While i was gone its funny because i actually bought the bridge one so that i could avoid paying a hundred dollars extra for apples offering, but i actually really ended up liking that keyboard a lot like a lot of things about that keyboard just nailed it so Well that at that time i had decided, i wanted to keep it, but this keyboard from bridge is also really really good, which means that i have to make a pretty tough decision by the end of this video of whether or not i will be switching over To bridges offering well welcome to my full review and lets go ahead and dive right in Music before we continue dont forget that i have a twitch channel, that you can go ahead and follow me on or live microphone reviews and much more than that. Well, youre. Also going to for my instagram and a link to the text on the discord in the description so come join the community because it is a pretty cool. One. Weve also opened up a patreon as of late, where, if you join youll, be automatically entered to win one tech gadget every month in our exclusive giveaways, details of that are going to be down below dont forget to check out the description for everything now lets get Right into the video now this month, as part of the patreon giveaway were going to be giving away a white razer siren mini as well as a piece of merch from the tech summit.

Store that you, like the most. So, if youre interested in that, then do make sure to go down to the patreon, because we would very much appreciate it and really does go a long way to helping us out now back to the review. So lets begin with an unboxing inside of this box. Youre just going to find the keyboard cover and some instructions thats literally it. This is the most bare bones. Unboxing ever since you dont even get a usb c cable in the box, you get nothing besides the keyboard itself, so the exterior design consists of aluminum. Similarly, to other bridge keyboards for the ipad pro, the one that i bought was for my 12.9 inch ipad pro and this one actually features a massive trackpad in comparison to other ones, a very spacious keyboard and, although not unique to this size in particular, its also Got a brand new hinge to make it more laptop, like i suppose, thicker features this magnetic hard case for setting your ipad and it works really well. This almost looks like the perfect accessory for the ipad pro because it turns it into basically a 13 inch macbook clone. This is also a decently device in comparison to the magic keyboard, but they surprisingly weigh about the same regardless. I really like this new design, because it also offers a hinge that is just as strong as the magic keyboard since i have no issues applying quite a bit of pressure on this display when im, drawing or just writing on the screen or anything like that.

Its pretty good – this is one of my biggest concerns honestly before getting it, and it has been erased entirely and lets go ahead and talk about the actual keyboard performance. In other words, what is it like to type on this keyboard? Its all right, i honestly find the individual buttons to be pretty small in comparison to the magic keyboards, which i do miss its not really as clicky, either so typing on it simply really isnt as satisfying. But it is still a pretty decent keyboard in its own right, and i dont really have too much to complain about here. I can type pretty quickly and accurately, but i do find myself coming across more typos on average dont get me wrong, though i do like this and i still am satisfied with it, but i think that bridge should have probably taken some more notes or some more Cues from apple, in this case pun absolutely intended. However, the keyboard is definitely quieter than the magic keyboard itself by quite a lot like by landslide, which a lot of people will appreciate for sure, especially if youre sharing a space with somebody else. But i personally do prefer the clickier louder keys, because yeah thats just the kind of person i am so i would say that the keyboard is really just fine and the best thing about this whole package, in my opinion, is really going to be the trackpad because It is massive about the size, if not the same size as the trackpad on the macbook air, which is awesome, its not clickable everywhere and only around the bottom portion, but it is very satisfying to use this trackpad, in my opinion, is better than the one on The magic keyboards because of the size and texture but ive, noticed that gestures work just as effectively on the trackpad, unlike how it has been on previous iterations of bridges, own keyboards, which tend to have really terrible trackpads.

That basically did not work at all. Most importantly, theres more room for executing gestures, which does make using this ipad feel like using a macbook more so than the magic keyboard allows for. If im completely honest here, i love this trackpad and what theyve done with it here? As for the battery life, we still have a pretty solid battery for this keyboard. This keyboard connects to the ipad pro over bluetooth and not through the pins on the back of the ipad, which means that there has to be a wireless connection between the two at all times, and that also requires turning on the keyboard. After going to sleep – and it will do that fairly often – which is something i dont exactly love, but anyway, you do get up to three months of battery life on full charge, which is a not an issue for me. So definitely consider the battery life to be pretty good here. So what about my complaints? Well, i find it a little bit annoying to lift up the lid on this laptop since there isnt a lip on the front anymore, but on the side i find that to be just slightly annoying as an inconvenience rather than a serious issue. Really. I do wish that we had gotten wider keys because it would allow for more accuracy when typing from my own personal experience, at least of spending a decent amount of time typing on both this keyboard from bridge and the magic keyboard from apple and again.

I also find the sleeping thing kind of annoying because i do type in bursts, so sometimes there are times where i just end up having to like quickly put the ipad away. Then i pick it back up after lets say like half an hour or so when the keyboard is sleeping. So i have to go and turn it back on uh by pressing the power button, and things like that. You know like just very minor inconveniences, but things that i dont exactly like. It is good for saving battery, but i would prefer to just leave it on at all times, if i figure out a way of getting around that id be more than happy to do so. But i dont see that being the case within bridges on software. But if you know a suggestion, anything that i could do to help that then do make sure to. Let me know in the comments i would love to know so heres. My conclusion bridge did a really good job with this keyboard case for the impact pro. This is the best one theyve ever made since the trackpad models from before were awful in terms of functionality. They basically did not work and were too small to be properly used anyway. This is a very different story, and this keyboard will sell very well because it is a genuinely great product. It is still a really tough choice to make, though, because i cant afford to keep both keyboards here.

So that means that i do have to end up deciding which one i want to keep at the end of the day which one of these keyboards id like more so heres. The thing they both are fantastic and i wish i could combine the two features of the two but im staying with the bridge keyboard, because i do prefer its design. I prefer the trackpad on it and i prefer how the hinge is handled here as well, and i also can return the magic keyboard to apple for a much more significant refund. But jokes aside, i do like bridges offering just that much more and i can strongly recommend this option over the magic keyboard, so yeah highly recommend it and if youre interested in buying either one of these keyboards and ill be making sure to leave affiliate links to What i can down in the description and also non affiliate links since i have a feeling that bridges keyboard is not on amazon or anything like that. I do decide to use any of my links and i would appreciate that quite a bit. Theres also going to be a bundle, which is something i did end up using as well for being able to finance both keyboards as a matter of fact, because both of these are pretty expensive, the bund is going to be a very simple to use service. Thats going to allow for very easy financing and its not going to require your credit card from you at all, so i do encourage you to give that a try links to that down below again, if you use any of my links, id appreciate that quite a Bit and if you need help like searching for other kinds of alternatives, theres always going to be luster and luster is going to be a great solution like when it comes to finding sales, and things like that like.

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