I have the Onyx books tab Ultra here this device, along with its accessories like this magnetic case, and this pen 2 pro has a lot of magnets on it. So I have a magnetic paper with me, so lets see where those magnets are okay, so lets start with the pen. So this is a pen to Pro it has two. You know magnetic indicator here, so I assume the magnets are here: okay, okay, there are five of them: yeah uh other places, probably not okay, so those are the magnets. So is very easy to get this out of this case. So lets start with the pen connection. Here so this is where I connect is pretty uh firm, so also a indicator here. Okay, so, similarly to the PIN so a very similar five magnets layout mesh, the pen lets see other size. This side doesnt seem to have any magnets Music, so interesting lets see. Okay, there are one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight wow this side actually has a lot of magnets. Okay. What about this? One? This one doesnt have much. Okay, what about the front of the uh tab? Ultra? Okay! I think there are some spill over magnets uh from the side, but uh over the screen area, theres, nothing much, okay, those also on the side. Okay, so lets have a look at the back, so there should be a lot of Madness on this side. So, okay, here is one here four here four here four here four here four here, one big one here four, I think we have seen all the mountains already.

I wish I have a large magnetic paper that just cover it in one go: okay, anyway, theres a lot of members on this device and lets have a look at the case. Magnetic case should be just similar to what we just saw on the back like those are the connecting points. I think this should match locations. Okay, okay, four, four four here here and here: what missing are those two large ones? Maybe this one and this one I think they are maybe speakers I dont, know yeah theyre not for attaching anything but Im, not an expert, so I dont know thats just my guess. Okay, so those magnets should match with this, and this Ive been curious about this small pass for a long time, but it seems that they dont have magnets in those, and but the magnets is actually here. Okay, here is a magnet, and this magnet, I guess, is for closing unlock Captain either. So this is closed and this is open to unlock so powered by that small magnets here, really, no, its not closed. Hmm, I dont really know now, so it should be locked right, Im already testing it works, but now its not what whats going on here. Okay, the function had to be completely gone so yeah, I dont know before I make this video. It works. Uh. Okay, lets see if it is somewhat reset it was going on the device is, is not responsive anymore.

What I want to unlock it? Okay, so now it should be locked. Okay and now it should be unlocked. Okay, lock, unlock okay, its just somewhat stuck in uh. I dont know why its not responsive anymore, so anyway, uh lets find that where is it password, Maybe display or to go sleep using the cover? Okay, its actually quite slow to turn into the sleep? Okay, anyways um yeah thats about this video about the magnets, and I think this one is for the uh sleep week. Functionality of this case and those paths are seemingly useless to me. I dont know why hes there. I think what could be better is to have some mandolins here and it will attach to the edge of display and when its opened it could a reversed attached to the back of the display of the tablet. So it wont fall out.