2, but any case. If you look it up, you can find it, and I love this tablet. Um disclaimer! I do have an Android tablet upstairs and my family has an iPad. Also, so weve got all the bases covered um, but I got ta say I havent uh. I did an intro video on this, oh a while back and I forgot to do any more. Let Me pause for a second Nick. As you saw, I dropped my pencil um its really not that week, actually its really pretty strong um, I can bang on it. I can move my leg up and down and it wont fall off um. What it is is a Stadler pencil, a uh. Let me see if I can get the box theres a Stadler Norris digital pencil, but the fat boy. I dont know what its called, but I know its a fat version um, but yeah. I also bought a magnetic uh sleeve um somebody had mentioned it for uh. I think on a video – and I saw it – I bought it and it makes it so much more stronger because the Stadler is not magnetically able to hold on to the side of the of the note. So, but with that magnetic sleeve, you can so its really pretty cool um. What else can I tell you um? It writes much better than the original pencil too. It feels better um what else um yeah it just jots things down a lot quicker and easier and has a better paper like feel which everybody seems to want um, but yeah uh.

What else I can tell you is, I do have a case for it. This nice orange case, I forgot what the name of it is uh. But here oh yeah evota an evote case, and it is magnetic, like you see, for iPads, where, if you close it, it will uh turn off the screen. And if you open it, it will turn on the screen but heres. The thing iPads have this issue too. So for this tablet I turned off that automatic on feature because, yes, you can open it and then it will turn on the screen and get things started. But then, when you flip it around to do some writing and to hold it in one hand, the magnet on the back turns off the screen, so pretty lousy. When that happens, and then you have to turn it back on anyway. So, in any case, lets go on with this little review, not too long. Well, turn it on to the button on the side, and you can see it is a full, fledged Android tablet and in fact, Ive had an update or two already so pretty good and then with the pen or your finger. You can go in and see things like the apps. These are my apps and then um lets see. Storage lets see how much storage we got uh pretty good, and I do use it for a lot of note taking too so. Im gon na use my pencil because its a little bit farther away now: okay and um yeah so for projects and for things to sell and things like that.

It was a really beautiful, uh, beautiful interface and, like I said, um well. If I just go like this, will that start a new one nope? I know. Well you get the picture um. I can start a new here and a new notepad and um yeah and then right away. You can write and, like I said, the um, the feel is so good feels so good. And then, if you want to change colors, you can change colors here and although its black and white here or gray – and you wont, see the colors here when you see them export to your computer, you will so like. I said I have a lot of notes here and I have a sync with Dropbox too. So its really cool and all the notes here, you can bring them up on the computer and uh. It will be in full color there um, so yeah. This is just a really short video. I just wanted to oh yeah swipe up four back to home, and then you can swipe up and down on the side for uh the yellow effect. You know to get rid of blue light and then you can swipe to the left up and down for the brightness of the screen um. I think I got that right. Let me see you can swap them in any case, yeah see unless um less and more and over here, less and more so in any case you can turn those menus off or you can swap them around thats, pretty neat um, but anyway I just had a Few minutes right now and I thought man I have not done a video on this in quite a while um, a lot of you guys have been clamoring for more info on this tablet.

Um and uh should I have failed to mention. I love this thing. I think that its uh beautiful on the eyes as far as uh very easy to read and Ill, forgive my heater over there um. I think that its got Its a little slow but thats, okay, um its got Android up to date, so that is awesome. Um theres really not many complaints I have like. I said I have a Samsung Android tablet upstairs upstairs too functionality is exactly the same. Oh I can show you one more thing. Is that um, when you go to your account, for example, and start reading your stories? So this is what a lot of the up the graphics will look like, because its not in full color and I think they do have a full color one out but uh now, but its still its perfectly fine. I would say, and if you do need full color, just uh grab your phone or something like that, but yeah. When you click on something and go to the article um yeah, its um, its fine, you can see its very clear. Oh my gosh, its very clear. I just love this thing um anyway um, as I mentioned its really good, so um yeah. Let me not get myself into copyright trouble here, um in any case its so good and um. I recommend it to anybody. I think theres a new version out now to also – and maybe a bigger tablet too uh – take a look at that Im, not up on the models uh but uh.

This has served me so well. I think its been almost a year already um Ill check, but anyway just awesome anyway. This is NY Hunter and um. If you like, please uh, give me a thumbs up. Please subscribe and check out. Patreon uh patreon supporters could help me get more things like this. To do more reviews, but anyway um yeah. I just thank you so much and uh for watching and uh be well.