This is the B max X, 14. So it's really like the jumper easy book x3 pro that I reviewed, that was the last year and I like laptop. So this one has dual channel 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 kilobytes of storage it's got wireless AC from Intel, but it's a slightly different chip it's the 94611, just like the 3165 video at what hour battery, which was good for seven to eight hours. But the screen here, as you can see, is quite reflective and that's, because it's not fully laminated and unlike what some people were thinking, it doesn't support touch either, which is a shame, because why pata glass screen in front of an IPS panel, especially non laminated or Even laminated, if it was without touch support, so in this review, I'll go over. This laptop will take a detailed look at it and we'll see if it's any good and if it is gon na be better than the beam X Y 13, which is my current favorite gym, and I like laptop so just like the other beam X laptops. I have reviewed, it comes double boxed and it is well packaged. We have a power adapter here, which is 12 volts. 2 amps you've got a UK plug adaptor US and European plug adaptor. The laptop weighs 1.2 8 kilos and is 14.8 millimeters thick. So the weight is decent. A lot of them are 1.4 kilos. This one's slightly lighter, but it does have an all metal build.

Now the loads made out of an alloy, the hinge does feel quite stiff there. It doesn't feel to me that's, going to loosen up anytime soon and we've got this decepticons looking Transformers logo on the back, and you can see there are two cutouts there. So the backlight from the IPS panel shines through as it sighs now, that's green. It reclines back the typical kind of maximum angle here, which is not a lot it's, not one of those laptops that you can lie the screen completely flat. Unfortunately, so we have glass that covers the screen on here, but it's not fully laminated. The gap is minimal. It'S only about one millimeter, so it doesn't really bother me too much, and here you can see the pre applied screen protector. The first layer that we have to pull off here does outline our key specs and note the camera location it's terrible. I don't like the fact that they've put it down here in the bottom chin. It could have gone in the top bezel. I feel they do have to me enough room to put it there. This camera is flanked by jewel array microphones and they are quite close to the keyboards. So you do get a bit of feedback when typing the camera quality itself. Well, it's, just HD and I've already tested it out. It looks like the others it's a little bit choppy about 20 frames per second, not particularly good quality, so the X 14s keyboard is very similar to the jumper x3 pros keyboard, and this is a great keyboard very good to type on.

I do like it, however: it isn't missing the Print Screen button for me now you can see the key caps the letters on here. They are much more visible right now. I'Ve got the backlight on it's, not automatic. You have to press f9 here to turn it on and you'll see that that's off that's the first level quite low and that's. The brightest I've got it on. Currently, you know really good feedback from this keyboard. I do like typing, I think, it's a slightly better keyboard than the one you'll find in the Y 13. This is another B Max laptop, and you see the problem here. We have, with the Y of 13 that it's quite hard to actually see the individual letters on those key caps, because the way their keyboard is, I just find it's a little bit better and much more visible on the X 14 overall and a very good touchpad And the palm rest, this is made out of metal as well, and one of the reasons you would get this juvenile, like a laptop, is it's one of the more modern ones that are finally coming with this right here, which is a full specs type C port. So it supports the data display out 4k 60 here it's tested and it does work just fine and also power delivery support is working but the charge we have, of course, as DC charging. That plug is right here and then just like the jumper x3 Pro here.

We'Ve got a micro SD card reader now this is only way it up via USB to hub, like all of them. We'Ve got a 3.5 minute, headphone jack with mic support and the quality out of it does sounds good to me. There'S no static or interference and we've got a full sized type. A USB 3 port here something the Y 13 is lacking. That'S only got type c ports on that one, so very handy to have the full sized port and just like the jumper easy book. X3. Pro again, the power button is separated away from the keyboard. I like this, I don't like it when a manufacturers put the power button where the Delete key is and like the other Gemini Lake laptops I have been reviewing. We do have a fully unlocked bias with this one, which is great. That means we can go in here and increase the power limits. So by default the manufacturer has gone with Intel's default, which is the six watt TDP, which is our six watt power limit. But you can say something like 10 or 11 watts, because the thermals are actually very good on this particular laptop and why this film was so good. Well, we do have quite a large copper heat sink in here and that's typical. Now manufacturers have been doing this for a while, which is great because early on they didn't actually do this. They just put some heat shielding over the atoms back then or the Apollo X, or the Gemini Lake chips, but now they're using a decent bit of copper.

There so our battery this is 38. What hours us is very typical. We see this and pretty much all of the terminal. 8 laptop said I have been reviewing and that will give us a bound around 7 to 8 hours of battery runtime. Now you notice what the wireless card here that it's the 94611 tells 3165, but here they've used a different chip and it is just a single antenna. That'S in here so it's, just a one by one antenna sit up so you're, not gon na expect or get a very good performance. Maxon speeds are topping out around 350 megabits per second from this wireless AC and Bluetooth 5 combo card. Now they have routed the antenna for that wireless chip right up into the lid of the laptop, which is great, because a lot of manufacturers will actually just put it in the palm wrist. But since the palm rest here is middle, that probably wouldn't work too well, and that is why they have done it. I believe it is somewhere around the top of the screen, the front of it like all of the other models. This laptop does have an easy access, hatch here to replace or upgrade the SSD. If you wanted to do so so it's just 2 screws and make sure you replace it with a set of 320, 280 SSD, alright, so let's move on to the display so it's a little disappointing. This IPS panel, so it's 14 point one inches and it's.

The resolution 1920 by 1080 P so 16 by 9 aspect ratio. So why is it disappointing? Well, the maximum brightness tops out at only 180 approximate nits there. It should be high. It should be 200 well over 200. In fact, 250 would be ideal or even more so. This is where it's a bit of a letdown here now the calibration out of the box here, isn't bad, you can see this is now calibrated, so uncalibrated it's got a bit of a Lewiston toilet, which is typical trait of an IPS panel there and we'll take A look at the color coverage now the gamut we've got so srgb of 95. That is not bad at all 68 NTSC, and the most important one here will is for myself Adobe RGB 73. So this is okay for the type of laptop it is it's. Just ideally, I would like to see more brightness and because the panel itself is not fully laminated, you can see it's reflecting and see my camera in my hand right here. Yeah it's just way too many reflections, so it really does need to be brighter it's. A far superior screen in the b max y 13, I feel so if our general performance of this laptop seems to be one of the better Germany, like ones that I have looked at, is probably because the rams and dual channel configuration remember it's just running at The moment the defaults 6 watt TDP – and this is, let me tell you the performance a little bit.

If we increase that to 9 or 10, it will be even faster, but going to the Windows 10 menu here, sometimes what the team really likes us can really now, but you see that comes in quite nicely I'm, not seeing too much of transitional leg to that Use sometimes often see they even bringing up chrome here. That is quite quick and smooth. So the single core score here, not bad for the Gemini Lake. This is a geek bench for multi core score. I have seen higher here I'm, not too sure why that was a little bit lower, so we'll open just up in Google right here. Just gon na open up some tabs do a bit of a tab test here and see how many we can run in how fast things loaded, I've noticed the wireless performance. It does seem to be very good here as well, so just gon na sure search here for cats, like I always do, haven't looked at this before by the way, I hope that you will probably say that's hard to believe so hold down control I'm, just gon Na open up a few of these pages here now assume braid out by accident. Okay, so let's just open up about ten different tabs and assuming again – and those are loading there in the background – should be coming in pretty quick check. The scrolling performance a little bit of noticeable lag here, especially this one. This page here, Universal Pictures, that's very image heavy.

I Wikipedia that load zone, quick, so still loading in and can swapping between those tabs. That performance is it's, not bad, but definitely I've seen faster what's a 14 m3. The recent chewy mini book I looked at was definitely a lot faster than this at that. So I'll just minimize that – and I do have in the background here and just a spreadsheet here with Libre Office – and you can see scrolling performance with us, you'll be able to edit and that shouldn't be legging out. No, this isn't, okay, so that's running fine. So you can do lightweight work like this, but nothing too demanding like the 4k video editing, even 1080p video editing. I would not do on this particular system and just to stress it out even more. This is a 60 frames per second 4k file. Okay, of course, that's going to happen. I don't have the extension for that one, so just open that up with media player classic and not going to it, it will cut this. You can see the performance you can expect from this effect that one's still playing in the background. Okay, so that is loading and pretty quick, a little bit of lag as you can see that video – and that is probably because I got all those chrome tabs open there, so it's just this chipset for light work here, website browsing and better life. What you can expect as seven to eight hours – this is pretty much like all the other 38.

What our laptops I am checking out and reviewing in the channel would the gym and a lake here you can see. I had run it for 2025 minutes and was down to 68 percent, and it was giving me an estimate there of seven hours and twenty minutes and, as I said, seven to eight hours is what you be able to get out of us on a lower brightness. So we've got those four top firing. Speakers and they're not really that loud at all, and they do lack bass, they're, not great this speakers, then you can boost the volume via software there's. A few applications out there like dfx audio booster but I'm, going to just play it back here without any software boost. This is just out of the box maximum loudness here and you'll. See that it's really not that good Applause, so here's counter strike and you can see it's scraping 18 frames per second it's a little slow here. This is 720p aren't. The last settings it's not amazing performance, but it's getting a little bit higher there. You can see the framerate, so just don't expect it to be. You know super quick at gaming here, I'm, probably in a dive straight away. I Applause didn't even manage to kill that guy, so even down to 8 frames per second there. So you're not really for gaming. Just these like titles – and you probably want to lower the resolution down to something like 800 x, 600 and then a quick look here in Linux, said everything is working.

Ok, so we've got control for our screen, brightness the volume that is working as you can see, and we also have the wireless working Bluetooth, everything so there's good. This is Linux Mint by the way so recapping here this is an OK laptop. I feel I really like the keyboard is backlit it's great to type on. The touchpad is also good, full spec type c port with power, delivery, 4k, 60 Hertz, full size type, a USB 3 port pairing stone or hard drives very good thermals. Better lifes is about 7 to 8 hours. The build is all metal it's, thin it's under 1.3 kilos. That is also great good audio out from the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack poor speakers they're, really not as loud as they should be. The webcam quality is poor as well. I don't like it. I don't like the position of the webcam, and the other thing to to note, as the screen is the biggest disappointment here for me, because it should be brighter than the hundred and eighty to 119 notes that I'm measuring and really okay it's got a good color Coverage for what it is the panel does the IPS panel I'm not seeing a lot of light leakage around the end. The edge is sorry around here, but it's just that brightness it needs to be brighter and it's not fully laminated doesn't support touch. So my favorite and what I think is the best you may like dual channel eight gigabyte laptop out there that I've reviewed all of them have been reviewing.

This one will probably be the last before I go. Mad is the B max Wayfarer team, because this one has a backlit keyboard, it's a little harder to see the keycaps the letters on them. But I like the fact that the screens fully laminated some much brighter screen and it converts into a rather large 13.3 inch bulky heavy Windows, 10 tablet, but you've got that option and I often use it just in presentation mode here as well, and that is good. So that is the X 14. Sadly, for me I was hoping it was going to be one of the better laptops it's. Just the screen has really led it down. Thank you. So much for watching this review do check out the review of this one here. That is the beam XY 13, my favorite and the jumper easy book x3.