One is chrome browser. Another is definitely brave browser in this video im going to show you everything like how much ram it is using, which is best for you, which is loading faster and all that everything in front of you and im going to do it. So here you can see. I open these two browsers here in the left side you can see. This is a brave browser, and here is a google chrome. First is look wise at the top. You can see. Google chrome looks pretty cool and its look material design in it, and here you can see, looks also good because it is also based on chromium. Right looks wise. I like google chrome because it uses some material design. Okay, so lets check the ram usage in your task manager go into task manager, and here you will see your google chrome using 236 mb spray browser using 386 mb. So i will tell you why brave is good for you theres. The two three reasons for which you can also use brave. If you have low end system, 2gb 4gb ram, then it is recommended to use google chrome because it is taking high ram usage in resources. Usage chrome is winning now lets jump into the speed battle. So for this i run this test for jet stream, so this will tell you like which loads javascript faster on your browser, so bigger score is more better. You can see bray browser, giving 199.

5 and chrome browser giving 212.15. So here you can see. Clearly, chrome is winning right next website im using this motion mod, so this will run your all the graphics like how fast your video running, how fast your images are rendering on your browser, how much time it is taking so in this bigger score is good. Now here you will see web browser got 73527 and chrome browser 885.61. So now, here you can see. Chrome is also winning now test. The speed of browser like how fast is website loading like whenever you search for anything how fast it is giving you response in this case, less score is good and higher score is bad, so babe browser get 158 and chrome getting two one five. So in details you can see runs in minute 163.9, and here you can see two one: nine, okay, so loading website, speed in brave is very very fast. Let me tell you why it is faster because it is blocking some ad trackers which took little time to load your website right. So brave browser just block all these trackers and ads, which is already in website so thats. Why your website loads very, very fast, okay, so lets see how fast this open youtube. So i will put the timer, so you can understand which is faster. Okay, so you can see, i click on this youtube on chrome click on youtube, so chrome is taking little much time to open this youtube website.

If i open this song here, so you will see some ads here and if i open this song here, you will not see any single ad here. If you want to remove all the ads, you want some focused reading watching anything you are doing. If you are a student brave browser is must for you, because you will not see any kind of distraction related to ads. So brave browser is doing a great job here. Another thing related to brave: it is showing you all the things like how many trackers and ad blocks here. You can see 93 ads and tracker block, and you can see it also saving your data right. If you are a user who just use mobile data, you can use this browser as well. So this is the second advantage for this, but in brave you will get here. Some cryptocurrency thing so, like you can see here wallet. So whatever you are searching over the internet, they will show you their ads whenever you view that ad and watch that ad, they are going to pay you okay, so you can support your favorite website and all that. So this is also a great thing, but if you are a guy like who very very strict about their privacy, then i would suggest do not use this brave browser because they dont have very much support related to privacy, but still they are doing great job. But yeah chrome is very, very good in related to privacy, but i use both browser right.

If i want to read anything, then i open this break browser if i am doing anything related to banking, any security related issues, so i use this chrome browser. So if you have good system, you can use both another best thing about this brave is video calling you are getting here, video calling option right, just click on it and you can start a free video call with four people, so you can just click on start Free call so turn on all mic and video, and you can set your particular background which you want like this click apply. You can name it like texan g. So now you can see meeting started. So you can add many people here, like you, can invite people, so you can directly share link like this copy link and share with your friend, so i dont have anyone to join here. So i just showed you how you can do it okay. So this is a great thing they have added in it, so guys these are the some points or comparison between these two browsers. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite and which browser you are using most so guys thats it for this video. I hope you like this video so just hit the like button and do subscribe if you are new on this channel. So, okay guys.