3 inch, 1080p IPS laptop. That has a 360 degree hinge. It'S touch of course, and it's powered by the gemini lake in 4100, so it's a sale run. Chip it's paired up with eight gigabytes of ddr4 ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. So let's get this unboxed and take a look at it and see if there be max. Why 13 is any good, so let's have a look at what we get inside the box. I'M, not too fond of this decepticons or Autobots logo there transformers, if you're familiar with it. I think it's actually on the little laptop as well, but hopefully it doesn't look too bad there. It is again so double box. We'Ll take a look at first. What we get inside this box here, which would probably be our power supply right yeah – it is okay, so DC and plugged in. I do believe it does support full function, type C, so it should have power delivery. So we have an EU plugged air, UK and u.s., so there are three types of plugs now. This is rated to probably your typical voltage, which it is 12 volts, 2 amps that's pretty standard for Jim, and I like laptops in tech that I review. So this was surprisingly well packaged. It still has the factory seals on it that I had to cut here at the bottom, and there is the laptop it doesn't feel too bad the weight of it. I will measure it just a second and we've got an instruction QuickStart guide here, too that's in various languages.

So what European languages? They'Re English, of course Russian – is there too and Chinese and Korean and then the weight of this laptop is one point. Two: six: nine kilos, almost one point: two: seven kilos, it's, not bad considering this is a 13.3 inch laptop there. That looks like it's the Decepticons Transformers right here, so middle it on the top. Here it does have a plastic protector on the top of it and so stop up from getting scratched up in the warehouse. Now we've got a 360 degree hinge right here and the keyboard that looks quite good now. The keys you can't actually see on camera here because of the angle on the light, and this is a backlit keyboard, but if I move it slightly now that you can see those keys they're a little hard to make out just on camera here in person, they Don'T actually look too bad it's. Just that angle does feel good. These keys, actually they've got a good feel to them. It looks very slim now we've got speakers up the top here. For apparently I can see there are some status LEDs, I'll power button right here, screen bezels, look good I'll just have a look at the hinge, the stiffness of it that doesn't seem too bad. Actually, okay, hopefully that's not going to loosen up over time. That'S. Always a area of concern there for me, so the palm rest, this is made out of plastic.

Okay, it's a painted plastic touch pad is large hardware left and right clicks there and let's take a look at the underside, so the bottom of it. I can see really we've got an easy access, SSD hatch, that you can see there four rubber feet and of course there are no grills on this, because it's fanless, the Juno Lake doesn't need to be actively cooled. It will run finders passively cooled there. So we have a four C brand. This is twenty two millimeters by eighty millimeters it's set. The three is his D in here, so full size, that's good, because then you get the better write, speeds normally and the brand okay for C they're, not that common, but I've seen a lot of them out there, and you can easily upgrade this to two terabytes. If you wanted to do so and very easy to swap out it's just those two screws there and this third screw remove that and you can install, for example, a crucial Drive one terabyte, one or whatever just don't buy PCIe or nvme SSDs, because they will not Work in here now to get into the internals here, you've got to remove all the screws on the bottom, but there are two that are hidden just under these feet right here: that's, where you'll find two additional screws, remove those and then the lid just pops off. So first thing you notice, as most of the internals is taken up by the battery, because it's a thin laptop they've had to spread it out and then will be.

Probably I can feel it looks like two cells in here and it's 38 watt hours in total. Now, with the gemini late laptops, in my experience, reviewing them, this will last for about seven to eight hours max, depending on your brightness of and what you are doing. We'Ve got a large copper heat sink here, which is good to see. Now for those of you that are into mods, I can already see one area of improvement, as we could put a thermal pad right over the top of this. That will then transfer heat over to the bottom of it, because the bottom is made out of that alloy and that will be actually quite good, then for transferring heat through and just removing a bit of it from the CPU core itself, alright so jumped in to The bias here I just wanted to show you that it's completely unlocked to us – and this is a good thing, because we can adjust the power limits. These are under CPU configuration now. What they are using is just auto and to me I think, Auto, for power management is just the six watts on the Gemini Lake, so this set Parliament one. You can see right there Auto so later on. You could actually go in and change that to say nine watts or 10 watts if you want to boost their performance, but first I want to check and confirm the thermals are okay before I do that, so this laptop is really slim it's, just 14 millimeters.

Now, with the rubber feet on the bottom, it brings it up then, to about fifteen, but overall, quite good, but they didn't have ruin in to fit a full size type, a USB 3.0 port. You can see. We have. This is Type C gin, so it's USB 3.1, so we've got display out power delivery as well supports. Now. I did actually just check it. I'M, getting 4k 30 Hertz out of my type C adapter, but I can't seem to get 4k 60 for some reason. I need to test further that and then DC and for charging with the included charger and then, on the right hand, side you can see our power button. It looks like it's this one here that says B max right, but you press it. It does nothing they've. Disabled it it's rock solid super hard, so the power button is on the side here now it is a plastic button. I saw that when I opened up the laptop, so I don't know whether that's gon na fail later on, but it's a possible area, maybe for issues, micro, SD card slot and then another type C port. But this one is only USB 3 and then L, 3.5 min and a headphone jack, which also does support mics. Now this is interesting when you take a look at the Chewie era book which is on the right of the screen. This keyboard is exactly the same. The layout and the quality of it so it's a good keyboard to type on, but take a look at what I was talking about before of the visibility.

Okay, look at the arrow keys in this area very hard to make out and now it depends on the angle, but where the camera is right now it actually looks a lot worse than it really is. But when you take a look at the chui arrow books, keyboard, which is also backlit it's, fine, you can make out all the keys there all the letters without any problems. So wine, if did they go with a silver here? They should have just used the same black plastic with the clear through see through for the backlight of course, and it would have looked a lot better on this and the touch pads. Are they the same? Well, it's, actually tiny a little bit smaller here, but overall both have very good touch pads, and this is a great keyboard to type on, because it's almost pretty much exactly the same as typing on the arrow book, which is a great keyboard, one of the better Ones you'll find in these cheaper Chinese laptops, so you can see here that this backlit keyboard is a little bit unevenly distributed and the lights are not very bright. We'Ve got two different settings here, so this is off on the first level, which is very dim and then the brightest setting, but take a look at the H, for example, and then over here even the Enter key has a dull spot to it. So it's not a high quality backlight that it has so let's jump right here into Windows with just a couple of benchmarks: I'm just checking the wireless now it's got the 94618 l waters AC chip in there.

That does support bluetooth 5, which is good now. The maximum, in theory, speeds we can get, are 433 megabits per second I'm, a couple of rooms here away, and these speeds actually seem quite decent for this type of chipset that we have on here. So no real promise of that now, Geekbench five score. If you're interested nothing amazing, ok, the base mark score 1000. If you get single core 1000, that is a core i3 8100. So this is well below it, but this is a very low end. Chip it's all about efficiency. This chip there quad cause it's got maximum two of us 2.4. So we have Windows 10 here and the screen so far is very good. So maximum brightness is 380 Lux. Now I've got it brob right now at the moment, because I'm, seeing only on camera by the way this, which is happening and that is Flickr you'll see it start to come in now and write down on the lowest sitting there's a lot there. So pulse width, modulation, it's controlling the brightness there, but I can't see it off camera it's just on camera it's happening, and it is a slight annoyance in and I do apologize for that so free space we get on the C Drive is 211 gigabytes to start Out with which is fine, I've been schmuck, the internal storage. I just actually saved to fall over here and very good speeds for for what it is.

You know, set her three speeds right here, so you'll see here, it's, nothing, amazing, okay, they're, okay, they're decent. For what it is, and if you want slightly faster use of higher quality drive so get a crucial drive, something like that in there and up to two terabytes, as mentioned, you can get with the 20 to 80 sized ones right there. So Windows is a recent build it's 1903. Then it comes with fully activated it's. Actually, Windows 10 Pro didn't expect that, but the license seems to be valid and no problems with that that I can see it's, not okay, hacked activation or anything like that. As far as I can tell passing virus scans, if you're not happy with that, then I do have a pin drive made up myself as well and do a clean windows 10 install. I have drivers on my website later on. I will be backing them all up. So I'll just quickly show you a little bit more of this screen, because it is very nice now touch support, of course, and it is working really well no problems. I found the accuracy is really good and I roll the screen very decent better than I expected it. Doesn'T have any real problems at all with any light leakage or bleeding around the corners. It is fully laminated. I was a little concerned because the website did say fully laminated, but with the Chinese you can just never trust them because a lot of the times they will say things like that that it's laminated and when you get it, you find out it's, actually not.

But no differently it's working well here now, the screens out of the box calibration surprised me it's, hardly off at all. This is the current calibrated view. I'Ll switch back to how it is out of the box and is basically no distinguishable difference here between them, which is very good. The same goes for the color gamut, which does surprise me so Adobe RGB of 74. Then we have srgb of 95 and NTSC of 17t percent, their color gamut. This is very good coverage for a 300 laptop so now on to the audio. So we've got just those four tiny little speakers that you can see just above the keyboard, and they definitely do not surprise me at all the fact that they don't have any base to them really they're. Quite flat. Volume could also be better but here's, a very good sample of them all right, it's, a get it from that that they are really lacking volume. You can use software out there there's one called deer fix, audio optimizer or something like that along those lines that can boost the volume but it's not gon na, really give us any more bass. So they are disappointing speakers there. Will they be loud enough that you can actually hear and watch videos with other people? Yes, but only just so. What can the cell rot in 4100 do well like tar, so Internet documents, it can play 4k TV C files without a problem, and this is my website and I'll just demonstrate the touch here to that scrolling.

That is actually smooth, it's fine it's running well here, bringing up the Windows 10 menu, not seeing that typical stutter. Now this is, after it updated all of the Intel drivers. So there's a Intel driver update utility run that you get all the latest drivers and I'm. Not finding any issues now the wireless range and strength seems to be fine as well just wanted to quickly report on that and also show you so editing, spreadsheets things like that is what this is ideal for, so nothing too strenuous for this little tiny CPU that We'Ve got in here it's just a 6 watt by default CPU, so you're able to edit that that's fine that's just some Excel spreadsheets and here we've got document editing this doesn't lag and get all choppy. You can have a lot of pages. It'S got 83 pages here at the moment, and you see that that's all fine, no problems I'll just quickly search here in google, show you the speed of that. So something very random that I haven't searched yet so cats, ok, it pops up and Scrolls and fine. So I'm, just going to open up a whole bunch of pages right here and we'll. Just you can see how quickly that loads shouldn't be too much of an issue, but we will see some noticeable slowdown once you start to run about 10 tabs or so, but the 8 gigabytes of RAM is definitely helping. Let'S just take a look and see how we're going with the RAM us right now so with just over half 60 full right now, so everything has loaded in there.

I can swap between those tabs. Ok, some things I can see noticeably choppy. Ok that's because it's, a big flash animation thing video there at the top that as well swapping between them there so overall, a decent performance for these light tasks. That'S, what this for so don't buy a laptop like this expecting to edit 4k video or play the latest Battlefield games or fortnight and 60 frames per second 1080p, and I thought I would just quickly check out the performance here with some games so very light title Which is Counter Strike global Offensive here, 720p. Not really great, is it it's only 23 frames per second and I'm on a server that is full at the moment and a little Gemini Lake in here the sour one in 4100 is struggling, especially with that smoke effect. So the thermals they are checking out we're getting 76 maximum. This is after I was gaming for about 20 minutes and if it had a problem with the thermals you'd see it already, even with just such a short gaming stint of only 20 minutes, it would reach 90 if it would didn't. Have that copper. Oh there. Of course, so I think the cool is gon na do its job. Okay, so I've got Linux Mint here this is 19.2 running and the touchpad is working fine. The controller for our screen, brightness volume. Also working Wireless, is working Bluetooth as well, but touch that's. The only thing so no touch support with Linux.

I, like the build of it – we've got middle on the lid middle on the bottom upgradable SSD. So if you're not happy with the 256 and gigabytes that it has, it comes installed with Windows. 10 Pro I didn't expect that then you can put like a 1 terabyte or 512 gigabyte Drive in there quite easily without having to open the whole thing right up, so the hinge is quite stiff. I don't see that being an issue. I think it will. Last years, like that, I hope so and of course we got a little webcam in the top. I didn't mention that when we were looking at the design but it's only, I think it's only 2 megapixels or one it's HD quality and the frame rate seems about 15 frames per second it's, not very good, but it is flanked either side. While you decided at our microphone so Jolla ray mics, at least so that's good, there doesn't support Windows, hello, you're, not going to get it with a cheap laptop like this only got the type c ports either side, which i think is a bit of an error. You really need to me at least to have one type C type: a port, sorry so full size USB on there. I know we've got what the other port we've got: data and video and power, so it will support apparently power delivery with that, and the other thing too, is the logo and the rear here.

What were they thinking? So they've got a Decepticons transformer style logo on the back that yeah. Why they put that on there it would have been just better with nothing. I would have preferred that I'm. Pretty sure you as a viewer as well, would have unless of course, maybe you're 13 years old and you think that's kind of cool or a big transformers fan, who knows so the keyboard backlit but it's not evenly distributed. Okay, this light through it is a little bit dull around this area, the keys themselves very good, high quality plastics it's, very similar to the chewy netbook Aero book. Sorry all the let book it sees keyboard, which are some of the better keywords you'll find on these cheaper Chinese laptops that I do a review and you don't get any bounce. You don't get any flex there either it's, just they should have used black keys with weight, peak actual letters on there or just painted white letters on top of this one to make it more visible, it's, just a little bit hard to see those letters at certain Angles now the touchpad, it does work really well. It does support Windows, 10 gestures and the accuracy finder movements are good, so that's great, so screens fully laminated, but it doesn't support a stylus battery life you're, looking at seven hours or more, depending on your brightness up to possibly eight. I can see already charge times about two hours and 40 minutes with the 24, what our charger sorry 24 watt charger, that it's got it's a thirty eight watt hour battery that is within this.

So overall, I think it's a decent laptop, but just be aware of those cons. Those possible deal breakers, like the no full sized USB port on there or, if you want to run Linux, you're, going to have to dig around and hunt for drivers and solve the problem of the touchscreen, not working with in Linux there. So, thank you so much for watching this unboxing review of the b max y13.