls down, but if you’re, okay, just using it in the downright position like that, when you do type, then you should be fine. I also wanted to show you that there is the locking mechanism right here for your type cover, so without it it just flops open, but when you do lock it, it stays there so that’s something that’s, definitely convenient if you’re gon na like slide this in a Backpack or something you don’t have your type cover flapping around and your screen stays clean because the type cover is covering it for you, okay, so considering the price of this case and the quality of it, the look as well, i would go ahead and give this A 6.2 out of 10. now, if you are definitely a student, if you’re someone who’s on an extreme budget, i would go ahead and recommend this for you and give it a thumbs up. If you do want to go pick it up. I posted a link in the description below for you to check out if you are interested in buying this. So this amazon case purchase is kind of like the budget version of the Kensington Microsoft surface go 2 and surface go case, so i’m going to be reviewing um that one today, basically, the Kensington case was in the 50’s plus tax.

I will post the description and link below for you to check that out, but this one is the budget version and there’s differences in the quality here and in the construction and the fit and stuff like that. Definitely a budget case, and you can tell but hey for something that’s like in the 20’s it’s, not bad at all.