I am only using the built in speaker of my phone or camera or my jbl bluetooth phone. So for this part of this video i am currently using my jbl bluetooth earphone, which is clean inside my valves. So please listen very carefully because later on, we will compare it to the sound quality when we are already using the wireless microphone. So i know about wireless microphones for this video for pro k1, so at the shop nothing need to unbox. I just want to thank one gadget for this wireless microphone, so website or lasalle store so now we’re ready to unbox this final smartphone. But before that i just want to read first moonlight, you my details, so this one is the brand name voila and the other side number is the qr code and the sticker. So you can scan the qr code, wireless microphone, so phone tablet, pc or laptop camera and camcorders. So i think um, almost all my devices bywm4 pro. I think this is king, one casino, k2k3 and other versions wireless microphone, but you can check their website to see the difference says the meron sabawa wireless microphone, so at the back, hologram canyon features. So first one super clear: recording sound next, compatible with smartphones, dslr cameras, consumer camcorders, pcs, etc. Then lightweight and compact for easy carrying only directional level. Here, microphone, easy to use, hard keys, included, standard camera shoe mount and clip included sofa. The motion in mouse dslr cameras and and up to 50 meter or 164 feet operational range without obstacles.

So, if it’s over here and then power supplied by two aaa batteries for both transmitter and receiver 77, you need four triple a batteries. Two for your transmitter and two for your for your receiver, so i don’t partner with they see me specifically shots which i will include in the line in the description box below, so you can check it out. So this is the barcode and um you so now let’s start to open this box. Oh transmitter, so transmitter receiver. So i think this one um smartphone this one is foreign, my uh materials, okay, so yeah instruction manual. Thank you for purchasing with uaw and purple system. So this is the transmitter, so microphone input eats the top in and then this is your power led yes, with your glitter, now blue and on and red pablo. But then please don’t touch here during using. Otherwise, it will affect signal now: two tripoli batteries and then silicon is no click. Okay, so that’s the transmitter you received foreign so now installing battery. I have got this here, but i’m, a check out the new part. So again, this one i’m using my jbl bluetooth earphone, so i can continue uh sound so later on, i’ll be back, but uh um compare nothing new sound! My last microphone, russia transmitter apples um. So with the? U 6 meters, apart from the camera, so let’s shine on that new, my obstacles or wall. So this one is the sound quality.

I think wireless microphone number obstacle or wall and i’m back chingu, so you know sound quality. I think boya bywm4 pro k1. So if you have questions or suggestions for this video, you can comment it down below. If you have other suggestions, someone for my next videos, you can also comment it down below um. If you want to get this product, you can find the details in the description box again. Thank you to one gadget for this wireless microphone. So please don’t, forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel again counselor your moon.