Now, like a lot of these emails that i get, i began to dismiss this and move on, but something about it got me curious. So i went on amazon and i found this tablet and this thing retails a hundred and thirty nine dollars its supposed to be running android, 11 and from the outside appearance. This thing looks okay for a hundred and forty dollars. It might be more than okay. So i decided this might be a fun experiment to check in with the world of affordable, dare i say, cheap android tablets and see what they are fully capable of doing today now in 2022.. So i have here with me today the plimpton plim pad p50, which i will resist at all cost from calling a plumbus, because that would be very unprofessional and were going to take a look at im, going to put it through its paces and im. Going to tell you if its worth the money, so the first thing we need to do is lets look at the box here now, ive already unboxed it. It was kind of a pretty typical unboxing experience, but this is what youre going to get in the mail. Should you order this and honestly, it looks pretty nice youve got some nice colorful holographic lettering up here, which is pretty solid. On the back side, we have some specifications that we can go over plympad p50. This thing runs an octa core cpu, which i did some research on, and i managed to determine that this is a unisock t16 processor, which is not particularly powerful, but i think youll be surprised at what its capable of doing later on in this video.

Its got a front facing and rear facing camera, which i will show you samples of as well. 10.1 inch ips touch screen 1080p. Obviously this is 60hz. So no high refresh right here – 4 gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, which is also not crazy, but there is micro, sd expansion, so thats pretty nice to have. It is capable of 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz wi fi. Although there will be more on that as well comes with a charger and a cable, crazy, radical idea there and overall yeah thats pretty much what you get in the box. Taking a look now at the actual tablet itself: weve got you know relatively large bezels, but i dont think that theyre anything too particularly radically crazy. We have on this side here a power button as well as your volume rocker, a usbc port kind of odd that the usbc is on the same side as these guys here, because lets say youre going to be charging and using it. Now your volume and power on the bottom thats a little bit weird, but whatever it is what it is on the bottom. We have two stereo speakers and some kind of a pogo connector, where i think there might be a keyboard case or something, but i couldnt actually find a listing for that on their amazon page or anything like that. On the back side, this is made of some sort of metal, which is evidently relatively soft, because if you can see this here, ive already managed to scratch the back of it thats going to happen on this thing.

It is what it is, and then there is your led flash with a camera bump on the back, and there, of course is, as i mentioned, your sd card slot so powering the thing on the first thing that i noticed was, of course the screen, and i Got to talk about the screen for just a second, because its not very good, if we crank this thing up to maximum brightness, which is where we are now, it is still just not very bright at all. This thing just does not get very bright. It does at least manage to kind of maintain itself when youre off axis it doesnt do anything too crazy when youre, when youre wildly off access, i have installed nova launcher on here. The default launcher just looks like a pretty stock. Android launcher. You go to your left page and you get a google feed and its pretty stock bone basic. I went ahead and installed nova just because that is easier for me to use the biggest problem i see with this thing is probably going to be this screen like i said this is max brightness lets compare this rather unfairly to a much more expensive tablet in The galaxy tab s7, which, if we put right here below and lets, go ahead and max out the brightness here, and hopefully this will come across on the video – it probably wont, but this is wildly brighter than this screen here is.

I would say that we are at about a similar brightness here and were maybe a third of the way up to slider on the s7. Now, of course, this is a very unfair comparison, because the s7 is much more expensive than the plim pad. However, the problems with the screen for me continue lets, go to youtube here, which youll notice launches relatively quickly and lets pull up a video of myself, and the biggest thing that i notice here is that some areas that are bright are really bright and some areas That are dark are really dark. Its weird its like some kind of weird hdr thing going on its, not hdr, but it just looks odd to me. The shadows are just wildly dark and theres no detail in them at all, and i actually dug into some settings here and lo and behold, there is a color and contrast section, and i tried all these different settings and really automatic contrast is the best its going To get, and even then its, not that great, but if thats something you can overlook, it doesnt look horrible its, not something that is just totally unusable, but it is something that i need to mention. That being said, a big part of the multimedia consumption aspect of something like this are the speakers and, of course this has two bottom firing. Stereo speakers so lets go ahead and open up lets just do youtube, music and well do a rather dynamic song that i love to use for testing and im only going to play for a brief moment, because i dont want to get demonetized and that will be Hook by blues traveler, the microphone is all of about this.

Far away from the tablet lets go ahead and let this play and youll be able to hear what im experiencing here on maximum Music volume and again tab s7, which are some of the best tablet. Speakers in the market for a very unfair comparison, Music and, of course there is no real comparison there. But of course this is like five times more expensive than this, and i would describe the sound as being probably on the bad side of of audio. It is rather distorted sounding it was kind of almost a staticky sound to it. Its pretty loud ill, give it that but theres almost no bass, its all sort of mids and highs, not a particularly good set of speakers. However, if all youre going to use it for is watching something on youtube, well, its really two fold one, the thing has curved screens on the inside, which makes screen protect. Could you get around it? Could you use it absolutely? That is the case and if we jump over to something like netflix youll find that this is a totally passable experience. So in terms of just multimedia consumption, i think the plum pad p50 is going to get a passing grade here again for 140 and in general, its relatively quick. I mean when we launch different applications lets launch edge. Here you can kind of see how fast all of that did. Work lets go to the plimpton website and youll see how quickly that does.

In fact, load scrolling is relatively smooth. The web browsing experience is going to be pretty solid. Launching the play store, get an idea there as well. This is relatively quick. I mean this thing actually does bounce around the operating system pretty quickly, and that is despite the fact that if we pull up a screenshot, i took here of a geekbench score that were dealing with a geekbench score of 350 for single core and 1268 for multicore, Which is, dare i say, very, very bad, its almost one third of what something like the tab s7 does get, but somehow this thing does actually perform pretty admirably. So i mentioned the cameras in the beginning of this. Video lets. Take a look here at what kind of quality you can expect out of the front facing camera and look its a tablet, its a cheap tablet front facing camera. Perhaps you want to do a video call or something like that thats going to be passable, you can see what kind of level of detail we have here. What about the actual world facing camera? Well, in that regard, youve got this its kind of a washed out, not again, it is what it is for comparison here is a picture taken by the tab. S7. There you go for a comparison, which is not a great picture either its not super detailed, but the colors definitely pop a bit more and it is definitely more detailed than what you get on the plan pad, but lets be honest, youre not buying this thing.

To take pictures with the cameras are cool that theyre there, but its not something that youre really going to be using. However, something that you might want to use this thing for and its actually a legitimate use case for this shockingly is gaming. So lets jump into a whole bunch of gaming tests on the plympad p50 lets jump first into minecraft, because that is a game that a lot of people use and im picturing. In my mind, for this, this is a cheap kind of disposable tablet that you might buy and give to a child, because this is something that again its not super expensive. Can they play some of the games that they enjoy playing on this thing, absolutely so lets jump into minecraft here, just right out of the box. No change settings at all youll get an idea here of how fast all this does work as we load in now, and there we go. We are in my uh minecraft world that ive not looked at in quite some time, but it does still exist. This is a little awkward trying to play from this perspective, but forgive me i look like i dont know what im doing its also been a little while and i dont really ever play on android. So let me try and get kind of a vantage point here. Ive also got to deal with the glare from from my light as well, which actually might look better if it was turned off.

Can you see better now they move up here. Lets look around a little bit and youll see you know. Maybe you cant tell. Maybe you can, but this is actually running extremely well im. Getting effectively no frame drops at all its running. Absolutely buttery, smooth minecraft is an absolute win. What about pokemon unite? This is a game that has gained some popularity over the last little bit. Lets see how it runs now, as you see there, im downloading some update data, and this is a good place for me to mention that when i had this thing connected to a five gigahertz wi fi connection, it kept dropping the wi fi. Did it like three or four times i switched over to the 2.4 gigahertz version of my wi fi, and i have not had the first dropout at all. Dont know what to make of that. It is what it is. Your mileage may vary, but it doesnt seem to like five gigahertz wi fi in my experience. Okay, so lets just do a practice battle here, real quick, because i dont want to jump into an online match and then quit out of it. That would be. That would be very rude, so here we are in pokemon unite. We are loading into a practice match here and you can see my loading progress there. Is it the fastest thing in the world to load in no, but is it unplayable? Is it too slow to use absolutely not and once youre in the game, youre gon na see no problems at all this thing runs just fine pokemon unite is absolutely no problem at all.

For this thing, pokemon unite is another win. Lets push things a bit further. Lets go to pubg mobile, while were loading into pub g mobile. I also want to point out that normal android 11 things as this is android 11 do work. You can in fact do split screen. So if you wanted to do multiple things at once, even on this relatively low powered processor – guess what you actually can. I know this is only four gigs of ram, but, as ive talked about before, you dont actually need 12 gigs of ram on android to be able to get by. You can do it on quite a bit less, and i think that this will kind of prove the point there that this is totally doable. So here we are in the pre match lobby and you will see that everything is running pretty darn. Well, i mean i had a little stutter there, but people are still loading in and this kind of is a little bit difficult. Well, let it load in where im actually in the plane and get on the ground so that we can fully experience it. But let me just tell you: we are running absolutely fine, not a problem in the world playing pub g mobile on this thing, all right, we are flying overhead, the wonderful island of erangel or erin geld opinion on how you choose to pronounce it lets just go Ahead and jump here and get on the ground im, not a big player of pub g mobile, but i did play a ton of pub pubg on the pc when it came out, but the mobile version, just doesnt, really do much for me.

I cant do touch screen controls, but im more than happy to get on the ground here and show you guys how this does run on this again. 140 dollar tablet and the screen problems i mentioned earlier in games like this dont really seem to be a problem. Its more in video content than it is in games and games. The screen looks totally passable. You can see there some of the geometry popping in as i get closer. That is to be expected on something like this, but absolutely not a deal breaker all right. We are on the ground here and lets see if we can find ourselves a gun. This is running great theres, really no problems here and, if youre, the type of person that likes to play these mobile games, youre, certainly a different person than i am because i am struggling mightily just to walk around in this. But if youre this kind of person, i would argue that i would argue that youre going to be able to have a pretty good time playing this. Oh, that was a quick clip, were gon na get closer okay. Well, we killed somebody. So there you go pub g mobile is another win for the plim pad. What about on some emulators lets jump to something? Absolutely crazy here. Lets jump to dolphin, which is a gamecube emulator were going to load up wind waker. Now ive got this thing running it. Pretty much just stock settings, i dont have it uprest or upscaled or anti aliasing.

Anything like that at all. This is just exactly as it should be, because when i go any further, i do run into performance problems and things dont run particularly well. But if we jump in here to wind waker, i think youre going to be pleasantly surprised to see that this is actually probably playable so im getting like 22 23 fps here now. Is this the greatest performance in the world that ive ever seen? No, its not but were emulating a gamecube on a 140 dollar android tablet that is pretty impressive and im sure you could tweak some setting to get the performance up even better than that. Let me show you what im talking about here in terms of the frame rate you can kind of see it yourself, i think thats, pretty impressive. Actually so gamecube is going to be hit or miss its going to be dependent upon the games that you are in fact playing, but other emulators are going to run just fine. So something like the nintendo ds is going to be a really good experience for sure. So you can see here this is running totally smoothly, its probably running as well as it ever did on the actual ds. So i would say you know low end. Emulation is going to be something youre going to be able to do pretty well on this thing, if you wanted to pair a bluetooth controller or something you would be able to do that on here, as well without a whole lot of problem, are you going to Be you know, emulating the ps2 and things like that? No probably not, but a lot of android gaming is accessible to you on this.

In fact, pub g mobile pokemon unite minecraft pocket city ive even tested cod mobile on here, which i guess people are going to get mad at me. If i dont show cod mobile, so i guess well load it up too okay. So here we are in a match on cod mobile, a game that i also have no ability to play it all. But this is running really smoothly see if i can go get myself killed here. Real quick. This game actually looks pretty solid. I almost killed again all right, i got ta kill. I mean. Is that good enough? Is that good enough to have gotten a kill? I cant believe how bad i am at mobile games like there are children that will just absolutely dominate me on something like this and after all, the testing that we just did, which was quite a bit. A lot of stuff got cut down and edited down as im loading in and out of games. Obviously, you didnt see everything that happened im sitting at 76 battery, so ive lost about a quarter of the battery while doing these things. So, while gaming, the battery life, probably isnt going to be unbelievable, but luckily they packed in a charger this time, unlike everybody else, so you could just keep the thing plugged in if you need to do that personally, im pretty surprised at how good these budget or Dare i say, cheap android tablets have gotten for me.

The biggest drawback is still probably going to be the screen and the speakers theyre pretty lackluster. But if you can get past that, in particular, if youre, maybe a younger individual youre buying this for your son, your daughter, your niece, your nephew, your grandson, your granddaughter, etc, etc, theyre – probably not going to notice these things and for 140, the thing is made of Metal here on the back, maybe its going to be a little bit more durable than a than something thats glass on glass, something more premium that you dont want to give to a child for them to destroy. I think its a great choice for something like this or lets say youre, someone that just wants a cheap tablet to throw in a bag that you dont have to worry about. I think theres a good use case for that as well. This is not a galaxy tab. Competitor but again i keep saying this over and over its cheap 140 is disposable income for some people, maybe not right now, because the world is on fire, but it used to be disposable income for some people, and maybe it still is for some of you and At that price, i think the plumpton plum pad p50, too many p words in there. For my taste, i think its a pretty solid tablet – and i just cant stress enough how surprised i continue to be at how well these things perform in gaming.

You can actually get some gaming done on this thing, set it up on a dock pair, a controller bluetooth to it, maybe stream from your computer over steam or moonlight. Something like that. Theres a lot of use cases for something this inexpensive, thanks again to blimpton for sending this tablet over. If you want to check it out yourself, there will be an affiliate link in the description down below that like button which you might as well click on your way down there. It does help the algorithm quite a bit thanks for making it to the end of this, rather in depth, video and gaming demonstration. If you enjoyed the video, which you probably did, because you just watched all of it – click that subscribe button, so you dont miss the next one and until next time stay dirty.