Boyable. M4. Pro okay i’m going to share to you guys about the performance of the microphone, how to set up the microphone? Okay, so without wasting time let’s jump into it. Okay, let’s see the boy are the m4 pro. So this is the box, and this is the royal m4 pro wireless microphone and as we can see on the pictures, this microphone comes with only one transmitter and one receiver, and if you want to buy two transmitter and one receiver, you can buy the boya blm4 Pro k2. Okay, so this product are compatible with the smartphone tablet, pc camera and camcorder. So this is in front of the box and let’s see what’s behind so behind of the box, you can form the features okay, which is the microphone. A super clear, recording, sound comfortable with smartphone is what i have stated here just now. Okay, the microphone has a lightweight compact for easy carrying omnidirectional lavalier microphone, easy to use hard case included, standard camera, shoe mount and clip included for the lavalier mic, and the operational range of this microphone can go up to 50 meter or 164 feet for the operational Range we’re gon na test it after this, so the power supply of the microphone is by two triple a batteries for both transmitter and receiver, and you can found this specification here. Okay, so that’s it for the outside overview. Now we’re going to open this uh product. Okay, so once you open this product, what you will get is uh.

You will get the hard case next, you will get the manual book and you will get the warranty card and sticker from boya, so that’s it now we’re going to open this heart character. For the microphone overview, let’s go okay, now we’re going to see the microphone itself okay. So this is the hard characters from boya okay. So if you buy this product, you will get the hard characters like this now we’re going to open the case, you will get the microphone itself and other equipment related to this microphone. So what you will get is you will get the receiver. So this is the receiver and next you will get the transmitter, and what inside of this plastic is you will get clip for the lavalier mic pop filter and shoe mount okay? Next, what you will get is, you will get the lavalier mic and then you will get two different type of cable, which is trs to trrs for your smartphone and trs to trs for your camera, okay, if you’re confused, which one of the smartphone and which one Of the camera you can see label here it already available here is for smartphone, and the cable without label is for camera. So this is what you will get for. The boya wm4 pro make sure you look at the receiver. The transmitter pop filter shoe mount clip for the lavalier mic: lovely mic, cable for this smartphone, which is trs 2t rrs and cable for camera, the rs2 trs and one handy hard carriage, okay, that’s it now we’re going to test this microphone.

Let’S go okay for those who don’t know what our transmitter and receiver are. The transmitter is function as your microphone again for the receiver receiver is the device used to receive the audio from the transmitter? Okay, so first we start from the transmitter. So this is your transmitter. Okay, what you can find at the top of the transmitter is the line in jack here and the microphone jack here and at the side of the transmitter. You can find the on off button here and the pair button here at the back of the transmitter. Is your clip? Okay, so you can clip this uh transmitter at your belt, like this okay and at the bottom of the transmitter, you can found the battery compartment where you have to provide two triple air batteries for receiver, and this is the receiver, okay, okay, what you can find At the top of the receiver, you can find the line object here and the headphone jack here or earphone, where you can monitor your audio by using a headphone you just plug in your headphones, and you can monitor your audio. So on the side of the receiver. You can find the on off button and the volume button here so what’s. The best of this clip is, you can rotate the clip. Okay, like this or like this, okay, whatever you want like this or like this or like this okay, and also you can replace this clip with the with the human.

So how to replace this clip you just uh push the clip follows the arrow clip like this follows the arrow then done, and if you want to install it back, just follow the arrow at the back of the clip select and just that’s it install. So same goes as the shoe mount. Okay, if you want to install the human, follow the arrow i’m going to install the issue mount okay and if you want to replace the shoe mount, just follow the arrow here: okay, that’s it easy and for both transmitter and receiver found like a signal logo. Here. Okay, please don’t touch that because that plays a role as your antenna. Okay, so if you touch the oil whatsoever, it will affect your signal, so you will not receive a clear or quality audio, so that’s it for the transmitter, endo receiver, now i’m. Going to tell you how to set up this microphone – okay, okay, first it’s! Obviously you need a batteries, so that’s it for the pairing. You don’t need to worry, because this device are auto pair. So now we are going to turn on this device. So i will start with the receiver first, okay, once you’re on the receiver, you will see blue light up here linking okay and take your transmitter and turn it on. So once you turn on the transmitter, the blue light at the receiver will stay blue and the blue light and the transmitter will blinking every 2.

5 seconds. If you use smartphone, you use the trrs cable, which is the cable that has been labeled here and if you use camera, just use the trs 2 trs cable. So for my situation, i’m using a smartphone, so i will use the prrs cable. Okay, just follow the label that has been made here; okay, so for the microphone or the l shape. Okay, you can see the l shape. Okay, this l shape will be plugged in onto the light out at the receiver. Okay, now i’m going to plug this. On. My smartphone okay for the transmitter transmitter. You will use the lavalier microphone. Okay, just plug in onto your microphone jack, like this. Okay, now i’m going to attach this on my smartphone, so let’s go okay, so the audio are you listening to right. Now is uh the audio from the boyar blame for pro, so how’s, the audio everything okay sounds good. I will not using a part filter, but if i’m use the pop filter, it can reduce the noise at your surrounding i’m going to clip my microphone and clip this transmitter on my belt. Okay. So actually, this cable – you can hide this cable by putting this cable inside your shirt. Okay, like this, so it will look more tidy, so how’s, the other. I think uh you can listen to the audio uh. If i want to listen to the audio, so i will wait for the editing later.

Okay, so that’s it for the audio that you can hear right now and now we’re going to test the operation range where we test the distance of the audio. How far the audio can go so let’s go outside hi, so i’m already outside. I already clipped my mic here: okay and my boya here – okay wm4 pro here so for this operation range as the feature stated that this wm4 pro can go up to 50 meter or 164 feet, and the plan is. I will stop when i reach 50 meter, which is the checkpoint, is at the garbage so that’s the 50 meter checkpoint, and i will ask my cameraman if the audio are clear. If they are, there are clear, so i will continue to walk and go further until my cameraman signed me uh that the audio lost signal. So i will start working from beside my camera, okay from here. So this count as zero meter. So one two three and i walk okay, so i don’t know how’s the audio okay. So when i reach 50 meter checkpoint, i will ask my cameraman about the audio okay. Actually i don’t know how what to talk okay, so i i try to keep talking. Okay, so for this turn i will measure distance uh using a g map. I don’t i don’t want to pronounce the full word, because i afraid that it will call the g. So i think this is the 50 meter checkpoint, audio bleeding.

Okay, the audio still can be heard by my cameraman so uh. My cameraman set the audio uh clear and i will go more further. I will go further. Okay. I’M. Sorry, sorry about my grammar, so i will stop here. Audio china still can still can here. You know i will go more further. No, i will go further, so i will stop here. This is called s100 meter waiting, uh, okay, stop waiting! So, okay, my cameraman said that uh, my audio lost okay that’s. It i’m already reached my cameraman that’s it for the operation range now back to studio so how’s, the audio. Are you found it a very quality or very, very best, audio that you can listen to it, and i would like to say that the boyard m4 pro is word for you to have it or for you to buy it, because i found that the quality of The audio it is very super clear, recording outdoor if you don’t, believe it actually now i’m using a boyardee m4 pro, and if you would like to buy this product, you can click the link on the description. I’Ve already prepared a link for the shoppi and for the lazada, okay, okay, so i think that’s it for today. If you found any mistake on my review, the missing point that i didn’t realize i am very sorry: okay, because i’m trying to improve my review.