This is the bmx y11 plus that now has jasper lake in it. So its got the saueron in 5100, its a quad core maximum turbo is 2.8 gigahertz now so that is a bump up from the previous gemini lake, its a 10 nanometer chip. It has improved graphics, which is now 24 executional units, but it still is a 6 watt part, so a convertible laptop at 11.6 inches the screen is ips touch screen. You can flip it right around use it in a tablet mode. So its really just a change in the chipset. Everything from the previous generation remains, including some of those big flaws like no full size type, a port and the screen still has that same dated bezel with the webcam. In that position, which is just down here, which is not a great position at all, like the previous generation models, we get the same box, so it does have looks like a decepticons or autobots transformers, looking logo b max the power supply. This one is 24 watts. They do have with it an eu uk and us plug now, the laptop the weight of it is just 1.1 kilos, its only 13 millimeters thick, so its a very good size, its nice and light and portable. Now the materials used on this laptop. We have alloy on the lid here and around the edges. The hinge right here is metal and, of course, its a 360 convertible hinge. That means you can use it as a tablet.

You can flip it right around like so now this keyboard, the palm rest. This is made out of plastic the underside right here. This is metal and we do have this easy access, hatch, which i do like to see on these units. So you can swap out the 256 gigabyte ssd, which is a sata 3 one for something. A little larger, but it must be the 22 42 millimeter size and sata 3 pcie ssds, will not work in this. There are absolutely no changes with the keyboard for an 11 inch laptop, its, not bad. There is no flex or bounce with the keyboard, because its a very slim laptop now the function key. You can barely see it in this light, depending on how it reflects theyve used. This blue color, which i dont like because it makes it very hard at certain angles, to see the functions up the top here. All of our media controls, half size, arrow keys and, if im typing on it, its okay, its not a bad keyboard, it is not backlit and even at certain angles. I do find that the silver keycaps really are not the best design choice here, the touchpad, this ones, okay, it wouldnt rate as amazing, but for the finer movements you can see right now. The cursor seems to be all right, but sometimes it does tend to float around a little bit, so wed definitely be using a mouse, a wireless one, if possible and looking at our ports on the right hand, side weve got the speaker micro, sd card set in Flash, unfortunately, only usb 2 speeds microphone.

Then we have micro, usb 2.0, yes, ouch thats dated thats old. We shouldnt have that there micro hdmi is the status led and our type c port is the only usb port that we have at least has high speeds thats. Usb 3.1, so it supports data power. Delivery is also supported and you can get 4k 60s. The maximum resolution from this with that jasper lake and there is our power end so dc with the plug that it comes with charge. Time is somewhere over about two and a half hours. The battery capacity is only 26 watt hours and ill get on to that later that its very disappointing in this model on the left, our headphone socket. This one supports microphones volume up and down and power button. Both of these made out of plastic, they feel. Okay, i wouldnt call them super high quality, but the buttons themselves do not rattle around, so that is good microphone and then the left loudspeakers. So what are loudspeakers sound like here is a sample at 100 volume. For you, Music and our screen, so this screen is an 11.6 inch, one, its ips now its not fully laminated so theres a slight gap, but its not large at all its about half a millimeter. You can barely see it. The brightness of this ips, which is a full hd screen 16 by 9 aspect ratio, does top out at exactly 270 nits, which is okay, but considering its a glossy screen in reflective, it can be a bit of a problem picks up a lot of those reflections.

As you can see now on my video, the bezels on this, you can see especially that bottom bezel super dated it makes it look very old to my eyes and remember: theyve used this design now i think its the third year theyre doing it. So we had the previous generation of chips, so i even think it started out with the bay trail, gemini lake and now, of course, jasper lake with it. The webcam location is very poor down here, so it kind of looks up your nose so heres a sample of what you can expect out of that webcam. The angle that this webcam is operating clinging just up your nose really not flattering, not an amazing image. Its only about 15 frames per second, so it looks very choppy. The inboard microphones, the quality from them not good, either so poor webcam in the y11 plus touch response and accuracy from the screen. I find to be good. It seems to be relatively lag free and then, when you tap this windows button also does work. You can see it seems to get that quite spot on there. The accuracy when im using it so color reproduction, not amazing. We have only 64 ntsc uh srgb is 92, which is all right its higher than what they claimed it was going to actually be, and then adobe rgb of 69 p3 coverage is also 69, so you can see especially with ntsc. It is lacking quite a bit in those greens, so its not a screen for professionals, and i doubt anyone out there, thats, working and editing photos or video would even be looking at this kind of spec of laptop.

It is simply underpowered for that kind of work. Anyway, if you are wondering about windows 11 support, yes, you can upgrade and install windows 11 on this it will run. It does have the tpm 2.0 installed that we need okay and then the cpu is fast enough to run. Windows 11 and weve got enough ram. So that is good if you want to do that, you can but it ships just with windows, 10 home with this particular model. Now, when you look in the device manager, you will see that the cpu, so the system on a chip, which is that cell run thats jasper lake. The n 5100 has four cores theyre, not threaded at all, so its just four cores thats it maximum turbo is 2.8 gigahertz and its a six watt part which severely limits the performance running at only six watts here, and that really is the whole bottleneck of this Particular system is that chipset its only really for light kind of computing, so we do have an accelerometer on board one in the keyboard, one for the screen so thats when you flip it around. You can see that and the wireless adapter. This is real. Tex wireless ac, now i do find that it should be able to get over around about 350 megabits per second, but ive only been able to achieve just a quite a bit less than that. Youll see here just with a real world test here with speed test on another unit.

I can get well over 300 meters per second, but this only seems to be able to achieve and tops out at around just over 200. The upload speed, however, is good. Now the wi fi range and the reception seems to be about one bar and less signal strength of what ive seen in other laptops, probably because its metal covered, and it is a smaller unit. So the range isnt amazing on this or the wireless speed. So its a bit of a weak real tech chipset. So here with the scores, if you wanted to run some benchmarks and how does it compare to your current system, i recommend you download geekbench 5, its free run, the benchmark and youll see if your scores are going to be lower or probably higher than this, because It is, as i mentioned, its weak chip, its not very potent so 600 for the score. Just over is what really this chip gets multi core score now this actually could be a little bit faster now. The reason is, if i just take a look at a ram speed, they check out those are fine, which is good, but it is actually running in single channel. The ram now ive confirmed this, its not dual channel, which would give us better memory bandwidth. The speed, however 2933, is the maximum the chipset supports, so that area is good. Now, if it was in dual channel, we would see really improved scores.

You can see hitting just around 2000, which is still a very low score, so its not a powerhouse of a system, and you wouldnt expect it to be its really just for light computing. A unit like this with this particular chipset ssd speed, so its okay for sata 3, its not pci, 3 spec, and you wouldnt really need it with this chipset either, because well its not a fast chip, thats still going to bottleneck everything, so it gets just over 500 reads with the sequentials and over 400 writes pretty much checks out for this size of drive. Now, if it was a 512, then the rights would probably be a little bit faster there. You do get approximately 190 gigabytes on free boot on the c drive, then what about video playback? So we do have with the jasper lake, like the previous generations native decoding of hevc and vp9. So this is a very high bitrate file, its 140 megabits per second that i test out, and you see that the playback is smooth its fine and it will be even exactly the same on battery it handles it. This kind of things without any problems, any video files are thrown at it. The jasper link thats in this, the sauron in 5100, seems to hand them all flawlessly at the beginning. You might get an initial little couple of seconds of stutter thats it general day to day performance of the system, and the touch response does seem quite fast.

It doesnt seem to really lag with just your light. Computing now document spreadsheets basic kind of stuff, its all right at what about chrome performance. So what ill do is just search cars right here and i will bring up some new tabs with this and well see if its going to bog down it. Could you know be a bit laggy but well see what happens here so im just going to open a few up scroll through just go on to the other page there and maybe get a few videos in there. If i can, if possible and well see if that is going to cause any problems with the performance now im just using touch on the screen, so theres a video and normally for this, this kind of task here wouldnt be too strenuous, but im already seeing now With the scrolling with chrome, it starts to lag a little when it is loading and especially a lot of those videos there, but normally you can run about 10 tabs, maybe even more, and it wont really run into problems. So, switching over to these tabs there was a bit of a delay. Then this is quite image heavy, but the scrolling performance in chrome seems to be alright. Doesnt seem to lag too much im. Looking at all these lexus cars there, that seems fine and just going between these tabs ive just accidentally closed one. There thats, quick, okay, its not that bad.

So for this kind of use again – and i stress this – a lot in my videos of this kind of tech, which is very low – end – these low powered six watt chips or even the 10 watt ones – they really are just for these basic kind of needs. You wouldnt be editing, video and theyre, not even really that good at gaming, which ill get onto now. Some older titles might be semi playable, but well see how counter strike runs. I have it only set to 720p and it is on the lowest possible settings, and you can see that the jasper lake in 5100 absolutely struggling just 10 frames per second, so im not even going to bother playing with it. It just runs horrendously terrible performance here for even older light games. Like this, i mean just look as i look around here. Super laggy 10 frames per second on a full server. The only thing thats good here might be my ping rate, which well is actually a little bit high there too, at around 80 milliseconds thermals are one of the very few positives we do have with this particular laptop here. So 84 degrees is the maximum that it will get up to now. The underside will get quite hot up to about 45 degrees, so warm a little almost hot to the touch thats. When you push it gaming, so thats good to see – and of course it is fanless, so it makes absolutely no noise whatsoever.

Theres no fan screaming away its all passively called and a silent laptop battery life on this is truly abysmal. Its disappointing youre only looking at tops around three hours, even less. If you crank up the brightness, which you have to do because its not really a bright screen, it is only a 26 watt hour battery which just simply isnt enough. I know that this is a thin and light laptop that is probably the best part about it, its form factor the fact that you can convert it into a tablet. If you wanted to do so, and it is light and the touch screen isnt that bad, it seems to respond quite well to touch its the brightness. The bezels at the bottom super dated. So bmx did not fix any of the issues from the previous generations because they just reused the same thing. It is just a spec bump. We get the faster jasper lake and yes, windows feels a little quicker slightly faster. The ram is sadly only in single channel. Now, if it was configured to be in dual channel, we would get a slight bump in performance when it comes to multitasking, especially so the keyboard they didnt make any changes to this either. The silver key caps for me, i dont, think, are a good idea, especially when the function keys are painted, the actual what youre? Looking at the media controls in a blue color that at certain angles you cant see them that is frustrating and annoying.

Now, speaking of annoyances with the keyboard, i did discover that, if you plug in power delivery to charge this – which it does support some interference or something is happening that causes keystrokes on this keyboard to sometimes not be registered, which is incredibly frustrating when youre typing with It plugged into charge. Occasionally there is just one key stroke missing, so a letter will be missing and you get all these typos as soon as i remove the cable so its not being powered, then i dont seem to have a problem and if you use the dc charger that it Includes which is a 24 watt one, you wont have that issue its just with power delivery. If you tend to use that youll run into typing problems which should not be happening with this particular model, so the screen brightness the screen coverage the build. The lack of the type, a ports on it, its all just type c, the webcam location and the webcams terrible quality. You probably guessed it with that battery life, especially. I cannot recommend this bmax y11, plus its simply not enough that theyve just given it. The new chip b max should have done a lot more with this model. They could have really improved it and give us a nice small 11.6 inch jasper like laptop. Instead, it is the same issues just drag through to the new model, which should not be happening. So, thank you so much for watching my review here of the bmx y11 plus.

I do hope to see you back in the channel with my next up and coming reviews.