Well, today we are checking out the books Leaf 2. The second iteration of their new dedicated 7 inch Leaf reader. The first iteration of leaf had a lot of positives, but it also had several negatives, which I think were not necessary to actually have and leaf. 2 is at least from these specifications and photos, and things like that looks like it has addressed pretty much. All of the issues that Ive had with the leaf one so lets check it out, but before we do two things: first, one full disclosure. This device has been kindly sent by books as a review loan unit. So no I dont get to keep it. I get to have it for a couple of weeks test it out, make the videos and then I send it onwards, and the second thing is: if you do like what I do, and you would like to support the independence and objectivity and impartial character of my Deep guide, liking and subscribing to the channel definitely helps commenting as well helps with the all confusing and ever punishing YouTube algorithm. If you want to help even further, with the my deep guide as a platform to grow and obtain harder to obtain devices and devise new tests and new ways to actually quantify the things that were interested in in these devices, then please do check out the my Daily organizer on mydipguide.com shop because purchasing the my daily organizer. Not only will you get a really really good, daily, weekly yearly quarterly monthly.

All of these types of organizers that you can use for your professional and personal needs on your e nose devices, but you will also directly support the mydeep guide channel to remain independent in partial and objective and now with that out of the way onwards, with the Books leave too, and here is the books Leaf 2.. So this is the second iteration of their dedicated located pure 7 inch ink reader tablet. So this is not a note taking capable tablet so lets open it up and see what we get and here is a bunny little device where the built in buttons, nice and light and small, very cool. So inside the package you get the books Leaf, 2 device. Usbc to USB a cable, a Micro SD card slot tool and, of course, some supporting documentation, so a fairly standard package device, USB cable micro, SD card slot tool and the supporting documentation right so lets Slide the device out and focus on it now were talking. Oh yes, now this makes a heck of a lot more sense than what we had with the leaf. First of all, its not a remarkable two rip off design, which didnt make any sense. Second of all we got built in page turning buttons. Third of all gone are the sharp edges because they are now nicely bevel doubled and the screen doesnt fall in, so you actually have a very nice round Edge, which makes this device extremely comfortable, also Im, not sure, but its really thin.

I think that its just thinner than what the original Leaf was – and this feels really good, so you have a bucket design here with a giant books. I dont know if you can see it, but its a ginormous, its the biggest books that Ive ever seen on any of their devices. So all right, thats what you got. You have a glass top screen, which looks very, very nice, really crisp and sharp. Very, very nice to actually look at good reflectivity of the screen very good reflectivity of the screen and the buttons actually feel very nice, now its very difficult to actually make a design like this and not have it rip off anything else. I think kind of managed. I look at it and I dont think that this is a Kindle and I dont think that this is a Kobo device which is actually difficult to achieve. But I think that theyve managed the build quality and the design is, I think, rather lovely, because it just looks and feels really really good. Uh in a hand – and it feels very, very refined – and I cant get over the lightness and the thinness and the Comfort, its really a big difference: uh just ergonomy and the design and the build quality. When you compare Leaf one leaf too. This is a huge step up and I prefer this device and this design over the uh Leaf one. You have a flush screen on the front.

You get two buttons on the front on the top. We have a power button, nothing on the right hand, side nothing on the bottom and, on the left hand, side. You have the USBC and two speakers, a micro SDK card slot and a microphone lets open up the bikers as these slots to see. I think its uh two terabytes as well like on the ultra, not really sure so its a standard micro SD card slot yep as you would come to expect it and Slot it back in well. All right, I mean really really positive Impressions. First Impressions from the um yep Leaf too, I love the direction where they went and theyve improved, pretty much everything that I didnt like with the leaf one and on top. I think that this one also has an accelerometer, so you have actually auto rotation right. So well see that lets do the first power up well, thats thats, not great, when you actually first start it up that the keyboard is actually kind of crashing its 3.3.1, but this looks completely different than what we saw on the tab Ultra. So this is. This. Is more in line with what we see before so maybe tab Ultra has a dedicated OS and interface that actually is different than what were going to see on other devices right. So I didnt do the signing or anything like that. So I just downloaded uh from the uh yeah, the library that they have here Alice in Wonderland, I think and because I just wanted to see what the image quality is like and how it actually works.

So lets turn on the rotation. I think yes, we do have auto rotate fantastic and now you should be able to just use this and it auto rotates. And now I can use the page forward page back and it works as you would expect it to. How does it work like this yep? One handed absolutely great: can you have it? On the other hand, yes, of course you can and its super easy to actually deal with and kind of use. Yes, you can of course, use the tab as well and thats extremely responsive. The image, quality and Clarity is really crisp and sharp, because you get a very nice image resolution at that seven inch screen and it because its not a node capable device. It doesnt have the additional layers on top. So that means that the image is super crispy. I love the ergonomics of this thing and the auto rotation everything I think everything theyve added here just makes perfect sense and its transforming this device into a very, very nice, lovely, lovely little reader, something that I could easily see myself kind of being torn between this One and a Kobo or a Kindle, except that on this one, you can have a Kobo library and a Kindle library and a library of your own devices and, of course, a Android Droid 11, fully functioning Android 11 device. On top of everything, which is quite a lot when you think about it, but do we have Google Play Store out the box, not that I can see here, but maybe after an update, it will have it Ill double check that, but for now this is the First, impressions and my first impressions are excellent.

This is this is really all that I taught that leaf. One should have been so Leaf. 2 on the surface of things at least, improves everything that I thought Leaf. One did wrong so ergonomics the buttons the weight, the thickness, the quality, the all of it. It just feels so much better, and so so so nicer and, of course, the addition of the micro SD card slot so Leaf. 2 is definitely a very positive surprise. As far as I am concerned, as far as the first impressions are go at the very least alrighty, then books Leaf too on the paper it looked like it addressed all issues that I taught that books leave one hand as a device and Im happy to say That the first impressions are extremely positive. This is a very cute sexy, powerful little e reader that just, I think, its very important for a portable reader to feel nice in a hand it needs to. For me at least, I need to be able to form a bond with a device of some sort that I want to interact with. Is that its Pleasant to interact with its, of course functional, powerful and all of these things? But it also needs to have a good tactile feel Leaf. One didnt have that for me, at the very least, and for some other users as well leave two, not only visually. Does it look great not only practical, because it does have now buttons as well, but the redesign it just feels its a better quality device eyes, its more ergonomically pleasant to use and all of these things, so the first impressions are extremely positive and yeah its a Very, very nice, little e reader with a really really good image quality, as well now Im going to be spending some time with it to test its battery life to test how it performs and how it does all of these things and basically how it performs.

As a reader, and that will be brought to you in the form of an in depth review in a couple of weeks, once Im done actually testing it out, definitely a contender with both Kobo and the Kindle devices. Now Paperwhite is always going to have a nicer image. Quality overall Kobo usually has the nicest front light of them all and the books, while very very close. I mean this one has so far extremely nice, clear picture, quality and things like that, but what it has that nature of the two have is a full on Android 11 experience, which means you get to have any PDF any ePub. Any document that you want want, as well as the Kindle and Kobo apps on it, so thats also a very, very valuable consideration to keep in mind. I hope you liked the video, if you did please like And subscribe and ding the notification Bell down in the description below and uh. Please let me know what do you think from the first impressions here, especially with the all the editions that leaf 2 has and also commenting, helps the videos actually remain visible, because YouTube algorithm is always becoming more and more aggressive and uh lets say hostile towards the Creators in general, so your interaction with the channel, it does actually help the visibility of the videos. Thank you.