It is their X14 pro a new laptop from them, but with old tech, because it is using here a ryzen 5. The 3450u now thats a quad core with eight threads. It has a power limit of 15 watts, maximum turbo is 3.5 and it even does have vague 8 graphics, which isnt too bad when it comes to integrated graphics, even though, yes, it is a dated chip here being so old weve got 8 gigabytes of ram, which, Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade it all, sold it onto the motherboard and then wi fi ac, which also is not upgradable. It does have a 512 gigabyte sata 3 ssd, which you can easily upgrade, because there is a hatch on the bottom of it. You remove two screws and you can simply swap it out and add another one. It is running windows 10 pro and the battery on this is 57 watt hours, which is good in my testing for around about five and a half to six hours now included in the box, youll find a power supply. This one is 47 watts and it does have these so youve got a uk plug us plug and they do have an eu one, which i need here of course, so good that theyve got that the option to have different regions all with the same power supply And youll also find this, which is an instruction manual thats. What we get with the box lets have a look at the laptop now.

This 14.1 inch laptop weighs about 1.3 kilos, its 18 millimeters thick, and we have that bmx logo on the lid. Here now it looks a little bit like a decepticons, a transformers logo. Ive always mentioned that, and this top here is made out of brushed alloy metal. Now i have just cleaned it down. It tends to pick up smudges and fingerprints, but this is the only metal youre going to find on it. The rest of the build is all plastic, so can it be opened up? One handed it cant with the hinge the hinge on it. It does feel good. No problems with that, and here is our keyboard, which is backlit okay, so i have it set on the brightest setting at the moment by default it doesnt come on. You need to press function, then f2, for it to come on. You can see when i turn off the lights now that the backlighting on it its okay but its, not what i would call very evenly distributed. You can see around here some of the keys like the end key there, not as bright as others, so thats. Just a minor there with the keyboard, it is nice to type on, so we have about one and a half millimeters of travel, the keys curve in slightly and theres a bit of bounce and flex here, but overall, its not too bad, and i do like the Fact weve got full size, arrow keys here and we dont.

However, well we do so. I have on the side here the print screen button, but its the home button, which doesnt seem to be there thats, the one that is missing, so weve got ill scroll up, pause, insert and home well. That doesnt seem to be there at all, but weve got delete and the power key has the same resistance to it to the rest of the keys, but i havent accidentally pressed it now in the three days that ive been using this particular laptop here now at The moment so all up its a good keyboard, its just plastic, so it doesnt feel super high quality and the touch pad down here. This one also plastic palm rest plastic there and it does support windows gestures with it and overall its an okay touch pad. But i wouldnt rate it as amazing on the right side of the laptop. We do have a micro sd card reader, which is great to see but its not a high speed one. So usb 2.0 speeds only 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support and then one of two usb 3.0 ports – and here is the other one you can see along with the dc in there for charging and powering this, as mentioned before, its 47 watts, the power supply And we do have a status led, then an hdmi 1.4 a then our underside weve got four nice solid rubber feet here, and there are some intakes here.

Why is that? Well, thats, because that ryzen 5, the 3450u is fan, cooled so active cooling. Little fan in here there is a screw in the middle, so thats to hold that keyboard down to hopefully get rid of any bounce, but there is a little bit of bounce and flex there and then this here an easy access, hatch with two screws, where you Can upgrade the ssd and then our internals, so there are some hidden screws. You do have to remove the two rear feet in order to access two of them here and another two here. So this is our fan, obviously, and thats gon na be blowing the hot air out the back. It sucks it in from the bottom and two copper transfer pipes now ill. Let you know later on the thermals that im able to get out of stressing this particular laptop out. There is a bit of bad news here with upgrades zero, nothing, so you can only just swap out the ssd, but the ram which is located right here next to that ryzen 5 thats sold it on board, so no sodium support there, which is unfortunate and even Our wireless card, so thats wi fi ac with bluetooth 4.2, its soldered onto the motherboard, so you cannot swap that out for another, better wi fi 6 card. This is our 57 watt hour battery. So we have three cells, one here, one here and one here in the bios settings here you can see that it is all pretty much locked down to us that under the cpu advanced options, we dont have a lot here available to us.

Nothing really that useful. So you cant go in and, for example, under vault it or increase power limits or change and increase the amount of ram dedicated to the vega 8 graphics. Simply cant really do that at all its pretty much fully locked down with just a few little settings in there like secure boot and boot order and those kind of things which are typical and on screen here. So the top bezel and the bottom are rather large. The left and right bezels, arent too bad and theyre pretty standard for a laptop like this and a more affordable category. You could say so its an ips full hd resolution, so thats 1080p and we do have with its anti glia coating on it, which is great. However, the first thing i noticed when i took it out of the box is its dull, its a dull screen, and when i measured it with my meter, i wasnt that shocked to find out that its only outputting at best about 130 nits, no thats, not an Error: 130 nets only. I am currently on the maximum brightness setting and thats it thats all youre gon na get with the brightness, and when you look at the desktop yeah its not super bright, so indoor use its okay and the coverage from it. They do claim 100 srgb weve got 95 percent there, which is good. Ntsc is 71 percent. Adobe rgb is 74 and then p3 that is 77, so its not that bad.

The color coverage weve got with it, the gamut, its just really for me that brightness its dull, it needs to be brighter now over to windows. Now i havent shown you the bios, because everythings locked down to us theres no advanced settings that we can change with the chipset. So our chipset is that ryzen 5. It is the 3450u. Now. This is a 12 nanometer chip 15 watt. It has 4 cores 18 threads, maximum turbos, 3.5 gigahertz, and the wireless card this here you can see, is a real tech one. So its wireless ac and youll see that my signal strength, even though im not too far away from my router, is not actually that great, so im not able to get really fast speeds through this, so im, seeing around 200 and 250 megabits per second. Only through this – and it should actually be a little bit better than that, so a bit disappointing there with the wireless it should really have wireless ax. That, of course, would have been a lot better, so it ships with windows 10 pro sorry home – that you can see right now that we are running and you get 429 gigabytes free well a little bit more than that. Actually, because ive just got a couple of apps and things installed, so you see windows 10 pro sorry. I just correct myself on that. I keep getting confused there, but it is pro that it ships with now you can upgrade it to windows.

10. 11. If you wanted to do so, our speeds of that ssd, they are okay and we do have plenty of free space as well with it, its only say to three, so if it was pcie, 3.0 spec youd get of course about three times faster than this. In fact over that, but for sata3, its its okay, not the fastest, i have seen but its an alright kind of speed there that we do have out of this. So i wont focus a lot on benchmarks, because it is basically a well low end. Now, when you take a look at these scores, geekbench five score here, you can see – is 815 and multicore score, theyre, eight hundred and 284 four, so not exactly super powerful. Anything like that, but for light office, kind of tasks, light workloads its all right. Now i do have cinebench r23 also around that, and we get close to 2 600 points again. It could actually be better for this chipset and i have seen better out of this chipset, and why is that so whats restricting the performance here? Why is it not performing as good as it could? Well its? Not the power limit its this here? When you take a look at the ram speeds, it is only running at 1866.. Now it should be at the maximum speed supported by this ryzen 5, which is 2.4 gigahertz. So we are missing out on some ram bandwidth thats affecting the performance a little bit there, and that is the reasoning behind it, because they just havent used a faster ram.

Speed and as i showed you where the internals, unfortunately, that ram is not upgradable, the laptop will run windows 11, not a problem. As you can see. I now have windows 11, its running on it. No issues there updates are working, fine and ive installed. All the latest amd drivers now things like spreadsheets and documents. This is a large document file here, with 83 pages, its fast, its good for these kind of tasks, all right so light computing documents, spreadsheets no issue there. With that now i do have some demanding video files here. This is the sony swordsmiths one which is 4k 60.. Well, just run that now and see how its going to perform so slow to load in okay, the vega 8 graphics here is handling this and thats a lot slower than i expected, but it does look to be running there. We go yes, thats running at 60 frames per second and its looking great, so thats good. It was just a little slow to start there now my jellyfish test sample. This is 140 megabits per second 10 bit. 4K 30 frames per second same thing for some reason. Here with windows 11, it is taking a lot longer to initially load in, but once its going, the vega 8 graphics can handle demanding playback of these files to decode those which is good, thats, great performance there out of video files, which are demanding ones 4k. Now, but a chrome performance here so im just going to search cats there and no – i havent, actually searched this before ill, just change it to english, 2.

and well get a few videos open of this. But the performance here for this ryzen 5 is pretty good. So these kind of tasks which are very light, its not an issue for it to load everything up. You can have about 10 tabs 13 15 tabs open, and then you start to run into memory issues, especially with chrome. Weve only got eight gigabytes of ram and, as i pointed out before, that you cannot actually expand upon that. So this all loads in pretty quick and the scrolling speeds – and everything here are looking good. I mean it does have eight threads in total. Those four cores and up to 3.5 gigahertz, so thats plenty fast enough there and just going through those tabs, all very quick. So i will open here a 4k demo because they sometimes these even the spec – can choke a little bit on more demanding streaming here. So 4k, this is the one i normally do. The sony one so ill, just mute that so we dont have to listen to it, make sure ive got it set in 4k and enable the stats. Now i do have a lot going on in the background there. So just close up all those tabs there, so that was quick enough doing all of that and it seems to be dropping only one frame, but of course i dont even have it full screen. So now its full screen one frame has dropped.

This remember is in chrome, so an edge. The performance will actually be a little bit better but thats, looking very good, so the vega 8 graphics can handle 4k here with no drop frames per second, so 4k thats 30 frames per second. So what ill do is test 4k 60, because thats, the one that is very demanding there. 4K 60 demo, okay – and this will probably end up dropping a free few frames. Im just skipping here and my internet is not the the fastest here. So its taking a little bit okay, so two fro drops frames there and its steadily dropping frame. Slowly, you can see hello, hey look at that nine yep, all right so just now, and then its dropping a frame which is not actually too oh. A lot of drop frames just then and again so that is struggling a little bit there, its having a bit of trouble and my internet connection there with 4k 60 frames per second streaming. So 30 is fine, but 4k 60 can get a little bit laggy and the webcam now on the x14 pro its only 720p and the frame rate about 20 frames per. Second, there is a bit of choppy and lagginess to it and quite a bit of grain, but at least we do have a webcam on board here with the x14 pro audio performance. Now, from the x14 pro, as i showed you, the internals, we just have that small little speaker bar thats up here and theres, no stereo separation.

The speakers for me are poor theyre, not amazing. They are at least useful. You can still hear videos, but if youre in a loud environment, then you will struggle to hear them heres a sample of them and ill set them to 100 volume, which its already on. Just to give you an idea of what you can expect out of the x14 pro gaming performance now so vega, 8 graphics does a lot better than the older generations of intel hd that we would have if this was not amd. This is 1080p on the lowest possible visuals, with counter strike its a very light old game and good to see were getting at least 60 frames per second here now ill just see how far i can go without getting shot or killed in two seconds. Oh, the smokes a little bit laggy there you can see down to just down to almost 40 frames per second, and i didnt even see him wow. There completely filled me gone, so you can see that frame rate did get down to well into the upper 30s. There but its still not bad, so you can do a bit of light gaming on the side with these older titles thermals now, so they are very good on the x14 pro. It does not go over 70 degrees celsius and it will maximum the power that it will pull here about 24 watts on the chipset thats, the total package power, so the gpu and the cpu so its not really pulling a lot there.

You could probably increase the wattage if theres ways to do that, but through the bias you cant, because its completely locked out to us, but at least these temperatures look good and what about fan noise? You do hear it. Okay, the fans there its on most of the time, especially when you have it plugged in youll, constantly hear the fan, which is slightly annoying its not that loud and i wouldnt call it that offensive and if you do run it on the battery, then you normally Dont hear the fan then now battery life, its not amazing in this you are looking at just over about six hours. With light use is all im able to squeeze out of it and thats using a brightness set at about 30, which is rather dull. So the screen is the biggest complaint from me from this brand here. Bmax is why on earth do they put such a dull screen in it its only just getting over 120 nits? I did a double take when i measured it and thought wow it cant. Be that bad. I thought it was about 200 nets, but because of the anti glare coating on it, it does fare quite well indoors. As you can see right now, you can still make it out. You can read it fine, but if youre in a bright environment youre going to find the screen to be dull, so thats not good, even though it does have adobe 74 rgb coverage and 95 srgb, which isnt bad for a laptop like this.

So it is mostly plastic. The build quality, the touchpad i dont like its a bad touchpad, because the cursor and finer movements tends to jump around and twitch all over the place, so not really that good at all, barely usable. The keyboard is nice to type on theres a little bit of flex and bounce. As i pointed out, it is backlit and we can easily swap over and add another ssd, but we have all old generation tech here. So weve got wi fi, five sata three and a three generation old amd ryzen 5.. Now the ryzen 5 thats in this its for cores quad core with eight threads, and it does have vega 8 graphics, so its not bad. So it is good for video, daily kind of just light computing, so documents, spreadsheets, chrome and a bit of very light gaming like counter strike that i showed you so older titans will be playable on this with low resolution low settings. But you know its not really designed for gaming at all, so thats, really what a laptop like this is good at is just light kind of stuff. I wouldnt do anything demanding on this at all now the price of it with a coupon discount. You can again, then pick it up for 4′ us dollars, which i think is its a bit of an ask really when you factor in all that ive just covered here, especially with that dull screen and we are running older kind of tech here.

So, no doubt theyre picking up those chips from amd quite cheap, so there we go thats the full story. Now you know all the ins and outs, the pros and cons of a more affordable laptop like this, the b max x, 14.