For this video, like i said today, i’m going to be unboxing atom page that i got, or this was sent to me by the max philippines um recently la casa in the current online shop here in the philippines and also, i know international brancella and mostly no More products, laptop or gadgets and just a disclaimer i’m, not gon na – do like a full order in depth review they don’t laptop. They say again, this is not a tech channel or i know some technical terms but i’m just going to show you what’s inside and go on um initial or first impression code is all right. So, as you can see, here’s a box number like it already logo and it looks like you know, man as a transformer in the movie, so very cool by the way. This is the b max x, 15 model, so yeah let’s open this one wow. So when you open the box among accessories – oh yeah, again, Music nikita from other brands, known windows laptop as you can see in my color white chat and very clean – and you can see here again your logo, okay, so let’s open, so let’s see, if maybe got Basha or Music is, as you can see, full size in keyboard, yeah like edge to edge, and then here super line and trap pod again like on paper for me, um, as you can see, it’s very wide Music windows laptop. I find the design on very sleek and premium and manipulation guys, but budget friendly laptop shops.

It is, and, as you can see in the glossy, which is good for me, because i’m smoking slick couple measurements top super smooth in ganda, so you guys finally, some setup that laptop – and this is what it looks like in spring yeah again, this one has a Full version on windows 10. for the screen quality, lemon, guys, it’s, really good and very bright on screen, like indeed volume quality Music. You can use them as like external webcam overall for the fighting it on laptop super ohio shop for mohanda go work from home or monday only schooling. They said this one can handle like basic computer tasks like excel or internet browsing or um, watching netflix or youtube videos super good, doesn’t quality on at and for the price point at 15, 995 pesos only budget friendly nasha and super birthday enough for its price. So i’ll be putting a link down below so you can check this one out because the mirrors along shops are shopping and your so that’s it for this video and for the unboxing and mini reviewing it on bmx, 15 laptop so anyway.