2 max plus keyboard case with trackpad for the ipad, 8th and 7th gen here’s. The thing i wanted to love this product and i think it’s an okay product. It retails uh, 129.99. 129.99, so 130 bucks – and i got a few days ago and since i’m mocking the ipad air 8. I wanted something that would essentially turn it into a laptop and and and that functionality it actually does that so i’m going to open it here, and i want you to listen as i do. I don’t know if you heard that let’s try that again, but you hear that pop or click or whatever that’s not reassuring. Now i don’t know if that’s putting pressure on the screen or it’s one of the hinges or whatever the case may be, but as you can see, i’m pressing this and i’m pressing the button see it works now. But i usually leave my ipad in laptop mode. Like this open for a while, and since this is connected via bluetooth, you kind of got to wake up the keyboard before you wake up the ipad, so that’s a notch against it. There uh the keyboard’s nice though don’t get me wrong. It has a nice healthy trackpad, you know the keys feel fine. All that kind of stuff i mean it’s, fine, it’s a little cramped, but i mean it can only be as big as the ipad. It holds the apple pencil up here. You know it has drop protection, it’s a pretty meaty case, as you can see from this angle, but it’s it’s, a bluetooth powered and this battery they say will last six months depending on the level of brightness.

So you have keyboard brightness and all that here, it’s it’s, fine, all that’s fine. I got two major issues with this thing that are driving me up. The wall and i’ve been using this thing for a few days now and i’m ready to bring it back and i’ll. Tell you first issue. First issues here you take the ipad out. You got this nice case. Don’T get me wrong. It’S it’s co made by autobox fine. Getting this thing back in and aligned is a nightmare. I mean you got ta slot it in and even then it’s not fully aligned and you got ta smoosh it back in i wan na. I want a case where i can pop it out pop it back in no problem. No questions asked you get what i’m saying and this thing once you take it out, so you got ta push down and all that thing it’s just not reassuring, and i know sooner or later, i’m gon na break the damn thing. Okay, see now it’s going back in now because it’s on camera, but even here, listen as it closes hear that that creaking that’s not reassuring okay, especially for 129 dollar device. Another thing, let me see if i can find the cable here eventually sooner or later, you’re gon na have to recharge your keyboard case. Fine, it’s, bluetooth, natural, look, how long of a cable they give you and this won’t plug into my uh. It won’t power via my uh uh, usb hub in the back i mean it’s, just like what the hell you know and let’s see.

If i can try it again, yeah i don’t know if you can hear that click, but let me see if i can zoom in here here’s my main concern the hinge. Obviously it needs to clamp onto the ipad at some point but i’m worried over time. You see it’s causing an air bubble there on my tempered glass screen protector i’m worried over time. I say: can you hear it more that that’s eventually going to crack the screen protector and eventually the screen itself? I have big concerns about this now. I will applaud bridge redesigning their uh hinges: i’ve used bridge products in the back in the past and, as you can see, they’re redesigned and there’s magnets in here let’s swipe that aside, but again lining that up. I mean it’s going now, but look see how it’s kind of still misaligned and i want something where i could just pull it out and slap it back in and not have have to worry about lining it up and all that kind of stuff i mean it’s It’S, a nitpick but it’s one that’s driving my ocd up a wall. You get what i’m saying it’s like come on. I just i just want a damn thing: that’s going to and even getting it out, you kind of got to yank it out. I mean because there’s magnets back here and there’s, obviously there’s got to be magnets. You don’t they’re not marked out on the case and, as you can see here, there’s a guide for the case right there’s, a guide for the case.

Let me get that clear glare off. I just had notes up to see uh what this thing is actually called. So i get it right and you can kind of line it up, but now watch see it’ll probably work now because it’s yeah, because it it goes into a sleep mode, and this is this – is the main issue, the taking it out of the hinge and all That that’s a nitpick it drives me up a wall sometimes because that’s like oh, i took it out now. I got ta finagle with it for for a minute or two to get it back in properly, but i usually leave my laptop case. My ipad open like this right after 15 minutes the keyboard itself shuts off as it should to save power, because this is not connected to the ipad via a magnetic pogo pin like the apple keyboards and the logitech ones, but i usually keep the ipad let’s see. Let’S, can i move it over here chilling in the corner, then i go to work on it and right now, yeah even now see now it’s working, but it takes forever like after 15 minutes. Then i got ta wake up the keyboard by pressing the power button. Just to get it to open that, so it kind of defeats the purpose for my particular uses now do i recommend it if you can get over those two issues, it’s not a bad case, but it’s it’s, just not it’s, not for me, you get what i’m Saying i will still recommend if you can get past those two issues, but overall, no so anyway, this is al.