You may need help to set up the printer because it is quite heavy and the setup may take about 25 minutes. You can also connect your printer to your phone and download the brother iprint and scan app from the play store then follow the steps. First, nine steps under wireless connection and the instructions on your application to connect the devices you can also wirelessly connect your printer to your phone without the router using Wi Fi Direct, the brother rate, the mfcj 5855dw printer at 30 PPM for color and monochrome prints. This is an excellent speed and rates above most printers in the market. Most printers have speeds of between 15 to 26 PPM. I tested the printer by printing monochrome papers, color documents and photos. I recorded the print time and calculated the printer speed. The printer recorded 31 PPM for my monochrome documents, which is one PPM faster than the brothers rating, the printer for color documents. The printer recorded an impressive record of 26.5 PPM first page out fpo times on brother printers are fast at around 6 seconds. The mfcj 5855dw is clearly in the top place with a print speed of 16.7 PPM. If I consider how long it takes to print the first page of my monochrome text, only documents for photo print. The printer took 23 seconds to print out my colorful Forex 9 photo. It is at par with other printers, such as Canons Pixma ts9520. Any printer that takes less than 46 seconds to print a 4×6 inch photo is excellent.

My testing is shown that the output quality for text, graphics and photos is often more than adequate. Every text font in my test Suite that youd use in a professional document was readable at six points, most of which were readable at Five Points, despite the fact that at those sizes, individual letters had broken loops and Jagged edges, two of the thick stroked highly stylized Fonts in my test, print tended to fill in loops and the space between letters, even at 12 points, but both were still readable at that level and one was still readable at 10 points Graphics. I printed on Plain paper featured Vivid color and while colored gradients and the printer just about managed to keep a single Pixel wide line on a black backdrop, only in solid black fills on full page images. Did I see any banding and even then it was hardly noticeable photos printed using the glossy photo paper that brother suggests or of consistent drugstore grade the mfcj 5855dw printer is a tank based printer. Thus, the initial starter ink can take you for even a year. Therefore, you wont frequently be refilling, but the produce per Inc refill is worth it. The mscj 5855dw performs admirably regarding running expenses as anticipated from any tank based printer, a regular letter size monochromatic black page costs. One cent in ink, but a color page costs 5 cents. When doing the calculations, you should treat a tabloid page as equal to two letter pages.

The mfcj 5855 printer has a lot of connectivity options such as Wi Fi, NFC, USB and ethernet connectivity. You can connect your printer to your Mac or Windows computer using USB. However, it is essential to note that the printer doesnt come with a USB cable. Hence you must purchase a compatible one. Besides, the USB connection limits you on several features which you can enjoy with other connectivity options. You can connect the printer to a wireless router over which you can connect it to your computer and mobile phone. However, if you lack a wireless router, the printer enables you to connect to it wirelessly through Wi Fi Direct. If you have an NFC compatible mobile phone, you can place the phone on the NFC landing area on the printer and begin printing photos or documents easily. Other mobile connectivity compatible programs are Apple, AirPrint and Google Cloud print from which you can send documents to and from the printer. The Brother MFC j5855dw is a quick printer that handles a 3 and A4 duplex printing. It has a sizeable ink Supply that allows you to print many pages in both mono and color, using simple to replacing cartridges without creating a mess. There are several connecting choices and the print quality is also decent. The brother mfcj 5855dw, all in one AIO printer, worked on up to the tablet size paper and performed well in our testing in terms of speed and output quality, although some missing ADF features constrain its utility Music.