This is going to be an interesting comparison between the leaf 2, which is the first time Ive had a books e reader, rather than a note taking tablet and its going to be a really interesting comparison with versus a Kindle so stay tuned for some comparison. Videos with that perhaps the best Kindle you can buy is actually not a Kindle at all smooth unboxing as usual Im proud of this, and they have stuck with Leica tablet. Unlike any tablet for this line, theyre pure e reader line – I say pure e reader – but the thing about books tablets is actually they are full Android devices, Music, and so, of course, that means you can get the Kindle Android app on them. They have supplied this one with a USB cable and a SIM card tray removal tool which is just used for replacing the TF or micro SD card. They have sent me their cover here and its a nice thing, its a nice change from the previous Leaf, because this Leaf once again has page turn buttons on it, which previously, I believe, certainly was on. The Nova was the page turn buttons were on a Case. Rather than on the device itself, foreign Music, its really light and the features that make it like a tablet – are things like this: a microphone and speakers Music lets, get it set up and Ill be back with some first thoughts: Music, foreign Music, foreign thing to say Straight away is that it isnt a Google Play, protect certified out of the box, so the Google Play Store doesnt appear by default, which it does now on most books devices.

I was a little bit surprised to see that, but its not very difficult to do that. I do have a video explaining exactly how to enable the Google Play Store on any books, device and Ill link that here and there we are thats the Play Store working, just fine lets get the Kindle lets. Just have a real, quick look at the screen compared to the Kindle paperwork screen should both be a 300 per inch screen interesting thing about books devices. It gives you app optimization and allows you to change the screen mode depending on which app is in, and so it has the kind of faster refresh mode or it has the sort of refresh On Demand by every page turn mode that youll be used to from Any e reader foreign Applause match up the lights. A bit nice thing about the Kindle paperway it has the auto brightness, which this doesnt have more obvious. Comparison is going to be between the leaf 2 and the Kindle Oasis, its a similar form factor with the page 10 buttons on the side as well. The Oasis is a bit of a funny design, in my opinion, its got that kind of thick end and thin end, which Im not sure that I really like. But I will get one and we will have a little try out with that and do an actual comparison. Music. The books app by default, does give you access to lots of totally copyright free books, for instance complete Shakespeare, so thats a good start.

This is a Project Gutenberg Music version, but you can see the text is very crisp, theres a lot to like about both of these screens. I would say, if youre interested in this sort of screen depth, if you like how far below the actual surface it is, I can personally see that theyre looking pretty similar in that respect, Ill just show you the range of the two lights. What weve got them up? Music lets work off the screens, look almost exactly the same, and I think that they will be under the hood. They will be a very similar eating screen. Okay lets see if Kindles ready itself now by the way Ill just mention neoreader, is an excellent reading app. That does give you so many good reading options, which are very useful, especially if you want to read something which is formatted for a larger device or a larger page, like a PDF on a smaller screen. Its actually really really good to use the different format modes and nice to have this one handed page turn. Does it work left handed? Do you think so? Itll rotate yeah and it does have auto rotate, so you can do rotate into the left hand. If you prefer that some people will want that, and of course you can have it in landscape mode Music and you can have it in landscape mode and you can make this stand up, but Im not sure how Ill figure that out awesome to that skin.

A little synced you can hear one advantage at this over a Kindle is it does have the speakers which might not be wonderful for reading, of course, but that does mean that you can have this play to you an audio book as well Music. It has defaulted to a different font size, interesting new features. Like my notebook, I wrote that is coming from the Scribe update. If I can match up the font size, I cant seem to go into the menu at the minute. It does have popular highlights in here, which is a brilliant useful thing. Foreign looks brilliant well, I am happy with that size, but its odd that I cant change the size. That is a Kindle app thing rather than a books thing, but again it does look really very pleasant. What egg mode am I in that he can go best quality here, and that does look really fantastic. Kindle by default will probably do a refresh every about five pages of it. You can see a little bit of ghosting across here foreign. This is looking pretty good. Yeah, that was its full refresh just there Music, I dont know this is going to be my next. Video is the best Kindle you can buy, not really a Kindle, and it will do more detailed comparison of beading with Kindle on the books leave two and compared to the paper white thats this one or compared to the Oasis as well.