They'Re only changes the keyboards color, the key caps here, but it's, a very good laptop for those that are after something that is small because it's just 11.6 inches, but it can convert also into a tablet, because it's got a 360 degree hinge. It'S running Windows, 10 it's powered by the sour on in 4108, gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage. So why do I like this little tablet, so much slash laptop it's really because of its portability? So this is what we get inside the box. We'Ve got the charger, which is 12 volts, 2 amps type C, and it does come with an EU UK and us plug, and also a micro USB to USB adapter, but no type C 2 USB adaptor. Unfortunately, I just have to comment on the packaging is actually very good with this particular brand they'd, always double box things and foam padding as well, and they do use protectors on the lid and the rest of the little bit and the underside both made out of Metal – and that also does come with this pre applied screen protector here, you can see outlining all of our key specs, so this keyboard is a little smaller than most okay, because it's just 11.6 inches, and that is understandable. So the palm rest is plastic, but painted silver they're key caps are silver high quality plastics. They have used, however, and I do like typing on this keyboard – a little smaller a little more crammed in than most, but because they are individual, separated keys.

You know your island style chiclet keyboard that it does feel comfortable to type on and you get used to it being it a little bit smaller arrow keys, only half size for up and down. There is no shortcut for a print screen. Unfortunately, so I have to use the snip tool, one of those but that's, just a minor inconvenience there. I wrote a good keyboard for the size. Same goes for the touchpad supporting Windows, 10 gestures. I don't really have any complaints with it finer movements, it does work. Well now, if you're a big fan of webcams – and you use them all the time and you want a high quality one – you will not like it in the max white living here, look at the location, so it almost looks up your nose. The quality is 720p, but it seems to run it only about 15 to 20 frames per second and looks choppy and in low light is quite poor, so really wish it was in the top bezel and not down in this location. It seems an afterthought the webcam, so this laptop is all about portability, it's, all about being thin and light in anyways, just over 1 kilo, approximately one point: zero four kilos and about 14 millimeters thick so on the Left. We'Ve just got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Here four ports, volume up and down, and the power button mic and one of two side firing loudspeakers which actually do sound pretty good.

You hear a sample of these later on in the review so on. The right is where all the ports are and our micro SD card slot we've got a second mic here, so it does have jewelry mics within this, which is great, so the micro USB 2 port here with a status LED so that'll, be on red when charging Once fully charged, it goes out. We do have hdmi 2 out here so it's 4k 60 Hertz, as well as video out up to 4k 30 Hertz with the full spec type C port here so it's. Both data and also power delivery support as well it's working with my external battery packs and my other power delivery charges. So we do have an easy access. Ssd hatch in here it's just two screws, so one to remove the cover, then one to remove the SSD it's, a 22 millimeter by 42 millimeter size set a3 card that is in there. The SSD and it's got your typical set of three speeds. So up to about 500 megabytes per second sequential reads and then about four hundred and twenty or so sequential, writes the lid. Just like most of this laptop, except for the palm rest, is made out of metal as well, and we do have that decepticons transformer style B max logo. You either love it or you hate it. So because of this henge, it can be used in a tint mode. You can use it as a stand, which is presentation, mode and it's very easy to flip around now.

This hinge, it does feel stiff and quite good. So no real problems with that and you can put it right around and when you do so, it does disable the keyboard. That is, of course, are there. So when you're holding it like this – and you end up touching the keys, then it's not actually going to affect it now. The windows button here is not actually just for show. It does work. You can see bringing up the menu onto our screen now. So this is identical to the tick last f5s screen. It is a nice panel here, the IPS panel glides. So of course, 11.6 century is a little smaller, but that does help it and look a little sharper as well. The brightness tops out at 218 it's, which is not the brightest panel, but because it is fully laminated it's, not an issue now. No problems with the touch accuracy that seems to be fine and out of the box calibration is actually very good, really spider. Pro 5. Here, doesn't have to do too much really to adjust it to calibrate the screen, so the color gamut, the coverage we're getting here – is quite good. We got 74 Adobe RGB srgb here, oh that's, having trouble selecting that is 97 and then our NTSC is 68. So, just like my other reviewers want to point out a few things here that the memory is running a dual channel. So this is great news.

This means we get increased memory bandwidth but as you'll see from Geekbench 4 that's not actually reflected and the result here, because that is pretty much the same as what I've been gettin with other Celeron in 4100 s here, well, actually a little bit less. Now I don't know why this was. It can vary from time to time. It could be because I ran it from the battery, so expect it to be a little bit more. But there are real performance, as you'll see later on is actually quite good for what it is. It'S, a low end chip quad core 2.4 gigahertz maximum and really cannot expect a huge amount out of this. Now, video playback, for example, a 4k file with a reasonably high bitrate you'll, see here, is a little bit slow to start with, but once it gets going it's. Actually. Finally, you can skip ahead now, I'm, not showing you this in Windows, Media Player, because it's asking me to buy the codec so I'm, just using alternative video player right here, but it is fluid and smooth right there. So when you take a look at the device manager, we've got your typical wireless card on here, which is the intelligible band wireless AC 3165. You can get around 380 megabits per second upload and downloads out of this, so it's, not the fastest wireless card, but it's good to see that you know as well as AC we've, had that for a few years now, bluetooth 5 support there with it as well.

So if you're, using some true wireless, stereo earbuds and things like that, they're gon na work great with this and the range tends to be pretty good it's, not that bad. You can walk away a few rooms and still be connected up just fine. Now the accelerometer there's, actually two of them there's one on the keyboard and then one I believe in the screen. So it knows when the screen is flipped around. This is how, with the sensors, it disables the keyboard, so you're not getting any accidental presses there when you're using it just as a tablet now as a tablet weighing a kilo it's a bit uncomfortable after a while. I normally just use it as a stand, but the size of this laptop means it's, perfect for using on tray tables and public transport like aeroplanes and trains, for example. It is an absolute perfect match, for that. So, like document use is what this is ideal for. The eight gigabytes of RAM is going to help out a little bit with our multitasking, because I'm running a few things just to show you real world use here you can do your edits and you don't notice huge amounts of lags or anything. When you select a lot of pages cut and paste, and things like that, it's not going to completely grind down to a halt, no it's actually pretty good there. You can see that did load in a little slow. I mean it is a low end chip.

This is by default, just six watts, but b max have set nine Watts here for our TDP, so the power limits nine watts, which is great, the biases also fully unlock to us. I won't show you just to keep this video a little shorter but it's fully unlocked. That is also a big positive there. So I'll jump back into chrome and do my chrome tab, speed test here, I'm gon na search dogs and then just proceed to open up a lot of different tabs and we'll see how it handles this. This can be quite demanding on this lower end hardware. In a lot of people do want to run just like 20 tabs or 10 tabs, which you cannot do not with this particular chipset. I recommend about 10 maximum, as you see now, it's starting to slow down. So I swap over into Wikipedia here the different pages. They are loading and reasonably fast, the scrolling speed. Here you can see what touch now has been a little bit slow, as actually it's been affected a little there, and these other pages you can see swapping between them still quite quick, once it's, actually loaded and I'm able to swap between those. But once you start to push really, I think more than about 10 tabs in chrome at least you will then see some pages reloading, so memory is actually not completely. Full I've still got about 37 left here, so you can go a little bit further with the multitasking here, but overall, the performance again for what it as a low end.

Chip is reasonable here, but let's take a look at gaming performance, so we're gaming. You can really only play on the last settings in older titles like this one right here. This is Counter Strike global Offensive it's in 720p on the low settings and you're getting around 30 frames per second max. This is a full server and how I should have killed that guy I'm such a bad aim, as you can tell, I don't, play these games anymore, but other games little light, like League of Legends, for example, you'll – be able to play that one 1080p just keep It on low settings now the thermals also check out on this laptop that you will not see temperatures exceeding 85 degrees, so there is room to tweak up those power limits. I believe, with this one it'll get warm on the rear, but that's normal remember. This is a passively cooled, laptop there's, no fans in here, it's 100 silent, which is great so the side firing speakers we've got on this. They actually don't sound too bad and they've got even a little bit of bass. The volume is okay, I mean it could be a little bit louder, but out of the laptops and take our review from China, like these laptops, it's one of the better ones, here's a sample Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause. So now on to just a couple of other things, the battery life on this is not good.

Okay, it's, almost like a core m3 tablet, or laptop we're, getting four and a half hours to four hours max, whereas the larger model that you can get from B. Max this is the Y 13 it's, my preferred laptop out of these two. In fact, this is one of my favorites. This one gets up to 8 hours and we'll just video playback 1080p, with a low screen, brightness I'm able to get even 10 hours. Out of this at just video out of this one, perhaps 5, it is really quite poor, because it's got a much smaller battery in here, because it is a smaller, more portable machine. Now the weight difference we've got just over a kilo where we've got about 1.2 kilos. Here with this one. This is a thinner machine, it's, a lot more portable now also test it out Linux. I used Linux Mint and it does work on this laptop, but there's. No touch support. I think I need to use a different distro to get the touch support with that now, the ports as well as another con for people that that get this and go. Oh, hang on there's, no full size, USB port, so that for a lot of people could be a deal breaker, one type C port and then one USB micro, USB port on here now they're giving you the adapter for the micro USB 2. But they don't give you one for the type C you know they should really include that in the box.

If you ask me so there's charges in about 2 hours and 20 minutes, or so as it is faster than this one, because again of the smaller battery webcam location, mmm, not good and the webcam quality, not good, either it's, not brilliant. I mean it'll. Do the job for basic Skype calls, but if you want better use of external webcam there, but I love the fact: we've got a very good IPS panel in this. The brightness is good. The color gamut is also very good. The calibration out of the box good B max all this ODM and doing a lot of things right here now, the key caps they a little bit harder to see but they're actually easier on the y11 than they are on the Y 13. I found the Y 13 keys it. Certain angles are quite hard to see, even though it's backlit, okay, when you use it at night, and you can see the keys great this one you can't, but I just find that it's actually alright. Now the key travel using the keyboard, the touchpad very, very good – it is a little smaller but it's all about portability. This machine – and I love the size of this. This is just so also light. It really makes me want to keep this unit because it's so good, but I still like the way 13 a little bit better. Now the microSD cards, they said in flush the speakers actually sound better than most.

It really is just a tick. Last, if five now I know in the comments there will be some questions about stylus, support and there's been a lot of questions in my forum about that. I'Ve got this. This is the tick last x6 Pro stylus. It works. Okay, but don't get your hopes up. It doesn't seem to support pressure sensitivity. Palm rejection is terrible because it whoa will not actually detect the stylus until it touches the screen. It really needs to be detected and have a hover function before and that's when the palm rejection works. Okay for handwriting, because it would be absolutely perfect if the stylus was a little bit better, perhaps there's another model from teclast that actually works a little bit better there. But when you have it in hand and then write like this, I mean the size of it. Would make it really ideal for that? But I think this is why B max doesn't advertise the way Levin with stylus support, because it's, just not great, not not great at all, so really comes down to that. The battery life, not amazing, better battery life, better keyboard go for this one, but overall it's a great little machine, just like the tick last f5. I do like it and thank you so much for watching this review.