This is a part two of this video part. One was the initial unboxing of the pre release model. The link of that will be in this description below and if you like, these type of videos, please like and subscribe as we’ll, be doing these videos kind of often this was the initial release version of the framepad, which caused me a lot of problems and trying To get a replacement of it, this one had no battery and no additional accessories, so it was just a screen on itself just freestanding not even a stand to come with it, yes, dead pixels, which was the main concern of this initial release. So now to the unboxing of the supposed form release i say supposed, because apparently this has nothing on it. Just completely white they branding the box is just completely not marked you wouldn’t even know what it is. I actually had to open it beforehand to find out what it was to create this video. So opening up you just get this big piece of firm, really simple packaging and the new frame pad itself. This should be the battery powered version, still no obvious power button. But from what i have found, this volume rocker is actually the power button see if there is power yeah. So this is the battery creator yep. So this new version, it seems actually, okay with the screen. I don’t see any obvious markings or damage, so it looks good so far, so we’ll just do the peel.

There was a far better peel than the previous one as well, where the actual tab just broke. The plus mic for that, so this is a touch screen, monitor that you could connect a cell phone to the device scan a code to open the application. But then it still requires a bluetooth connection inside the app to use the touchscreen and they are different modes. There is an ios mode and you can actually change the mode by clicking on this power button or the volume rocker, and you can change it to usb hdmi and a usbc connection, brightness setting contrast and volume on the side. We have the headphone connection 3.5, mil two usb type c. This one is just for power. Apparently it is not a thunderball connection and hdmi. On the other side, we have the volume, rocker and power button, as well as three usbs, which i think are 3.0 again. It seems like the sound, are just two little speakers on the back of the device we’ll test, the sound a bit later to see what else is in the box seems like you get a little instruction manual, just a generic stand, a usb type c to type C connection and hdmi to hdmi a really short one, as well as an australian power, brick at least the last time. They just use a generic power, brick not to my country region at all, and this is just a standard usb to type c connection, and they should be a smart case, but it seems like they didn’t include it in this box at all.

They should have been a case since that was ordered with the rest of the package, but it seems like we did not get one in ios mode. It still seems like there. Some issues with the whole touch functionality. It seems like, as you can see, the error is kind of not in the correct orientation unless it’s in the other way. But, interestingly enough, there is no rotation to this, so you actually have to rotate the actual device itself and now it’s in the correct orientation. For the mouse not really too good right now, they still haven’t fixed that so the only way to work it with the correct orientation with the mouse is by just having it in the portrait mode which doesn’t use the entire screen, while changing devices. I did find a bit of a hardware issue. It seems like on the edges. You could pick it up on the video for a little bit but there’s, actually, some light bleed through the edges of the device, since this was just a kickstarter project. I might just accept that for a little bit because of all the other issues this device had, but having a light bleed for a fairly new device for any other brand. I probably would not accept that at all, but since this was a cheaper device, yeah whatever i guess i kind of gave up on this project a while back testing it on an android device, it seems like touch.

Sensitivity, is far better it’s near real issues. Unfortunately, rotating the device still does nothing. You actually have to divide, have to rotate the actual device itself. Like that so yeah, you actually have to rotate the physical device, not this unit, which is a bit of a bummer, but since it’s connecting through bluetooth, we can’t really do too much about that. Color reproduction, though, is definitely not the best, and it does tend to seem really just dull. Overall, this project, this device would probably be like probably one of my lowest ratings. Unfortunately, for the device itself, it could have been a lot better, but due to a lot of hardware issues and problems with the company that i dealt with with this, they cannot easily recommend it. However, apparently they are bringing touch, touch, support to the windows platform. Currently, no touch support is available on windows, but it is coming and to connect the screen to ios and android. It seems like you just use the standard usb cable, so you don’t need to get any additional cable that you don’t have lying around. So just a standard, usb, cable to lightning connection for an ipad or apple devices or usb to usb type c for android devices, as well as connections via type c and hdmi for windows devices, but currently no touch, support and testing it even more. It seems like i have scratched the device itself like the actual tablet is working but yeah.

This thing is just not not working right now, just froze, but apparently touch. Some sensitivity still seems to be working, so i could actually use the touch to touch the actual device but yeah the actual screen phrase, not good and testing it as well. It seems like screen mirroring kind of works, but then, if i try to go into the dex mode, the desktop type mode, it tends to just completely crash. So if we activate text now, let’s see what happens: yep it’s crashed actual device, that’s still working so yeah. It just completely crashes in the dex mode, not great, and i have updated the app. I have no idea why it’s not working interestingly enough when trying to share audio it doesn’t go to this tablet at all. It just remains on the original device Music. If i’m doing something wrong, let me know, but i can’t seem to get music coming out from these speakers, connecting it via windows seems to give slightly better results, but it does seem like the color. Reproduction is still really dull and no real way to actually fix that. I could put the brightness up, but the colors in the background, compared to the actual one that i have it’s like really different ones: a lot cleaner and a lot better. But this one is just dull as heck: they should have done a lot better with the screen just testing the speakers on this. Finally, since it does work through windows but yeah, the sound is really muffled and quite low as well.

The speakers are only on the back, so it’s not really faced forward anyway, but it’s really just really tinny speakers again. This device did not come with a smart case, but it came with this included. Really generic like stand. So if we try to put it on let’s open this up, yeah that’s really a bit dodgy yeah. It just doesn’t, really support the tablet too. Well, it automatically just pushed it back, not a great display stand. They say this is not my first time with portable monitors. While i was waiting for this one, i did get a proper portable monitor for my computer, which is this one here which actually did come with a smart case and that this is a much bigger screen and i have been using it quite a lot. But this is probably stand and it sounds even taller Music considering. I think this would be a type of smart case which would have come with the fan pad. I don’t know if it’s similar or not just my estimate, since the fan pad never came with the smart case. However, this tablet did – and this is the proper company asus republic of gamers – and they came up with a proper display – just testing this anyway, for the differences between the fan pad and this az portable monitor. This monitor itself has a lot better, color reproduction right from the start and as well. This is a more matte panel, meaning that you don’t really get the reflection of this crazy glossy panel, which you could see like everything on the screen this one here, you don’t really get that much of a glare you get a bit of it, but it’s.

Definitely not as glossy so a far better portable monitor and a lot better, build, no light bleed or anything and the sound for this one as well, not the best, sound but it’s still front facing, but yeah. This is still kind of tinny speakers, but it’s. Definitely a lot louder. Another fan pants again to kick the fan pad and the dust. This thing actually does have a proper one to say, stand which comes on really easily with a click. Now that is the monitor yep, so i guess that’s it really. The bell between the good versus the new one, which i hope was hateful for, but was just bad. Unfortunately, i cannot easily recommend this portable monitor. It is cheap, though so you may or may not want to get it, but it’s really lacking and it doesn’t stand up to any of the better, more portable monitors which come with all the accessories so yep this fan pad did i only give it a pass. If it wasn’t for kickstarter anyways, thank you guys for watching.